06 December 2016

RIP Jayalalithaa

RIP #Jayalalithaa. Larger than life (South) Indian politician (aren't they all?) History will decide her legacy but her impact is undeniable

Nocturnal Animals

#NocturnalAnimals: Tremendous Wong-Kar-Wai-Meets-Kieslowski-Meets-Almodovar-Meets-Lynch romantic-melodrama-film-noir! Tom Ford does it again

05 December 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

#FantasticBeasts: Perhaps not quite the powerful allegory for multiculturalism/inclusion critics would have you believe but still pretty fun

02 December 2016

RIP Andrew Sachs

RIP #AndrewSachs. Loved him in #FawltyTowers (no way it's possible today) & "Clanger." So effortlessly funny & endearing. Loved that guy!

Nico Rosberg Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Nico #Rosberg Retires(?!). Wasn't his biggest fan but feel bad that #LewisHamilton drove him out in his prime


#Jackie: AKA Natalie Portman's Oscar reel. Entertainingly show-offy film designed for maximum awards-season impact. Mica Levi's score wow!!!

01 December 2016

RIP Joe McKnight

RIP #JoeMcKnight. He was great at USC and would have had a good NFL career with proper coaching. Gone way too soon at 28. Very sad.

R Ashwin Profile

Great #RAshwin profile by @the_kk. If India only plays home tests he should become the greatest cricketer ever. http://ow.ly/rFs0306Isvu

29 November 2016

Del Potro Helps Argentina Win Davis Cup

PS. The Magical Year of #DelPo continues! #DelPotro miraculous comeback vs #Cilic/#CRO helps #ARG win first #DavisCup Next year's wide open!


#Arrival: Villeneuve is now the master of the elevated genre film. Beautifully crafted thinking (wo)man's sci-fi. Renner & Adams are great!

28 November 2016

The Edge of Seventeen

#TheEdgeOfSeventeen: The spirit of John Hughes is alive & well in kid director Craig! Funny, lacerating, moving performance by Steinfeld.

26 November 2016

USC Manhandles Notre Dame

Glad to see #USC (aka #Adoree) & #SamDarnold thrash insufferable #BrianKelly/#NotreDame. Is it too late to get back on #Trojans bandwagon?!

25 November 2016

Peter Debruge Lion Takedown

I love @AskDebruge, but the snark in his evisceration of #Lion is beneath him. Leave that to the millennials Pete, you're better than this!


#Lion: The kind of feel-good we could all do with right about now!Little Sunny & All-Grown-Up Dev hold the entire thing together. Fantastic.

24 November 2016

Steelers Hammer Colts

#Steelers are probably thankful that #AndrewLuck didn't play...& #MikeMitchell did. Poor kid #Tolzien was in over his head. #HereWeGo #TNF 

Steven Gerrard Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Steven #Gerrard Retires. My all-time fave. As much defined by failure as by success. Glad I got to see him.

23 November 2016

Rules Don't Apply

#RulesDontApply: Old-school, but charming…much like its star/director/writer/producer. The kids are good but it's Beatty who makes it fun.

20 November 2016

Steelers Beat Browns

"Thank G*d for the #Browns" - #AFCNorth. Much-needed win for #Steelers today. Congrats to #JamesHarrison on breaking the sack record!

Andy Murray Beats Djokovic to Cement No. 1

Winter may be coming but the (Poor) #AndyMurray Era in #tennis is here! Great win over #Djokovic to cement No 1. Next year'll be crazy. #ATP

19 November 2016

RIP Sharon Jones

RIP #SharonJones. What a powerful performer. Proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Cliched, but in her case, true. Very sad.

18 November 2016


#Divines: Fantastic! *This* is how you make a debut film! Amamra absolutely burns through the screen. Director Benyamina has a long future.

16 November 2016

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Honorees 2016

So...Greatest #MedalofFreedom Class, Ever! ?

.@POTUS just named the 21 recipients of this year's Presidential Medal of Freedom. Check out the full list here: go.wh.gov/EzRYBq

15 November 2016

Corey Seager and Dave Roberts Win Awards

Congrats #Corey #Seager on winning #NL #ROTY & #DaveRoberts for manager of the year. So, the #Dodgers are only a year away...again? ;-)

14 November 2016

RIP Gwen Ifill

RIP Gwen Ifill. Calm, reassuring face of that much-maligned institution: the TV news. Her debate moderation remain high-water marks.

13 November 2016

Steelers Lose Heartbreaker to Cowboys

Aw dude, where's Dick #LeBeau when you need him?! Heartbreaking(/playoff-hunt-ending) loss for the #Steelers. At least #BigBen's back.

India Draws with England 2016 Test 1

Umm, wait, #IND has to "fight" for a Test draw at home(!) while #ENG has the "upper hand" moving forward?! Did not see that coming! #INDvENG

12 November 2016

Manchester by the Sea

#ManchesterByTheSea: Male weepie melodrama elevated by expert Lonergan touch & unexpected (gallows) humor. Young Hedges steals the film.

11 November 2016

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

#BillyLynn:The (cinema) revolution will be televised in 4K 3D HFR (120FPS)! Admirable effort by Ang Lee to give us a glimpse into the future

10 November 2016

RIP Leonard Cohen

RIP Leonard Cohen. Discovered him on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack(?!). Not a music critic but I enjoyed his contemplative melancholy.

RIP Raoul Coutard

RIP #RaoulCoutard. Legendary French New Wave cinematographer Shot Breathless which I saw wo subtitles...I dont speak French...still amazing!

My Life as a Zucchini

#MyLifeAsAZucchini: Rare kids film that doesn't talk down to its intended audience. Lovely little stopmotion gem. Beautiful & much-needed.

09 November 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

#HacksawRidge: Gibson is not the nicest guy, but he can direct the bl**dy h*ll out of a movie! Fantastic (but not for the faint of heart)!

08 November 2016

07 November 2016

Confederates in the Attic

To #JDVance/#HillbillyElegy-esque #Trump-supporters-thinkpieces worshippers: Just (re)read #TonyHorwitz's incredible #ConfederatesInTheAttic

South Africa Comes Back to Beat Australia

Woah! What happened?! #AUS had a winning hand at home...& collapsed?! #RSA lost their best players...& won?! Wha?! #AUSvSA PS #Rabada is 21!

06 November 2016

LA Galaxy Out of Playoffs / Liverpool on Top

PPPS. #LAGalaxy gets knocked out of #MLS playoffs & #Liverpool finds itself atop the #EPL! Poor Stevie #Gerrard it ended with a whimper #LFC

Dominika Cibulkova Wins WTA Finals 2016

PPS. Not that anyone noticed but post-#Serena #WTA Finals were pretty awesome. In-#Domi-table win :-), another #Kerber final & #Sveta...!

Andy Murray Becomes No. 1

PS. I, for one, welcome the new #AndyMurray era in #tennis...G*d help us all! ;-) Now the #BigFour legacy is complete. #Isner played well.

Steelers Lose to Ravens (Again)

Another entry in the Worst #Steelers Game, Ever! canon which always seems to come against hated #Ravens #EliRogers & #ArtieBurns played well

05 November 2016

California Chrome Loses Breeders Cup 2016

Bad luck for #CaliforniaChrome & good-guy #Espinoza. #Arrogate was too strong at the end. Of course it had to be #Baffert! #BreedersCup


#Loving: Tremendously affecting. Edgerton is very good, Negga is incredible. I personally owe a great debt of gratitude to the Lovings.

04 November 2016

Doctor Strange

#DoctorStrange: Tremendous tongue-in-cheek fun! It's like they took House & put him in Inception/2001/Groundhog Day(?!)! Yes Tilda steals it

03 November 2016

The Eagle Huntress

#TheEagleHuntress: Wonderful, inspirational, required viewing for parents everywhere. Niblett does Oscar-level cinematography. Great stuff!

02 November 2016

Article: AFM: Oscars Offerings Replace Genre Movies as Indie Industry Struggles - The Hollywood Reporter

AFM: Oscars Offerings Replace Genre Movies as Indie Industry Struggles
- The Hollywood Reporter


Cleveland Indians Deserve New Major League Movie

Take heart #Indians fans...I think we're getting a new #MajorLeague movie out of this, no? #Believeland #WorldSeries

Cubs (Finally) Win World Series!

What a bl**dy #WorldSeries! #Cubs - No longer lovable...or losers! #Indians - Classic close-but-no...like their namesake cricket team (😂)!

01 November 2016

Ray Allen Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #RayAllen Retires. Loved him from #HeGotGame & Bucks/Sonics/Celtics & Heat! (LeBron owes him!) #JumpShotJesus

28 October 2016

Fire at Sea

#FireAtSea: Death by a thousand (languid) cuts. So lyrically gentle that you don't realise at what point your heart is shattered by it all.