30 September 2011


Archer: I'm onto your little plan to do an #ArrestedDevelopment reunion without telling anyone! Well played sir, well played! @archerprod

29 September 2011

Anthony Ryan Booted From Project Runway

I have to agree with TBH. Booting #PR9anthonyryan from #ProjectRunway blows. They only kept the insufferable Joshua because of his drama.

MLB Playoffs

Trust me, the #Yankees are ecstatic the #RedSox didn't make the #MLB #Playoffs. The #Brewers are terrified that the #Cardinals did!

28 September 2011

Brian Kenny Left ESPN?!

Brian Kenny left @ESPN?! Why wasn't I informed when my favourite @SportsCenter anchor left the mothership? Why?!

Bloc Party without Kele

Aw man! @thisisblocparty just isn't #BlocParty without @keleokereke #DontBreakUp! :-(

23 September 2011

Killer Elite

Killer Elite: The greatest movie ever made in the history of mankind! #Owen, #Statham, #DeNiro, #Purcell all kicked some major a**! Awesome!

Indo-Pak Express

Nice little article about @indopakexpress who lost in heartbreaking fashion at #USO11 #ATP #USOpen @rohanbopanna http://t.co/cg5Pg0Yg

Killer Elite Day!

What day is it? Why, it's #KillerElite Day of course! #Owen-#Statham 2012! @Killer_Elite

22 September 2011


Via @NikkiFinke: "@StevieVanZandt plays a Mafioso who's relocated to Norway as part of the Witness Protection Program"! I'm in! #Lilyhammer

RIP Tiger Pataudi

RIP Tiger #Pataudi. Great Indian Cricketer, Captain and Honorary Bengali (after marrying Sharmila Tagore). Truly larger than life.

21 September 2011

KKR Qualifies for CLT20

Incredible! @KKRiders qualify for @clt20 (even though they lost) thanks to the heroics of @rtendo27! It's all looking up for #Bengal!

REM Reunion Tour

@jaydimes Hopefully they'll play clubs instead of stadiums the way #ThePolice did for their reunion tour!

REM Breaks Up

Sigh...RIP #REM. TBH will be devastated her favourite band broke up. Time to start saving up for the reunion tour. ;-) http://t.co/vYo9ou7b

Hell On Wheels (AMC)

Can't wait for @HellOnWheelsAMC on @AMC_TV! It stars @ansonmount from TBH's fave movie, the great "Tully"! http://t.co/5cAsx5If

20 September 2011

Tony Kornheiser Writes!

Tony #Kornheiser used to be a writer, who knew?! #NolanRyan profile Via @Grantland33's great #DirectorsCut series @PTI http://t.co/JKO8P0hE

Muppets Dragon Tattoo Parody

Another awesome #Muppets parody: "The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo" @MuppetCentral http://t.co/0N40saw7

19 September 2011

Mates of State - "Sway"

Aw dude, TBH found another song that is the most insanely catchy, ever! @matesofstate "Sway" via @rcrdlbl http://t.co/xfoQBUhf

18 September 2011


Drive: Holy crap! The movie kicks so much a**! Un-bloody-believable! Great work by Refn, Gosling, Brooks, Cranston, Perlman & Joan Holloway!

17 September 2011

Surfer Blood at the Getty

Surfer Blood, Getty: Ever-so slightly derivative but terrifically catchy indie-rock/pop. "Swim" really got the museum crowd jumping.

India Loses Rahul Dravid's Final ODI

Sigh, again #India outscored #England & didn't win. Rahul #Dravid came this close to saving it in his last ODI. Long live #TheWall! #EngvInd

16 September 2011

Curtly Ambrose

Wonderful piece by Rob Bagchi about one of my all-time faves Curtly Ambrose in the #Cricket #HOF @guardian_sport http://t.co/f7Pijz9y

Florence + The Machine -"Shake It Out"

So I'm not a die-hard fan or anything but "Shake It Out" by Florence + The Machine is pretty d*mn epic!#FATM @flo_tweet http://t.co/1BpexyU8

Jason Smith Last Show

@howaboutafresca Thanks a lot dude! Now how am I gonna fall asleep for the next 6 years? Maybe I should start listening to @JTTheBrick?

15 September 2011

Oberhofer - "Gotta Go"

TBH just discovered the most insanely catchy song, ever! Awesome! @OBERHOFERMUSIC "Gotta Go" http://t.co/eKy47Ma2"

13 September 2011

Alonzo Bodden at the Comedy & Magic Club

Alonzo Bodden, Comedy & Magic Club: Bloody h*ll! He was absolutely hilarious! One of the best stand-up shows I've seen in a long time!

Paul Reiser at the Comedy & Magic Club

Paul Reiser, Comedy & Magic Club: Pretty funny stuff, a lot better than that last sitcom that bombed. ;-)

Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable

Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable: You know I'm not exactly sure why but I love the show & can't stop watching! @DLHQ #VivaPapi #LeBatard

12 September 2011

Entourage Series Finale

Entourage: Aw what a nice, sweet end to the show! Heck even TBH sniffled a bit. C'mon @HBO give us that Ari-Lloyd spinoff already you tease!

Novak Djokovic Wins US Open

Bloody h*ll! #Djokovic is an unstoppable force! Congrats on winning #USOpen! I've never seen #Rafa so thoroughly beaten down! #USO11 #ATP

11 September 2011

The National at the Hollywood Bowl

The National, Hollywood Bowl: Epic bloody performance! Nice little cameo by St. Vincent as well. One of the best shows I've ever seen!

Neko Case & T Bone Burnett at the Hollywood Bowl

Neko Case & T Bone Burnett, Hollywood Bowl: Nice mellow alt-ish country-ish Indie-ish rock-ish. Great music to picnic to.

Sharon van Etten at the Hollywood Bowl

Sharon van Etten, Hollywood Bowl: It's always nice to listen to pleasantly earnest Indie pop. Plus, she used a harmonium!

Sam Stosur Wins the US Open

Shocking upset! Sam #Stosur beats @serenawilliams to win the #USOpen! Terrible sportsmanship from #Serena, just awful behavior. #USO11 #WTA

Steelers Lose to Ravens

Wow! #Steelers got destroyed! Great, now they're going 0-16 & the #Ravens are winning #SBXLVII! So bloody sad! #NFL #SportsHeartbreak

India Tie England

I was wrong, #India figured out another way to lose: Score more runs, match is called a tie, #England win series. #SportsHeartbreak #EngvInd

9/11 Remembrance Piece

RIP to all those who died on 9/11. Here's a little remembrance I wrote about that day: http://t.co/mwp6RSr #IWill @911day

Postcards From Gander

If it’s one thing I have come to realize in my advancing years, it’s that time moves fast, very fast. And sadly, as it moves inexorably to the, well, I don’t want to get too morose here, but as it moves towards whatever it is that it moves to, it also starts to fade. Experiences that were so vivid and immediate tend to fade, and this fading accelerates the more that time advances.

It is, therefore, perhaps not that difficult to believe then that it has already been 10 years since that day when the world that we knew changed forever. It is also not that difficult to believe that the images, the, sounds, the everything from that day, once so overwhelming and inescapable, have also begun to fade, splintering into fragments scattered around your mind, coming into sharp focus when you least expect it, retreating when you try to grab at them.

What has not faded, however, are the emotions, all of them, from that day.

I fell asleep, like I normally did during my grad student days at USC, on the couch in Los Angeles. My clock radio came on, like it normally did, in the early morning. I was planning to doze in and out while listening to my radio, like I normally did, but something was different. From my half-awake state I could make out the sounds of sirens and chaos and a breathless reporter talking about something. For a split second I thought that this was a cruel update of that legendary Orson Welles “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, that’s how bewildering it all seemed at the time. Grudgingly, I managed to get off the couch and switch the TV on.

I was awake now.

It was impossible to comprehend what was being shown to me. It just did not seem possible that what was happening was happening. I just sat there, letting it all wash over me, too overwhelmed to react in any way.

Then it dawned on me that my father was supposed to fly into New York and head straight into work at the UN building that morning.

At this point it was still difficult to know exactly what was going on. We knew that the Towers had been attacked and there were other hijacked planes in the air. We had no idea if it the entire country was under attack. Nothing was certain, nothing made sense.

I tried calling my sister in Bayside, Queens. I couldn't get through. I tried calling my father's cellphone. I couldn't get through. I tried calling my mother's cellphone. I couldn't get through. I called my grandmother in Calcutta. I couldn’t get through. I called my other grandmother in Calcutta. I couldn’t get through. I called my aunt in Liverpool. This time I got through.

My aunt knew that my mother was on a plane flying from Delhi to Calcutta. She did not know much beyond that. She said she would call my grandmother in Calcutta.

I called my ex-girlfriend (who would soon after go back to being my girlfriend, my fiancee, and then my wife) at her place in downtown Los Angeles. I told her what was happening. I was happy she was safe, but those buildings downtown could be a target. Perhaps she would consider joining me?

At this point in time the only thing I knew was that my sister was somewhere in New York, my mother was somewhere between Delhi and Calcutta, and my father was...somewhere.

The doorbell rang. My heart leapt. It was my future wife. I didn't want to be alone. I felt better now that she was there.

Another phone call. This time it was my aunt. She had spoken to my grandmother. My mother was indeed on her way to Calcutta, but since she was on a plane, no one could get a hold of her. Apparently, she had seen my father off earlier. He was, apparently, en route to New York. Except we had no idea if he had landed, if he was in the UN building, or if he was in Europe still waiting for his connecting flight.

My friend Shubho called from Orange County. His father had been visiting the UN when it happened. Everyone within the UN had been safely evacuated, so if my father had indeed been there he would be safe.

I tried my sister again. Miraculously, even though we had been told that the phone lines were jammed, I got through! She was in Bayside. She wanted to go check on her friends in Manhattan. No! Before I could help it I was yelling at her, telling her that everything was falling to pieces, nothing was working, that the safest place for her to be was at home. There was a silence on the other end and I felt terrible. She was out there all by herself, no family, no friends, and no idea if she would have them again. For once, I tried not be an overbearing older brother and instruct her on what to do. This time, I tried to comfort her and reason with her. She should stay where she was and once we knew that everything was safe, she could then go out and try to see how her friends were doing. I would let her know as soon as we heard from our parents. It's funny, she said, the last time we were all together we went to have drinks at Windows on the World.

My friend Toad called me from Greenwich Village, Manhattan. He had walked back to his dorm room after classes had been cancelled at NYU. He was there with our friend Sud, who had been evacuated from 7 World Trade Center. I was stunned, Sud had been there, right in the middle of it all, and he had found his way back to a friend. The phone lines were unreliable and Toad had more calls to make, but he assured me that while they were both not terribly sound, they were, nonetheless, safe.

My future wife's sister called her from Northern Virginia. She had been at the Pentagon when it happened, but had managed to get to safety. She was shaken up but all right. She had been one of the lucky ones.

Slowly, through the mist of all this uncertainty and fear, connections were starting to be re-established. Some of our loved ones were safe, the uncertainty and fear were beginning, ever so slightly, to recede.

I called my aunt to tell her my sister was safe. The message was relayed to my grandmother.

A short while later my aunt called me to tell me that my mother had called her from my grandmother's in Calcutta. She had reached safely. She was happy to hear that my sister was safe. She had checked and my father had indeed made his connection in Europe. I told her that if he had landed and made his way to UN he would have been safe.

So we sat there, my future wife and I. Trying, if not to make sense of what was happening, but at the very least be of some small comfort to each other.

My mother kept calling my aunt who, in turn, kept calling me, but there weren't any more updates. I couldn't get through to the airlines, I couldn't get through to the UN, I couldn't even get through to my sister any more.

The uncertainty and fear were beginning to come back.

And then, just like that, the phone rang.

It was my father.

He was speaking softly. He was all right. He had borrowed a fellow passenger's cellphone and didn't have much time because everyone was trying to contact their families. He was still on the plane. They had landed in a place called Gander, which was in a place called Newfoundland, which was, as it turned out, in Canada. He didn't have much information beyond that. Most importantly, he was safe.

Those were the happiest phone calls I have ever had to make. My aunt was thrilled to hear the news. She called me back to tell me that my mother, my grandmother, my other grandmother were all just as thrilled. It took me multiple tries, but I managed to get through to my sister, who was also thrilled. As it turns out, my sister is also a strong, independent-minded woman, and once she had gotten her bearings she would make it out to Union Square via Flushing, Astoria, the bus, the 7-train, the subway, the streets, and find a temporary solace in the company of her friends and the larger grieving Lower Manhattan community that would gather there to take that first tentative step towards healing.

Everyone was still in shock, but for our family, selfishly, we were beginning to deal with what happened. The uncertainty and the fear did give way to melancholy and an awful sadness. But for us there was also gratitude. We were the lucky ones.

The phone became central to our lives for next few days. My father called us from Appleton, which was a few miles away from Gander. The passengers from about 45 diverted flights were being housed at a school gymnasium after having been kept on the landed planes at an abandoned military airfield for the first 24 hours. They were also being fed, clothed, bathed, serenaded, and taken care of by complete strangers. These strangers, the people of Appleton/Gander, did everything they could to buoy the spirits of these passengers, so they did not feel as alone. If the passengers needed anything, anything at all, they would give them the shirts off their back, literally (in my father's case it was socks, shorts, a couple of polo shirts, a moose-sighting trip, even a commemorative souvenir from the local golf course).

The airlines were, on the other hand, no help at all. But, as it often happens when you put groups of people together in difficult circumstances, they banded together to find solutions. Some of them managed to fly across to Detroit, hop into a rented car, and then drive through straight to New York. My mother (nervously, she would later admit), would fly back from visiting my grandmother once they started allowing international flights. I would fly back during Thanksgiving (sitting next to some nuns who were going to minister to the First Responders; I still have the rosaries they gave me, right there on my desk, I see them everyday). I would see my father and my mother and my sister and my future wife and her sister (and even Toad and Sud). We were together again.

Later that year, when we were all slowly getting back on our feet, with slowly being the operative word, I found a postcard that had been buried under a mountain of to-do items. It was from my father. He had sent it during his time at Appleton/Gander. It said he was having a wonderful time there (even during the worst of times he always managed to sound unfailingly reassuring), he was trying to figure out what to do next, but it was incredible how warm and welcoming the locals were, and how it continued to amaze him that it was in the worst of times that the best of humanity revealed itself. He was deeply touched by this kindness of people he had never met before and would probably never see again, and he would not forget it for as long as he lived.

I was stunned. My father was, like most fathers, a fairly stolid, unsentimental, solid oak tree of a man. For him to be so open about his feelings, to his son, was unexpected (he has softened considerably since then; time affects us all). A lot had happened on that day, and we were all still trying to work through what it meant, what it would mean, I guess we were still trying to work through everything. I realized that perhaps more than anything, I was grateful. I was grateful for being able to connect with my little family across 5 cities, 4 countries, 3 continents when it seemed like all connections were being torn apart. I was grateful that I was able to re-connect with the woman who would go on to become my wife and become part of my family and I of hers. I was grateful for being able to connect with my friends. But most of all, I was grateful for that community half a world away, that community that came together to take care of perfect strangers and become a family that provided shelter for my father.

We were the lucky ones.

10 September 2011

Pak v Zim & Eng v Ind

@Afridi102 #Pakistan will beat a battling #Zimbabwe and I pray #India will beat #England. I can't take any more sports heartbreaks! ;-)


Contagion: AKA #Soderbergh's "Outbreak";-) Great movie! It's always amazing to see a master craftsman ply his trade! Great performances!"

USC Beats Utah

Tough win for #USC today against #Utah. Time to jump off the bandwagon? #NCAAF

Roger One More Please!

@MishitPatel Well, I thought it was over after AO09, but #Federer proved me wrong. I'm praying he has a #Sampras #USOpen 02 left in him!



David Foster Wallace on Federer

@chattypriya Get ready with #DavidFosterWallace's stunning "#Federer as Religious Experience" via @Grantland33 #USO11 http://t.co/NuV5ljm

09 September 2011

Roddick & Isner Lose

Tough luck for #Isner & #Roddick against Andy "Sturm Drang" #Murray & #Rafa "I Run The #ATP" #Nadal. #USO11 @RafaelNadal"

India England 2nd ODI

#India truly is figuring out new ways to lose to #England, this time by scoring more runs?! Manohman! #EngvInd #ThingsCantGetWorse

08 September 2011

Saints Lose to the Packers

What a bloody great game! Heart-breaking loss by the #Saints! Hopefully they'll get a rematch against the #Packers in the playoffs! #NFL

Roger Beats Tsonga!

Good, tough bloody win by #Federer against an always fun #Tsonga! Next is the epic semi-final against @DjokerNole! Let's go #Roger! #USO11

More Great Wins at the US Open

Great wins by #Djokovic, #Wozniacki & #Kerber. Hard luck for the always entertaining #Tipsarevic & #Petkovic! Let's go #Roger! #USO11

Run Ricky Run (ESPN 30 For 30)

Run Ricky Run: Get ready for some #Football with this interesting inside look at the misunderstood @RickyWilliams. Still a fan! ;-) @30for30

Great Wins at US Open

Great wins by #Roddick, #Isner, #Stosur & #Serena! Tough luck for the battling #Ferrer & #Simon! But wait, there's more #tennis! #USO11"

Brian Phillips American Tennis Article on Grantland

@chattypriya Thanks for the tip! This kid Brian Phillips is fast becoming my favourite sportswriter! @runofplay @Grantland33

07 September 2011

The Chris Fowler John McEnroe Talkshow

@cbfowler I, for one, enjoyed your "talkshow" with #JohnMcEnroe! Though, not sure if retirees are the demographic you're looking for! #uso11

Straight Outta LA (ESPN 30 For 30)

Straight Outta LA: Get ready for #NFL season with this awesome #ESPN @30for30 doc by @icecube! #IceCube is a documentary filmmaker, who knew

Great Day at US Open

What a day for #Tennis at the #USOpen, everyone is playing! Everyone, that is, but #Rafa's punctuality & sportsmanship! Um, zing? ;-) #ATP

India Loses to England

India has figured out a whole new format to lose to England: the 23/23! But at least this time it was really close! ;-) #EngvInd

06 September 2011

Venture Bros. Shallow Gravy Special

From the Ladle to the Grave The Shallow Gravy Story: Better than a #VentureBros marathon is a #ShallowGravy special! http://t.co/7CXWeAj

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

Best Google Doodle, Ever! Long Live #FreddieMercury! @QueenWillRock http://t.co/1zZ4177

05 September 2011

Roger Federer Stunning Win!

I'm going to enjoy this #Federer performance while I can! Not to be hyperbolic but it was a stunning display of absolute perfection! #USOpen

03 September 2011

USC Beats Minnesota

Whew! #USC squeaks by #Minnesota 19-17. Bandwagon jumping-off averted for another week. #NCAA

Roger Beats Colic US Open 2011

Whew! A tough, hard-fought win for Roger #Federer (#GOAT) against the talented (but mercurial) Marin #Cilic! Keep it going Rog! #USOpen #ATP

02 September 2011

Sad Losses at US Open

Sad losses today for #Blake, #Ljubicic, #Gulbis, #Pospisil & especially the poor chap #Haase (I'm now a fan for life!). #USOpen #ATP

John Boyega HBO Show

Awesome news! @JohnBoyega is the lead in the new @SpikeLee @MikeTyson @HBO show. Told you the kid was gonna be a star! @ATBMovie #blockhead

Amazon Customer Service is Awesome!

Thank you for the refund @amazon! You guys are the best, ever! I'm switching to #AmazonPrime as soon as the @Netflix #Starz deal expires!

Michael Strahan Celebrity Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever! @michaelstrahan being very polite when I asked him if he was, in fact, Michael #Strahan! #Giants #NFL

01 September 2011

Old Guys Win US Open 2011

Giving us old guys hope: #Federer, #Haas, #Davydenko, #Ferrero (what a match against the fun #Monfils!) all won today! #USOpen #ATP #AARP ;)