30 April 2014

Kings Come Back Against the Sharks

Bl**dy H*ll! What a comeback for the #Kings (tho I do feel bad about another #Sharks Greg-Norman-like choke) Guess Im back on the #bandwagon

RIP Bob Hoskins

RIP Bob Hoskins. Discovered him thru Roger Rabbit & Mermaids so imagine my surprise at Mona Lisa & Long Good Friday! Talk about versatility.

29 April 2014


Stoker: Awesome, over-the-top, ludicrious, pitch-black craziness from the unhinged Chan-wook Park. Wasikowska is great & Goode is amazing!

28 April 2014

Heat Sweep the Bobcats

It wasn't pretty but #LeBron & #Heat will take it. 3 more series to go! I'm now a huge #Raptors/#Hawks/#Mavericks/#Grizzlies/#Warriors fan!

RIP Dr. Jack Ramsay

RIP Dr. Jack Ramsay. Always loved listening to him broadcast NBA games.

24 April 2014

Grizzlies Beat Thunder (Game 3)

Seriously, #NBA stop it! If the playoffs continue like that #Grizzlies-#Thunder game then my old heart is going to just give out! Whew!

23 April 2014

Gmail Preview Pane Workaround

Quick @Gmail #PreviewPane Workaround: Search "in:inbox" If Quick Links enabled in Labs save as Quick Link & access your inbox w Preview Pane

21 April 2014

Grizzlies Beat Thunder (Game 2)

Whew! That "small market" #Thunder-#Grizzlies game is the reason #NBA playoffs are insane! Neither team wanted to win/lose. It's only Gm 2!

20 April 2014

The Raid 2

The Raid 2: HMOG! Maybe not quite as good, but definitely longer, epic-er, awesome-er than the first! The prison yard, the chase, the...wow!

Heat Beat the Bobcats (Game 1)

It wasn't pretty but #LeBron & #Heat can't get to 16 wins w/out getting the first one! Next 2 months are gonna be tough on my fragile psyche

Federer Loses to Wawrinka (Monte Carlo 2014)

Oh man, what a sad, deflating loss for #Federer (#GOAT?). Good to see #Wawrinka break through, but this had to hurt for ol' Rog. #ATP

19 April 2014

Federer Beats Djokovic (Monte Carlo 2014)

Sad to see #Nole go out like that. Very excited for #Federer & #Wawrinka. Let's hope it's a different outcome than the last all-Swiss final!

18 April 2014

Federer Beats Tsonga (Monte Carlo 2014)

Nice battling win for "old man" #Federer against the always fun/dangerous/mercurial #Tsonga (29 already?!). Up next: #Djokovic. Uh-oh. #ATP

17 April 2014

Blue Caprice

Blue Caprice: Cool, calculating, chilling. Remarkable, if little short of substantive, debut from Moors. Washington & kid Richmond are great

RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez

RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A true literary giant.

15 April 2014

Let the Fire Burn

Let the Fire Burn: Incredible you-are-there (& I do mean there) documentary! Can't believe this could happen in America. One of 2013's best!

14 April 2014

The Tallest Tree in the Forest

The Tallest Tree in the Forest: Stirring bio of the great Paul Robeson (sadly forgotten) Beaty's dazzling one-man perf is astounding! @CTGLA

13 April 2014

Bubba Wins the Masters Again

Sure, I'm happy for #Bubba, but man, does my heart go out to #Spieth. Poor kid came so close. There's always the next 20 years! #Masters

12 April 2014


Phoring: Bold if uneven debut featuring a complex look at adolescence in all its Bengali glory. Lovely cinematography & performances. @iffla

Bombay Talkies

Bombay Talkies: Heartwarming cutesy omnibus captures the love of Bollywood Nice work, esp by Dibakar & (way) against type Karan Johar @iffla

11 April 2014

RIP Sue Townsend

RIP Sue Townsend. Man, all of us read and loved those Adrian Mole books growing up. Hopefully the next generation will too.

10 April 2014

The Suit

The Suit: Beautiful & devastating. Waited all my life to see a Peter Brook play, it was worth it! Incredible perfs, esp from @ivannojeremiah

09 April 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive: Tone, atmosphere, deadpan humor; lovely Jarmusch world to sink into. Hiddleston & Swinton...perfect immortal couple!

08 April 2014

Under the Skin

Under the Skin: Inscrutable, disturbing, visually stunning...& the movie's not bad either ;) ScarJo will haunt your nightmares after this.

07 April 2014

RIP Mickey Rooney

RIP Mickey Rooney. His career pretty much spanned the entire history of film. Not too many left from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

06 April 2014

Sri Lanka Beats India to Win World T20

Bad luck for #India & #Virat, but classy farewell innings from #Sangakkara propels #SriLanka to #WT20 win. Also...@ESPN showed it live!

05 April 2014


Noah: The Original (Vegan/Eco) Action Hero! Aronofsky crafted a loony fascinating epic. Unsure what it all meant but boy was it spectacular!

04 April 2014

Kohli and Raina Power India to WT20 Finals

At this point #Kohli has to be considered the best batsman in the world...on subcontinent pitches ;-) Nice knock by #Raina too. #India #WT20

03 April 2014

Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Captain America - The Winter Soldier: Fan-bl**dy-tastic! What a way to get the summer movie season started. Unusually smart and somber Cool!

01 April 2014

Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier: Good effort to tell a truth-is-way-stranger-than-fiction story Maier herself remains fascinating if finally unknowable

Vladimir Guerrero Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Vladimir Guerrero retires. Hopefully the BBWAA will get out of their own way & elect him to the HOF! #Vlad