30 April 2016


#Keanu; Pretty funny. Peele’s hilarious, the titular kitten is cute as h*ll, and the supporting cast kicks a** - lots of it. More please!

29 April 2016

Clippers Lose Series to Trailblazers 2016 NBA Playoffs

I know it's fashionable to make fun of the #Clippers but those poor chaps played their hearts out, esp polarizing #Austin #Rivers. #NBA


#HighRise: Deliciously demented unsubtle satire from Brit genre wunderkind Wheatley. #Hiddleston & Evans highlight a veddy impressive cast.

28 April 2016

Ed Balls Day 2016

Good grief.. but how could I say No? RT @YvetteCooperMP We've insisted he bake a cake. How else would you celebrate?

26 April 2016

Tale of Tales

#TaleOfTales: Way-out-there fairy tales not quite suitable for the little ones. Quite a feast for the eyes well directed by Garrone.

RIP Steve Julian

RIP Steve Julian. As Patt Morrison said the singular soothing voice that gently guided you into your day. #KPCC won't be able to replace him

25 April 2016


#Schmitke: An absolute gem! Hilarious/unsettling droll comedy that will leave you scratching your head...in a good way. Great perf by Kurth.

24 April 2016

Cavaliers Sweep Pistons 2016 NBA Playoffs

Toughest 4-Game Sweep, Ever? #LeBron/#Cavs need to thank #Kyrie for bailing then out vs admirably gritty(& annoying) #Pistons/#StanVan!

The Huntsman: Winter's War

#TheHuntsmanWintersWar: All in good (mindless) fun. Really, we're all here to watch Theron/Blunt/Chastain(?!) kick some much needed a**.

23 April 2016

Celeb Sighting: Tom Berninger

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Tom #Berninger grabbing a drink in DTLA. He was even nicer than he comes off in #MistakenForStrangers!

LA Kings Lose to Sharks 2016 NHL Playoffs

Bad luck for the #Kings, & just when I was ready to get back on the bandwagon! ;-) Surprised the #Sharks didn't, you know... #NHL #LAKings

22 April 2016

A Hologram for the King

#AHologramForTheKing: Change of pace for always-interesting Tykwer. Not as good as Eggers's book but entertaining nonetheless #Hanx is great

21 April 2016

RIP Guy Hamilton

RIP Guy Hamilton. Part of the team behind the Golden Age of Bond. Directed the most iconic one: Goldfinger! Also loved Remo & Mirror Crack'd

RIP Prince

RIP #Prince?! Loved him ever since he managed to infiltrate the impenetrable walls of our remote boarding school in India. Shocking. #sigh

20 April 2016

Celeb Sighting: Drew McWeeny

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever: Drew McWeeny. Super-nice and accommodating of his throngs of nerd fanboys (like me)!

18 April 2016

RIP Doris Roberts

RIP Doris Roberts. I'm old enough to remember how awesome she was on Remington Steele. So glad she got her deserved showcase with Raymond.

17 April 2016

Cavaliers Squeak by Pistons Gm. 1

I knew the series was gonna be closer than people realized but not this close! #LeBron (#Cavs) squeak by #Pistons thx to #Kyrie & #Love(?)!

15 April 2016

Federer Loses to Tsonga 2016 Monte Carlo

Sigh, the #GOAT's Last Ride stutters to a halt. #Federer loses a close one to (now worryingly tough) #Tsonga. It's gonna be a long sad year.

Liverpool Stunning Ccomeback vs. Borussia Dortmund

Still not sure what the #Europa league is, but that insane #LFC win against #BVB was just bonkers! #Klopp really is #Liverpool's magic man!

14 April 2016

Kobe Bryant Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Kobe #Bryant Retires. Used to be a huge fan (until Eagle) Admired his insatiable drive #NBA won't be the same

13 April 2016

Golden State Warriors Win 73 Games

I worship at the altar of #MJ, but we need to turn the page. Congrats to #Warriors on #73! PS. Those '96 #Bulls are becoming annoying no?

Kobe Scores 60 and Leads Lakers to Comeback Win in His Final Game

60?! You can't make this up!!! You would laugh if they ended a movie like this! #Kobe! #Bryant! #Mamba! #Lakers

Kobe Puts Up 50 in Final Game!

Dude! 50?! I mean, #Jazz aren't playing defense but still! #Mamba! #Kobe!

12 April 2016

Satyajit Ray Video Essay

Wonderful video essay on the great #SatyajitRay by @LostInTheMovies. They eyes really do have it! ;-) ow.ly/10c2mG

11 April 2016

The Boss

#TheBoss: Too bad that it can't quite embrace its true misanthropic black heart. Still pretty funny thanks to the always awesome McCarthy.

10 April 2016

Danny Willett Upsets Jordan Spieth to Win 2016 Masters

Gutted for poor #Jordan #Spieth, but kudos to Danny #Willett on shooting 67 to win #Masters. Not a lot of champion golfers from #Sheffield!

Spieth Mounts a Comeback 2016 Masters

#Spieth! Yaaaaaaas!!! If you're going down at least go down fighting. C'mon kid! #Masters!

Jordan Spieth Letting it Slip Away 2016 Masters

#Spieth!!! Oh noooooooo!!! C'mon kid, get it together, some chap called #Willett is right on your tail! #Masters!!

08 April 2016

Hardcore Henry

#HardcoreHenry: (Hopefully) not the future of action movies, but a fun, visceral(!) slightly nauseating (I'm old) thrill(!) ride! Copley!

06 April 2016

RIP Merle Haggard

RIP #Merle #Haggard. Didn't listen to a lot of country growing up, what little we did listen to included the legendary Merle. We'll miss him

04 April 2016

Dodgers Opening Day 2016

It's Time for #Dodger Baseball #Vin #Scully's final #OpeningDay (#sigh) Thx to #MLBtv & loathed #TimeWarner listening to...a radio! #Dodgers

Villanova Wins NCAA

#MarchMadness indeed! Maybe not quite Cinderella this time around but a great win for #Villanova against insufferable #RoyWilliams & #UNC!

Everybody Wants Some!!

#EverybodyWantsSome!!: Good, clean, amiable fun, i.e. classic #Linklater(!!). Great (future)cast highlighted by Powell, Hoechlin & Baker(!!)

03 April 2016

West Indies Win Double WT20 Titles!

This is what makes sports so great! #WI pulls off rare #WT20 double by winning the women's & men's title in incredible fashion! Poor #ENG...

02 April 2016

Rahul Sinha Tweet 2

Nothing surprises me anymore, the worst pocket of backwardness is North and East, rest are doing well. It's a vicious cycle now.

Bengal vs. Bihar

.@ C'mon Sinha, there's no way #Bengal will sink to the "depths" of #Bihar...right? Right?! I mean, it can't happen...or...

Rahul Sinha Tweet

first it was communists and now it is Mamta who is a clone of Lalu...God save Bengal...

01 April 2016

RIP Ronnie Corbett

RIP #RonnieCorbett. Loved him in all those Sorry! & Small Talk reruns I watched growing up. Effortlessly funny. Boy, time moves fast!

India Lose to West Indies 2016 WT20

Despite (another) #Virat #Kohli masterclass & a (rare) #Gayle #T20 failure, #IND are upset by in-full-flight #WI. Hope they win #WT20 finals