31 December 2017

Steelers Beat the Browns to Send Them to 0-16

Good win for the #Steelers but ya gotta feel bad for the #Browns, right?  #JuJu - man he took the league by the storm this year didn't he?! Maybe a post-#BigBen reunion with #SamDarnold is in the offing?! 🤔

30 December 2017

RIP Sue Grafton

RIP #SueGrafton. Didn't read all her books but really liked the ones I did. Surprising that the series never became a long-running Hollywood franchise.

29 December 2017

USC Gets Walloped by the Awful Urban Meyer

Poor #SamDarnold, he really doesn't want to get drafted by the #Browns. What's worse is that it gives the insufferable #UrbanMeyer gloating rights for the rest of the offseason. 😠 #OffTheBandwagon #USC #CottonBowl

27 December 2017

In the Fade (Aus dem nichts)

#InTheFade: Very effective meditation on loss and grief from Akin elevated tenfold by the amazing, raw, eye-opening performance by Kruger. My goodness! One of the year's *very* best - hello Oscar! PS. That ending! 😳 Yikes!

26 December 2017

James Harrison Joins the Patriots... Wait, Wha?!!!!!?!?!?!

Oh no, say it ain't so #JamesHarrison! Another bl**dy reason to hate the bl**dy #Cheatriots! I haven't seen TBH this livid...since the last #Steelers-#Patriots match. Sigh... @jharrison9292 #HereWeGo

25 December 2017

Cavaliers Lose a Close Game Against the Warriors (Again...)

Sigh... another game against the #Warriors... another close #Cavs loss. One of these days #LeBron will get the benefit of the doubt from the refs. PS. #KevinLove triple-double, always a good thing.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2017

#MerryChristmas, er, I mean #HappyHolidays world! Please eggnog responsibly! 🎄☃️🏄‍♀️

23 December 2017


#Hostiles: Worth it just for the great Bale, fabulous Takayanagi *wide*-screen vistas & lovely Richter alone. You have to admire boundless directorial ambition & yearning to make *The* Western for Our Time that gives us hard-to-market *big*-screen movies like this.

22 December 2017

RIP Dick Enberg

RIP #DickEnberg. Actually discovered him because of tennis - he was as essential to me in young adulthood as #DanMaskell was in my long-faded youth. I had no idea that he covered, you know, *everything* & was on the SoCal Broadcasting Mt. Rushmore! #OhMy!

India Hammers Sri Lanka (Again…)

Ya gotta feel for poor #SRI. First they had to face the force of nature known as #Virat in the Tests, now they have to deal with #RohitSharma in the ODIs & T20s! The assault on the stats-book is relentless! #INDvSL


#Downsizing: A lovely little (ahem) film with surprisingly large (*ahem*) ambitions. Fantastic, funny, melancholy, thought-provoking, terrifying(!) ride from Payne. Kier+Waltz=Scene-Stealin' Heaven! 😁  Chau just comes along and completely steals the whole thing - wow! 👏

21 December 2017

Wonder Wheel

#WonderWheel: Winslet gives the kind of tour-de-*force* perf (with not one, but *two*! show-stopping monologues) that would normally assure her a Blanchett-esque second Oscar... Storaro, whew, my goodness, give the man (& his DI colourist 😉 ) an Oscar now!

20 December 2017

Cam Heyward Ridiculous Pro Bowl Snub

Happy for all the #Steelers making the #ProBowl, it's ridiculous that @CamHeyward didn't make it! Great player & on/off-field leader. PS. Even before I knew anything about American Football, I loved the #Ironhead commercials! (RIP…) 


The Greatest Showman

#TheGreatestShowman: Good, harmless musical fun. G*d bless Jackman, from Logan to Barnum in 1 year?! He's great along with Ferguson & Settle (in a *star*-making perf). Man, it's Pasek & Paul's world, we just live in it!

18 December 2017

Australia Regains the Ashes in Dominating Fashion

Dear #ENG, what hath thou wrought, inspiring #AUS to return to destroyer-of-worlds form?! #SteveSmith may be a jerk, but d*mn he's an insanely good batsman. #AUSvENG #TheAshes

17 December 2017

Patriots Are Handed a Win by the League Office Over Steelers

G*dd*mn bl**dy shady #Patriots #Belicheat-ing their way to another rubbish win. C'mon #Steelers, double-team #Gronk! Still #JuJu, #LeVeon played their hearts out. Great to see #Shazier! #Shalieve #HereWeGo 

16 December 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

#StarWarsTheLastJedi: AKA Star Wars: The Next Generation. Well-bl**dy-done Rian! Man, the kid deserves his own trilogy based on that [spoiler!]* sequence climax alone! Kids are all great in this one (hello Tran!), but leave it to the OGs Fisher & esp Hamill to break your heart.

15 December 2017

Happy Star Wars Day!

What day is it? Why #StarWars Day, of course! #TheLastJedi!

13 December 2017

The Disaster Artist

#TheDisasterArtist: A charismatic eccentric autodidact who exists on his own planet puts together a vanity project to show the world what he's truly capable of...so the #JamesFranco Story?! 😂 Hi-bl**dy-larious stuff from the triple(/quadruple?) threat. Dave steals the movie(?!).

10 December 2017

Steelers Massive AFC North-Clinching Win Over Ravens

No matter what happens to this season, #Steelers will remember this match. Beat the (not-quite-#Bungles-)awful #Ravens & win one for #Shazier! #ShaLieve! #HereWeGo ! PS. #Boswell for #MBP 😂! #WeRunTheNorth

09 December 2017

Sufjan Stevens - “Tonya Harding”

PS. Woah! #SufjanStevens's  #TonyaHarding should be a movie unto itself! 👏 😭 I'm beginning to understand why TBH loves the guy! #Sufjan! ow.ly/qPOZ30h6LGL

08 December 2017

I, Tonya

#ITonya: Very entertaining, (very, very) dark, energetic story of the laugh-so-you-won't-cry variety. Exceptional work by the ensemble, but gotta say Stan is a revelation & Janney...dude, like wow… hello #Oscar nom!

07 December 2017

RIP Johnny Hallyday

RIP #JohnnyHallyday. Thought he was absolutely fantastic in #Vengeance and #TheManOnTheTrain. Had no idea that he was, you know, the #FrenchElvis! 😲

06 December 2017

Sri Lanka Fight to a Draw in “Smog Test” but India Win (Another) Test Series

Kudos to #Virat on (yet another!) double-century (is he beginning to give #Tendulkar a run for his stat-money?!). Kudos to #SRI for fighting to a draw in what will forever be known as the #SmogTest! 😷 🏏 #INDvSL


#Coco: Young boy & his loveable mutt (sniff)…join a seemingly-doomed sidekick (sniff, sniff)…to look for his (great-great) grandfather (sniff, sniff, sniff)…while reconnecting with his large, boisterous, disapproving/loving family a whole world away (😭)! 1 of #Pixar's v best!

05 December 2017

My Cousin Rachel

#MyCousinRachel: All bow down before the Indie Queen Weisz. She's been on a *spectacular* indie-run of late & the streak continues with this luridly entertaining, delicious period piece. Claflin & Grainger are very good, as are DP Eley & prod designer Normington.

04 December 2017

Huge Steelers Comeback Win Over Bengals on MNF

Sure, another crazy #Steelers win thanks to the #KillerBs (#BigBen, #AB, #LeVeon...#Boswell) but all our thoughts are with #Shazier 🙏 PS. #Gruden & #SeanMcDonough sure turned into the #Bengals cheering section 🤔

RIP Shashi Kapoor

RIP #ShashiKapoor: The brightest of stars from the golden age of Indian cinema. My G*d, he was such an essential pillar of Hindi films for so long that it's hard to imagine movies without him. Mainstream/Art, Leading/Supporting, Hindi/English, Big/Low budgets, he did it *all*.😔

03 December 2017

Miguel Cotto Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #MiguelCotto Retires. Not quite a household name (at least to this very casual fan), but a great boxer who gave the household names all they could handle. Those #Cotto-#Margarito matches - wow! 💪

01 December 2017

USC Beats Stanford to Win Pac 12 Championship

Dear NFL, I'm tellin ya, #SamDarnold may not be the stat-machine pocket-passing #Heisman-winner you were promised, but he's a tough, gritty *winner*! #USC wins #Pac10! PS.  #RonaldJones & #Pittman 👏! #Trojans #Bandwagon

The Shape of Water

#TheShapeOfWater: Visually stunning atmospheric period piece, forbidden love, sympathetic father figure, Stuhlbarg, critically beloved International filmmaker...wait is that #CallMeByYourName or this film😂?! Well done Del Toro, cast of favourites, & esp the *great* Hawkins 👏 !