31 December 2015


#Anomalisa: Best movie of the year? #Kaufman mind-bender gets a stopmotion assist from Johnson. Funny/sad/thought-provoking...unforgettable!

30 December 2015

West Indies Cricket Decline

Everyones 2nd-fave team (#WestIndies) has fallen on such hard times that even @TheEconomist had to take note #AUSvWI http://ow.ly/WsFD4

29 December 2015

Robin #Soderling Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Robin #Soderling retires. Saw him play live a few times. Unpredictable & exciting - my favorite kind of player

27 December 2015

RIP Haskell Wexler

RIP #Haskell #Wexler, all-time great DP (& filmmaker). His movies moved me even back in the day when I didnt know what a cinematographer was

Panthers Lose to Falcons

Tough loss for #Panthers against annoying #Falcons. This gives his haters all the ammunition they need to deny #CamNewton his deserved #MVP.

Steelers Heart-Breaking Loss to Ravens

It had to be the bl**dy #Ravens. Horrific loss for #Steelers against a fourth-string QB. Sometimes you live by the #BigBen & sometimes...

26 December 2015

The Hateful Eight

#TheHatefulEight: The cinematic equivalent of "air quotes" & only #Tarantino can make it this luridly entertaining! The #70mm is gorgeous!

Celeb Sighting: Rami Malek

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #RamiMalek, #MrRobot...'s um, son, with Angela (aka Portia Doubleday). I resisted the urge to scream!

Celeb Sighting: Walton Goggins

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Walton Goggins, asking me where they're showing The Hateful Eight at @ArcLightCinemas!

25 December 2015

The Revenant

#TheRevenant: The-Tree-Of-Life-Meets-Dances-With-Wolves-Meets-Apocalypto Insanity! Just give Oscars to Leo & Chivo now & be done with it

Merry Christmas 2015

#MerryChristmas World!...I mean #HappyHolidays! ;-)

21 December 2015

Mr. Robot 2015 Top TV Show

Dear @NYTimes & @vulture Re Your 2015 #Top10TV shows The list begins & ends with #MrRobot. That's all @whoismrrobot

20 December 2015

Steelers Come Back to Beat the Broncos

OMBG! Miraculous all-time-great comeback #Steelers win! Thank G*d for @AntonioBrown84! You die by the #BigBen...you live by the #BigBen!

18 December 2015

Son of Saul

#SonOfSaul: Absolutely devastating. Incredible filmmaking by young director Nemes & DP Erdely. Searing perf by Rohrig. One of 2015's best.

17 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

#StarWars #TheForceAwakens: Classic Abrams - homaging up a storm! So much fun for those of us with fond memories! Boyega & Ridley - awesome!

15 December 2015

The Big Short

#TheBigShort: Best Hilarious/Frightening Econ Lecture, Ever! Kudos to McKay on pulling it all off! Also, Corwin, Editing Oscar nom fo' sho'!

12 December 2015


#Creed: Awe-bl**dy-some! Outstanding movie-going experience! Coogler/Jordan the next Scorsese/DeNiro! Sly Stallone: #Oscar-nominee?! Oh yeah

07 December 2015

India Thrashes S. Africa to Win Series

Another thumping #IND win. Forget all the whining about the pitch thoroughly dismantling #RSA is a great achievement no matter what! #INDvSA

06 December 2015

Steelers Thrash Colts

I totally heart @AntonioBrown84, but I've said it once, I've said it 1M times, thank G*d for #DeAngelo (& ageless #JamesHarrison)! #Steelers

05 December 2015

RIP Robert Loggia

RIP Robert Loggia. Another classic "I Love That Guy" character actor who seemed to be in every movie I loved. I...loved that guy!

Where to Invade Next

#WhereToInvadeNext: Absolutely fantastic! Illuminating, funny and (gasp!) optimistic. Required viewing for anyone with an open mind.

04 December 2015

RIP Scott Weiland

RIP Scott Weiland. Gone way too soon. Takes me back to the halcyon days of the indie-"grunge" rock revolution of the 90s. Time moves fast...

03 December 2015

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl: Standard Hooper elevated by a wonderful Vikander & an extraordinary Redmayne. DP Cohen stunningly deploys the wide-angle.

02 December 2015

The Snails - "Snails Christmas (I Want A New Shell)"

Those crazy kids @futureislands new side project #TheSnails has the Catchiest "Holiday" Song, Ever! #SnailsChristmas https://t.co/x5dwoTr7Rp

30 November 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The #HungerGames #Mockingjay Part 2: Credit for trying to be something more than typical YA dreck. Great tunnel sequence. Needed more Jena!

29 November 2015


#Carol: Sumptuous, luminous, etc...aka classic Haynes. Cate is good (as always) but this is Rooney's show from start to finish! Hello Oscar!

Steelers Lose to Seahawks

Tough loss for #Steelers, compounded by refs. Now they fall behind the #Texans?! What the?! Emergence of #Markus #Wheaton bodes well though.

Andy Murray (& GBR) Wins Davis Cup

Congrats to #AndyMurray on (pretty much singlehandedly) winning #DavisCup & joining the rest of the #Big4. #PoorAndy may become #SirAndy!

28 November 2015


Wait, did #USC just "upset" #UCLA & earn a shot at the #PAC12 title?! Am I back on the #Trojans bandwagon? Did poor #Kessler redeem himself?

27 November 2015

India Thrashes South Africa (Again) 2015

Once again, #SouthAfrica succumbs to (spin) pressure. Great win by #India. Is #RAshwin giving #Murali's stats a run for his money?! #INDvSA

21 November 2015

Federer Beats Wawrinka ATP Finals 2016

It was always leading up to this! Great win for #Federer over a game #Stan to set up the season-ending showdown with #Djokovic! #ATPFinals

Liverpool Beats Manchester (City)

Thumping win for #Liverpool! It's probably too early to declare the #Klopp Turnaround complete...or is it? ;-) #LFC #MCFC

19 November 2015

Federer Beats Nishikori ATP Finals 2015

Bit of a comedown win for #Federer against the always-plucky #Kei. Hes gonna need to harken back to #GOAT-form from here on out! #ATPFinals

THR Cover Controversy

Liberals outraged over @THR cover for lack of diversity. Conservatives are mad about immigrants taking over! #THR https://t.co/5RCuz4hx6D

18 November 2015

RIP Saeed Jaffrey

RIP Saeed Jaffrey. One of my all-time favorite actors. It seemed like every time I watched a good Indian movie he was in it! He'll be missed

RIP Jonah Lomu

RIP Jonah #Lomu. So sad. Old enough to have cheered madly for him in 95 RWC, later realising I was on the wrong side of history (#Invictus!)

17 November 2015

Federer Beats Djokovic ATP Finals 2015

Looks like he's not ready to hand over the #GOAT-torch yet! Great win for #Federer over #Djokovic! Not that I ever doubted it ;) #ATPFinals

Mitchell Johnson Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Mitchell Johnson retires. Met him once, fearsome looking...& very (disappointingly) polite! @MitchJohnson398

16 November 2015

Federer Beats Berdych ATP Finals 2015

Perhaps not the #GOAT-like performance he needed, but a well-deserved win for #Federer over always-tricky #Berdych. Up next: #Djokovic! #ATP

15 November 2015


#Spectre: Don't listen to the naysayers - this is a very entertaining Bond. Fiennes, Bellucci, Whishaw all great. Danny you gotta come back!

Steelers Beat Browns

Stunning injury comeback for #BigBen, kid must have #Wolverine-like healing powers! Great #Steelers win @AntonioBrown84 no more somersaults!

13 November 2015

Paris Under Attack

Truly shocked to see the images coming out of #Paris as I was years ago with Bombay. Thoughts with all those affected. Hope for the best.

12 November 2015

A War (Krigen)

#AWar (#Krigen): Harrowing war film that will leave you discussing it long after it ends. Great work by Asbaek, Salim & sound designer Green

11 November 2015

Rams (Hrutar)

#Rams (#Hrutar): Very affecting drama. Lovely restrained work by Hakonarson, Sigurjonsson & Juliusson. Stunning Icelandic imagery by Grovlen

Zack Greinke Wins Golden Glove 2015

Congrats to #Zack #Greinke on winning a #GoldGlove. Let's hope that much-deserved #CyYoung isn't far behind! ;-) #NLCyYoung #Dodgers

10 November 2015

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Maddeningly entertaining! Another superb Boyle/cracking Sorkin . Fassbender, Rogen(!), Stuhlbarg great but Winslet steals it!

09 November 2015

Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent: Visually stunning Driving-Miss-Daisy-Meets-Apocalypse-Now-Meets-Dead-Man exploration of the ravages of colonialism.

Celeb Sighting: David Harewood

3rd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: David Harewood. I resisted the urge to ask how Carrie & Quinn were doing...& Henry & Eliza...& Kara

08 November 2015

El Vy (Troubadour)

#ElVy (@theTroubadour): It's like the best #TheNational album never made! Berninger & Knopf were amazing together! PS. Brent super-nice guy!

Hibou (Troubadour)

#Hibou (@theTroubadour): Perfectly pleasant catchy indie-rock all the way from Seattle. They look like they're a nice bunch of kids.

Steelers Escape Against Raiders

Whew! Nail-biting #Steelers win vs #Raiders! Thank G*d for @AntonioBrown84, #Cockrell, & the amazing #DeAngelo! #BigBen...fingers-crossed!

07 November 2015

India Thrashes South Africa 2015 Test 1

Good bounce-back win for #IND with #RSA (once again?) crumbling under (spin) pressure. #Ashwin's well on his way to a stat monster. #INDvSA

06 November 2015

Re-tweeted by RZA!!

You know, I'm a little too old for social media so I can't confirm this, but it seems that @RZA (yes, that #RZA!) may have re-tweeted me!!!!

Clive Owen Interviewed by RZA

The Great #CliveOwen interviewed by @RZA(?!) via @InterviewMag! Awesome! https://t.co/F1SsgVt8vT

05 November 2015

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak: Not sure what a Grand Guignol fever dream means, but I'm fairly certain this film is its epitome! Del Toro in top madcap form!

Federer Loses to Isner in Paris

Sigh. The vintage-#GOAT honeymoon didn't last very long as #Federer crashes out in Paris. Kudos to #Isner holding his nerve for a great win.

04 November 2015

RIP Melissa Mathison

RIP Melissa Mathison. Thank you for creating 1 of the 2 most important movies of my life (ET) & 1 of my faves of all time (Black Stallion)

03 November 2015


#Spotlight: Oscar-fave lives up to the hype. Expertly crafted by McCarthy. Star-studded cast is uniformly excellent One of 2015's very best!

02 November 2015

Federer Beats Nadal to Win Basel 2015

A stirring, fighting, raging-against-dying-of-the-light victory over his greatest rival #Nadal by #Federer to win his hometown title! #GOAT!

01 November 2015

Royals Win World Series

Sports breaks your heart so often it's nice when from time to time it mends it too. Congrats to ultimate underdogs #Royals on #WorldSeries!

Rain Room (LACMA)

#RainRoom (@LACMA): Apparently the only way we can get rain in LA is as an art museum installation! Cool feat of engineering & I suppose art

Steelers Heartbreaking Loss to Bengals

You live by the #BigBen you die by the... #Steelers defense played their hearts out but BB leads them to a momentum-killing loss vs #Bengals

31 October 2015

Mets Lose to Royals World Series 2015 Game 4

Spooky things happen on #Halloween! #Mets-iest way for them to lose. Poor #Murphy - from hero to goat in the blink of an eye! #Royals #WS15

Federer Beats Jack Sock at Basel 2015

Good News: #Federer gets a vintage-#GOAT win over Great American Hope #JackSock Bad News: He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken lurks in shadows!

American Pharoah Wins Breeders Cup Classic 2015

We never got the #SerenaSlam but we now have a #GrandSlam! #AmericanPharoah wins #BreedersCupClassic! Goes out a #Champ! #BC15 #BreedersCup

New Zealand Wins Rugby World Cup 2015

Congrats to #NZL for well-deserved #RWC win! Always good to see #AUS lose ;-) Hopefully this is a good sign for the cricket series #RWC2015

Liverpool Thrashes Chelsea

So, #Klopp in and #Mourinho? May not solve all of #Liverpool's problems but it was nice to see them on the other side of a thrashing! #LFC

30 October 2015

Federer Beats Goffin Basel 2015

Yikes! Another tough 3-setter for #Federer (this time vs plucky #Goffin). Worrying #GOAT-sunset trend or just a blip? It only gets harder...

Grantland Shut Down by ESPN

RIP #Grantland. Not quite as great as @BillSimmons would have you believe but better than 99.9% of what's out there. Sigh... @Grantland33

29 October 2015


#Trumbo: Straightforward but very entertaining. Heisenberg anchors an absurdly stuffed cast highlighted by Lane, CK, Goodman & Stuhlbarg.

Federer Beats Kohlschreiber at Basel 2015

Not quite as #GOAT-vintage this time around but another #Federer win against always-tough #Kohlschreiber. #Goffin next. H*ll on my nerves!

28 October 2015

Our Brand Is Crisis

Our Brand Is Crisis: Inconsistent but loadsa fun when it works. Sandy's great in a role tailor-made for her ;-) Mackie & De Almeida kill it.

Federer Basel First Round Win

Sure it's #GOAT's hometown & it's 1R, but any vintage-#Federer win at this point is reason to celebrate. How about that #AI practice joke!

27 October 2015

Cavaliers Lose to the Bulls

Was that a potentially season-destroying loss for the #Cavaliers against the #Bulls, or just the 1st game in a looong season? C'mon #LeBron!

India Thrashed by S. Africa in Series Decider

Woah! #IND's ODI team is in flux but I don't think anyone saw that demolition coming, esp at the hands of close-but-no-cigar #RSA! #INDvSA

25 October 2015

RIP Maureen O'Hara

RIP Maureen O'Hara. One of the last few from Hollywood's Golden Age...and who held their own against John Wayne. Great screen presence.

Steelers Lose to Chiefs

Playing on the road against #Chiefs may have been the one bridge too far for #LandryJones & #Steelers. Still They've done well for #BigBen.

24 October 2015

USC Upsets Utah

Sure, this was one from the too-little-too-late department, but it's still pretty satisfying. #USC crushes #Utah! #Kessler not washed up yet

23 October 2015


#Suffragette: Stodgy but ultimately stirring. Great work by DP Grau. Carey's actually good as is the always great Bonham, but Duff steals it

Celeb Sighting: Alan Arkin

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Alan Arkin. I resisted the urge to ask him if he was Kevin Pollak ;-)

21 October 2015


#Brooklyn: Better than the exceedingly genteel book thanks to the elegant Hornby script. Ronan is terrific. My allergies acted up at the end

20 October 2015

Virender Sehwag Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Virender #Sehwag retires. One of the most exciting cricketers we'll ever see. Man, I'll miss him! #Viru!

19 October 2015

Barry Zito Retires

Sign You're Too Old When: Barry #Zito Retires. Great pitcher in his prime. Most Interesting Man in Baseball for the rest of it!

17 October 2015

Black Lips (Pappy & Harriet's)

#BlackLips (@pappy_harriets): Best Crazy Punk-Garage Suzz-Rock Band, Ever! Awesome as always! And the absolutely perfect place to see them!

16 October 2015


#Marshland: Wonderfully moody Spanish True-Detective-esque thriller. Weak plot redeemed by lovely cinematography & acting, esp Gutierrez.

15 October 2015

Dodgers Heartbreaking NLDS Series Loss

Where did you go #Zack #Greinke? #Dodger nation turned its lonely eyes to you. Lovable Loser CS (#NLCS) will be insufferable #Mets?! #Cubs?!

13 October 2015

Federer Shocking First-Round Loss to Qualifier

And so, the end begins, albeit with a bang. #Federer crashes out to qualifier #RamosVinolas. The Sun is beginning to set on the #GOAT. #Sigh

12 October 2015

Miraculous Win For Steelers!

Un-bl**dy-believable! #Steelers beat #Chargers! Thank G*d for #LeVeon/gutsy #Tomlin call! And they may have found a kicker - #Boswell! #MNF

The Walk

#TheWalk: Sure, it's on the nose but it's also one of the most thrilling/terrifying (I'm afraid of heights!) cinematic experiences I've had!

09 October 2015

Black Mass

#BlackMass: Good try by Cooper to make an understated gangster film. Murderers' Row of a cast feasts on plummy accents led by comeback Depp.

08 October 2015

06 October 2015


#Victoria: Best-Russian-Ark-Meets-Run-Lola-Run Heist Film Ever! Clever Hollywood calling card for director Schipper. Costa holds it together

05 October 2015

The Martian

#TheMartian: Best MacGyver-Meets-Cast-Away-Meets-Lost-In-Space Movie, Ever! Ridley in top form as is All-Star cast led by Bourne & Northup.

04 October 2015

Brendan Rodgers Fired By Liverpool

So #Brendan #Rodgers has been (finally) fired by #LFC. Poor chap was snake-bitten from the start. It's going to be a tough turnaround.

02 October 2015

Next Goal Wins

Next Goal Wins (@SunscreenFF): The very definition of crowd-pleasing! You'll laugh/cry/cheer (but check your cynicism at the door). Awesome!

01 October 2015

Steelers Devastating Loss to Ravens

In the annals of #Steelers heartbreaking losses/choke-jobs this has to count near the top! Changes the entire season. #Scobee/#Tomlin c'mon!

30 September 2015

Celeb Sighting: Timothy Simons

2nd Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Timothy Simons (#JonahRyan!) looming over the insanity that is The Object Lesson!

27 September 2015

Devastating Win For the Steelers

Terrible win for #Steelers. The future hangs by a...left knee (cheap shot #Rams). Let's hope #BigBen's back soon. Thank G*d for #LeVeon!

25 September 2015

Future Islands (Fox Pomona)

#FutureIslands (@foxtheater): Sam was right, that was a good one! Dance like no one is watching x 1000! Seriously, they were amazing! Wowza!

24 September 2015

Operators (Fox Theater)

#Operators (@foxtheater): Best Bright-Eyes-Meets-Yacht Indie-Dance-Rock, Ever! Extremely bl**dy catchy!

23 September 2015


#Everest: Kormakur tries admirably but can't match Into Thin Air & the 1998 IMAX classic. Clarke owns this (literally) white-knuckle ride.

RIP Yogi Berra

RIP Yogi Berra. Even before I had ever heard of baseball, I'd had heard of Yogi, half a world away.

22 September 2015

RIP Jagmohan Dalmiya

RIP Jagmohan Dalmiya. In Sharda Ugra's (excellent) words: Cricket's Canny Iconoclast. With Sourav Ganguly helped spearhead India's dominance

20 September 2015

The Broad

#TheBroad: Greatest Contemporary Art Greatest Hits Compilation, Ever! #Basquiat/#Haring room alone will blow hipsters' minds! Cool building.

Steelers Thrash 49ers

Great bl**dy win for the #Steelers vs hapless #49ers! Thank you @AntonioBrown84. That #DeAngelo-#LeVeon platoon's gonna be something else!

19 September 2015

USC Upset by Stanford (Again!)

Hey #PatHaden how's that holier-than-thou housecleaning going?! #USC suffers another monumental upset at the hands of #Stanford! #USCvStan

99 Homes

#99Homes: Leave it to great director Bahrani to make a compelling humanist thriller about real estate! Zod owns it but Spidey makes the film

18 September 2015

Celeb Sighting: Jason Bentley

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #JasonBentley going to the (very fancy) gym, looking bad-a** (as usual).


#Sicario: Very entertaining despite dodgy script/self-serious direction. Deakins is great (as always). Blunt's fantastic but Del Toro - wow!

16 September 2015

Michael Mann Q&A

Sign You're Too Old: #Heat is 20 years old! Great #MichaelMann Q&A via @Deadline (Yes MM, shoot on film, please!): http://t.co/dFbPaEXtCy

15 September 2015

Brand A Second Coming

#Brand A Second Coming: Part-Hagiography/Part-Takedown, all entertaining. Tremendous work by Timoner; made me reconsider Russell completely

14 September 2015

Peace Officer

Peace Officer: Not the expected polemic on police brutality, but an even-handed, sobering, excellent look at a complex issue. A must-watch!

Mirza and Paes Win US Open Doubles Titles with Hingis

At least #Sania #Mirza & #Leander #Paes won #USOpen (doubles) titles thanks to #Hingis (again). Time to make her an honorary citizen? ;-)

13 September 2015

Federer Loses US Open to Djokovic

This breaks my heart, at my age perhaps literally. #Federer tried his best, but #Djoker is too tough (again). #GOAT for how long? #USOpen

RIP Moses Malone

RIP Moses Malone. All-time NBA great. Met him once, super-nice guy.

12 September 2015

Flavia Pennetta Wins US Open and Retires

Talk about the ultimate #MicDrop! Congrats to #Flavia #Pennetta on winning (a most unexpected) #USOpen & retiring! Nice 2 wks for #Vinci too

11 September 2015

Federer Thumps Wawrinka to Reach US Open Finals 2015

Dude, if #Federer keeps playing like this he's gonna get my hopes up! #Stanimal no match for #GOAT. Immovable force #Djoker next! #USOpen

Vinci Upsets Serena!

Huge loss for (US) #Tennis with #Serena's #GrandSlam hopes crashing out But athletes like #Vinci are exactly what make Sports great! #USOpen

10 September 2015

Steelers Lose to Patriots

I blame (the usual) #Foxboro shenanigans & #JudgeBerman for #Steelers preordained loss to #Patriots. TBH assures me season's not over yet ;)

Federer Sets Up Wawrinka Semi US Open 2015

#Federer in full-flight is awesome! He'll need every ounce of #GOAT-magic vs #Stanimal who's no longer content to be in his shadow! #USOpen

09 September 2015

Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn Sacrifice: Good Zwick, ie. well-crafted (if surface-thin) entertainment. Maguire does well; Sarsgaard, Schreiber & Stuhlbarg are great.

07 September 2015

Federer Beats Isner at US Open 2015 | Murray Loses

Whew! No #SABR, but enough flashes of #GOAT-like brilliance pulls #Federer through against #Isner. PS. Sad for (Poor) #AndyMurray #USOpen

05 September 2015

Federer Into Week 2 US Open 2015 | Rafa Not Done Yet

Solid win vs always-tricky #Kohlschreiber for #Federer. PS. His opponents have played matches of their lives vs #Rafa. Not done yet. #USOpen

04 September 2015

Serena Beats Mattek-Sands US Open 2015

Gutty win for #Serena to keep #GrandSlam dream alive. You gotta admire #MattekSands's grit/attitude. #Tennis needs more "punk rock" #USOpen

Federer Wins 2nd Round | Fish Retires, Hewitt Loses

Smooth #Federer sailing with a #GOAT-like 2nd round win. It gets harder. Tough luck for #MardyFish & #Hewitt who went down fighting. #USOpen

03 September 2015

Your Next Bond Villain

Stop worrying about who's going to be the next #JamesBond...I have your next #BondVillain right here: #TomBrady! http://t.co/iewzR0O6Fu

02 September 2015

RIP Dean Jones

RIP Dean Jones. It seemed like every other movie I watched as a kid starred him. A lot of happy memories. Sigh...

Greinke Deserves MVP

He's already wrapped up #CyYoung, but a tough-as-nails 2-1 win against #Bumgarner means #Greinke deserves #MVP (consideration), no? #Dodgers

01 September 2015

Federer Wins Round 1 US Open 2015

If #Wimbledon was The Last Stand, #USOpen is The Twilight of the (#Tennis) God. #Federer off to a flying start, hope the #GOAT keeps it up!

Poor Cheteshwar Pujara

#IND finally won an "away" series & naturally @BCCI is sidelining the best player: #Pujara. Via Mukul Kesavan http://t.co/1QU4al0cz6 #SLvIND

31 August 2015

RIP Wes Craven

RIP Wes Craven. Like everyone else I would think him for giving me nightmares, but the truth is that I was too scared to sleep!

30 August 2015

RIP Oliver Sacks

RIP Oliver Sacks. Humanist writer who demystified science (and the human spirit) for dolts like me.

29 August 2015

American Pharoah Upset at Travers

Big upset by #KeenIce at #Travers Sad for #AmericanPharoah I call shenanigans on #Frosted who clearly bumped him Better luck at #BreedersCup

27 August 2015


#Phoenix: Sneaks up on you, and then, BAM, it gets you...gets you good! Masterfully directed by Petzold Stunning cast Hoss is extraordinary!

Steffi Graf Grantland Article

Im old enough to remember #Steffi's greatness. Now shes merely "#Serena before there was a Serena" via @louisahthomas http://t.co/Ovdh6IgNZL

26 August 2015

American Ultra

American Ultra: Your classic Bourne-Mr-&-Mrs-Smith-Up-In-Smoke high-concept blender romp. Good fun. Lex Luthor & K-Stew were great. Pullman!

25 August 2015

England Regain Ashes | India Beat Sri Lanka

So #ENG & #IND drew upon their famed resiliency reserves to regain #Ashes & beat #SRI respectively. #CooksAshes anyone? ;) #TheAshes #SLvIND

23 August 2015

Pato Banton (Hermosa Beach)

Pato Banton (Hermosa Beach): Greatest Summer Concert, Ever! An epic ending for this year's #HBSCS! Brought much-needed fervor to South Bay!

Federer Beats Djokovic For 7th Cincinnati Masters Title!

Magnificent 7 for #Federer at @CincyTennis! No matter what happens at #USOpen that was a h*lluva still-#GOAT-it win over #Djokovic! #ATP

American Pharoah at Del Mar

#BobBaffert at #DelMar: "Is he ready to go a mile and a quarter?" Looks like #AmericanPharoah is going to the #Travers! #DelMarDayBreak

22 August 2015

Celeb Sighting: BJ Novak

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: BJ Novak, watching the stars. I resisted the urge to ask him where Kelly Kapoor was. ;-)

Federer Beats Murray Cincinnati Masters 2015

Fantastic #GOAT-in-Winter win for #Federer against (Poor) #AndyMurray! He's gonna need all his age-defying magic vs #Djoker... @CincyTennis

21 August 2015


Ant-Man: AKA Honey, I Shrunk The Superhero & Made A Totally Fun Summer Movie! It's always good to see Rudd, Kate, Stoll but Pena kills it!

Federer Beats Lopez Cincinnati Masters 2015

As the headline says #Federer in full flight vs #Lopez. The #GOAT has a tough match-up next: the resurgent (Poor) #AndyMurray! @CincyTennis

18 August 2015

Z For Zachariah

Z For Zachariah: Interesting take on post-apocalypse that doesn't live up to potential. Redeemed by excellent cast: Ejiofor, Robbie & Pine.

Feeder Wins First Round Cincinnati Masters 2015

Not quite #GOAT-level play but a solid post-layoff win for #Federer. He's got his work cut out for him for Title 7. #ATP

Zen Pencils - APJ Abdul Kalam

#LifesPursuit. Lovely, inspiring stuff about #APJAbdulKalam from the great @zenpencils: http://t.co/2daGO3Vfh5

17 August 2015

We Come As Friends

We Come As Friends: Sauper's devastating documentary gives a dispiriting peek behind proto-colonial curtain. Extremely affecting/enraging.

16 August 2015

Jason Day Wins PGA Championship

Congrats #JasonDay on not choking away another major. Too bad for #Spieth, but he gave us a h*lluva year. Also, my Bengali bro #Lahiri! #PGA

Spieth Miraculous Par Hole 14

#Spieth!!!!!! #PGA

India Loses to Sri Lanka

In the annals of #IND's defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory matches, losing to a 37-year-old spinner has to be near the top. #Herath?! #SLvIND

14 August 2015

Straight Outta Compton

#StraightOuttaCompton: As the kids would say: that s**t was d*pe! Gray directs the h*ll outta it! Mitchell deserves an Oscar nom! Giamatti!

13 August 2015


#Grandma: Gently directed by Weitz. It's a welcome "return" tour-de-force for Tomlin, but the rest are great; Harden, Garner & esp Elliott.

12 August 2015

San Andreas

San Andreas: Helicopters, trucks, planes, boats...& The Rock - what you need in the event of an earthquake. Also, Giamatti! Brainless fun!

09 August 2015

True Detective (Season 2)

True Detective (S2): Unlike everyone else I was totally with it...until that "Hindi Movie" ending. Wait, that's a disservice to Hindi movies

08 August 2015

Sydney Seau Graceful HOF Speech

With @BillSimmons, #Olbermann & #Cowherd gone, gutless #ESPN didn't acknowledge elephant in room Young #SydneySeau had to step up with grace

Jerome Bettis Inducted in NFL HOF

You Know You're Too Old When: #Seau, #TimBrown & #Jerome #Bettis are inducted into #HOF! #Canton looks like a #Steeler home game! #Steelers

06 August 2015

Jon Stewart Final Daily Show

Good night #JonStewart. His #TheDailyShow was an integral part of my late night US young adulthood. Great (!) interviewer & funny #JonVoyage

04 August 2015

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys: Look, I like the Mother Of Dragons & Boomerang as much as the next nerd, but I'm so glad that Ahnuld's back! Good fun.

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03 August 2015

RIP Cilla Black

RIP Cilla Black. Heard her growing up thanks to my parents. Lovely voice.

02 August 2015

American Pharoah Wins Haskell

Ha! He's still the one! #AmericanPharoah wins the #Haskell just about walking the end there. Now the #BreedersCup for the #GrandSlam!

01 August 2015

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper. Discovered him on a late night showing of They Live growing up. Never realised he was a wrestler until much later.

31 July 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Best (Summer) Bond(-esque) Movie, Ever! Cruise is unstoppable, Pegg's great but Ferguson steals the show!

28 July 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam Dies

RIP APJ Abdul Kalam. The People's President was one of the most beloved public figures to rise above the cesspool that is Indian politics.

27 July 2015

Craig Biggio / John Smoltz / Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez HOF Induction

You Know You're Too Old When: #Biggio, #Smoltz, #Randy & (esp) #Pedro are inducted into #MLB #HOF. Huge part of my early days of fandom.

25 July 2015

TV On The Radio (kcrw)

TV On The Radio (@kcrw): Their patented brand of Thinking-Man's Wall-Of-Scuzz Arena-Filling Agit-Rock...just, you know, turned up to 11!

Boxed In (KCRW)

Boxed In (@KCRW): So insanely catchy they should be illegal! Space-dance-pop from London (wait, wha?!) with the grooviest bass player, ever!

McQueen / Kanye - All Day / I Feel Like That at LACMA

#AllDay/#IFeelLikeThat: Holy Teeth-Rattling Subwoofer #LACMA!
#McQueen/#Kanye wrestling with age-old question of what's art vs music video.

22 July 2015

Cartel Land

Cartel Land: Cinematic & luridly entertaining documentary. Incredible access is wasted by director's inability to explore the complexities.

20 July 2015

18 July 2015

Amelie Mauresmo HOF Induction

You Know You're Too Old When: #Amelie #Mauresmo's inducted into #Tennis #HOF Very deserving PS Where's the unjustly overlooked #Kafelnikov

17 July 2015


#Trainwreck: As expected LeBron sorta steals it, unexpectedly so do Amare, Cena & esp Swinton (dude!). Apatow is bailed out by Amazing Amy!

16 July 2015

Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN

I'm pretty bummed about @ESPN_Colin leaving #ESPN. Now who's gonna get me mad enough to fight through LA traffic on my way home #Cowherd?!

15 July 2015

The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour: Genially entertaining & absorbing. Segel tries hard as DFW, Jesse is aces So I guess I now have to read Infinite Jest?!

12 July 2015

Federer Loses Wimbledon Title to Djokovic (Again :-(

#Djokovic now in full-on #Serena mode! Sigh...at least #Federer's end will not be a flameout, but a pleasant, slow descent. #GOAT #Wimbledon

11 July 2015

Mirza and Hingis Win Doubles Title Wimbledon 2015

Congrats to #Sania #Mirza (and, you know, #Hingis!) on toughing out a close match & winning #Wimbledon. Hope the desi press is kinder to her

Serena Wins Wimbledon To Complete Second Serena Slam

Kid #Muguruza tried her best, but #SerenaSlam was inevitable. Move over #Steffi/#Navratilova, #Serena's now in #GOAT team picture #Wimbledon

10 July 2015

Federer Sparkles In Beating Andy Murray 2015 Wimbledon

Wow! #Federer turned on #GOAT-wayback-machine vs #Murray (back to #PoorAndy)! #Djokovic? Well, hope, unlike #ConfederateFlag, is eternal!

RIP Omar Sharif

RIP Omar Sharif. A cinematic G*d in my house, passed down to me by both my grandparents and parents. #Legend (both on and off screen)!

Tweet from Timothy Wilson

@espn @BillSimmons @KeithOlbermann ESPN is making all sorts of moves that I don't like.

09 July 2015

ESPN "Parts Ways" With Olbermann

First @espn came for @BillSimmons. Now @KeithOlbermann. Proves that it's #Godell (sorry #Goodell ;) world, we're just allowed to exist in it

Tweet from Victor Wondu

I've actually started to change my opinion about Sharapova and that horrendous shriek. She's a good sport and fights hard.

Serena Beats Sharapova (Again) 2015 Wimbledon

Always good to see #Serena thrash the insufferable/poor-sport #Sharapova. #SerenaSlam not a done deal yet #Muguruza will be tough #Wimbledon

08 July 2015

The Look of Silence

The Look of Silence: Less sensationalistic, but perhaps even more powerful, than companion piece Act of Killing. Unforgettable and chilling.

Kobe Federer Emoji Battle

As natural as your backhand @rogerfederer

Federer Wins To Set Up Andy Murray Semis Wimbledon 2015

Great win for #Federer today, but he's gonna need all his #GOAT powers against #Murray (who's back to #OurAndy now that he's playing well)!

07 July 2015

Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy: Wonderful, non-standard biopic that makes me see the Beach Boys in a whole new light. Great directing, acting (Dano!) & sound.

06 July 2015

Tweet from James Baker

Petition to FIFA for action to #Stopdiving in soccer, pl sign & RT, thanks! Link - http://t.co/vaMLb1DH9G

Federer Beats Bautista Agut 2015 Wimbledon

Suspiciously easy win for #Federer vs overmatched #Agut. He'll need a repeat of #GOAT-like performance against tricky-awkward #GillesSimon.

05 July 2015

Refn Should Direct True Detective

Yo @HBO how about Nicolas Winding #Refn to direct #TrueDetective Season 3?! Who's with me? PS. #Gosling will be due for career rehab by then

Refn For True Detective Season 3

Yo @HBO how about Nicolas Winding #Refn to direct #TrueDetective Season 3?! Who's with me? PS. #Gosling will be due for career rehab by then

USA Wins the World Cup

#USWNT was just too much for poor #JPN today. #Carli #Lloyd - dude! PS. Wasn't it nice to see a football match without the incessant diving!

04 July 2015

Federer Beats Groth 2014 Wimbledon

Un-#GOAT-like hiccup for #Federer vs #Groth! (the ! should just be part of his name!) but through to Week 2. Bad luck for #Isner & #Dustin.

02 July 2015

Federer Beats Querrey Wimbledon 2015

Sure the tweener-lob was un-#GOAT like (but oh so much fun!), but solid win for #Federer vs #Querrey. PS. #Tennis needs more @DreddyTennis!

30 June 2015

Federer Wins Rd 1 / Hewitt Loses 2015 Wimbledon

#Wimbledon2015 AKA #Federer's Last Stand is off to a decent straight-set start for #GOAT. PS. Naturally #Hewitt bowed out in fighting form.

29 June 2015

What Happened, Miss Simone?

What Happened, Miss Simone?: Incredible documentary that showcases the complicated, tortured, but ultimately beautiful, nature of genius.

Tweet from @dashmeshstud

cheers man! That horse brought joy to every racing fan in the world. He's a real star!

28 June 2015

Inside Out

Inside Out: To understand my sister's tweenage years I could've talked to her...or waited 20 years for a Psych 101-inspired animated film.

27 June 2015

American Pharoah at Santa Anita Park

#AmericanPharoah #Stud (literally) #SantaAnitaPark For the kid who sat next to me in Mr. Joshi's class @dashmeshstud http://t.co/xZ2gYYofnU

26 June 2015

RIP Patrick Macnee.

RIP Patrick Macnee. Another one of those actors I always loved seeing no matter how big or small the role. And, of course, #JohnSteed

25 June 2015

Tanlines - "Palace"

Awesome heartbreak-with-summer-melodies video directed by Ray from #Girls! Palace by @tanlines (& @alexkarpovsky) http://t.co/PJIMkteq4Y

24 June 2015

The Tribe

The Tribe: AKA 2.5-hr Foreign Sign-Language Movie Without Subtitles Told In Single Takes Too bad it devolves into (brutal) glorified YA film

India Loses ODI Series to Bangladesh

Where does #India's ODI series loss to #Bangladesh rank among #Dhoni's most embarrassing away losses? A lot to choose from! #BANvIND

23 June 2015

RIP James Horner

RIP James Horner, the preeminent composer of our generation (loved Sneakers) & those to come (my niece loves "Somewhere Out There"). Sad.

20 June 2015


#Cayucas (One Pasadena): Catchy Vampire Weekend-inflected Cali indie-pop Absolutely perfect for a warm Summer eve Good time had by all @kcrw

19 June 2015

Jurassic World

#JurassicWorld: Smart move by kid director Trevorrow to pull a JJ Abrams & essentially make a (meta) Spielberg movie. Perfect summer fun!

A-Rod 3000 Hits

Love it! #ARod's 3000th hit comes from a homer off #Verlander, thereby exploding every #MLB moralist's head out there! #Alex #Rodriguez FTW!

18 June 2015

The Overnight

The Overnight: Pretty funny (adult) comedy that doesn't quite have the courage of its own convictions. Great cast. That sight gag is insane!

17 June 2015

About Elly

About Elly: Further proof that Farhadi is a modern master. Tense whodunit/social critique. Superb cast highlighted by a stunning Farahani.

16 June 2015

Cavaliers Lose NBA Title to Warriors

Sigh! #LeBron/#Cavs played their hearts out, but in the end the best team won. Congrats to #Warriors/#Curry/#Kerry/#Iguodala (#MVP!). #NBA

Kane Williamson Article

Nice write-up on exciting/nice-guy New Zealand batsman #KaneWilliamson by @dcleaverNZH http://t.co/xkCVOa1fPf

14 June 2015

Tweet from Stewart Bushman GOT S5 Finale

@PratikBasu Just remember what Thoros of Myr did to Beric Dondarrion, and Melissandre is in the house. #LordOfLight

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale

So, it finally happened, my #GOT #JumpTheShark moment, or would that be a #JumpTheDragon moment? ;-) Heartbroken & disturbed #GameofThrones

Cavaliers Lose Pivotal Gm 5 NBA Finals 2015

Pivotal moments at end of 1st half & 3rd quarter allowed #Warriors/#Curry (#MVP indeed!) to bury plucky #Cavs. #LeBron tried his da*ndest...

India Bangladesh Test Draw

More glorified batting practice than a real Test match (thanks @BCCI!), but it's always good to see a #Shikhar #Dhawan century. #BANvIND

12 June 2015

Cavaliers Get Thrashed Game 4 NBA Finals 2015

The 2011-over-celebration sunk #Cavs, while #Warriors came out & played their hearts out. The #LeBron feel-good story is all but over. #NBA

11 June 2015

RIP Christopher Lee

RIP #ChristopherLee. We talked about him in hushed tones growing up, the cinematic god of our nightmares. What a tremendous career.

10 June 2015

Celeb Sighting: Matt Leinart

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #MattLeinart, looking exactly the same, ie like a college kid, not a retired NFL QB.


#Dope: It's totally, well, you know! Much-needed kick up the YA/summer movie a** by Famuyiwa! Great cast esp young 'uns Moore, Tony, Kiersey

09 June 2015

Cavaliers Win Game 3 NBA Finals 2015

Whew! What couldve been a legacy-defining choke ended up being an unthinkable 2-1 lead for #Cavs/#LeBron #Warriors not done yet Also #Delly!


#Spy: Absolutely hilarious! Feig really outdoes himself. McCarthy's great (as always) as is Byrne, Hart et al but Statham totally steals it!

07 June 2015

Cavaliers Hang On To Win NBA Finals 2015 Game 2

Oof! The kind of battling, down-n-dirty #LeBron/#Cavs win vs #Warriors that'd make the #FrenchOpen proud! #FIFA-level shady refs! #NBAFinals

Stan Wawrinka Wins French Open 2015

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To #Djokovic's Career Slam: #Stan (The Man) #Wawrinka! Huge upset by #Stanimal! Classy #Djoker #FrenchOpen

06 June 2015

American Pharoah wins the Belmont & Triple Crown!

Domi-bl**dy-nation! #AmericanPharoah wins the #Belmont & #TripleCrown! Easy as can be Still feel bad for #CaliforniaChrome who had it harder

Serena Wins French Open 2015

Congrats #Serena on her miraculous recovery from the Walking Dead-like flu & 20th(!) Slam! Good for #Safarova for not giving up. #FrenchOpen

05 June 2015

Celeb Sighting: Robert Forster

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever: The Great Robert Forster! I resisted the urge to scream -  we went to the same college!!

04 June 2015

Cavaliers Give Away Game 1 NBA Finals 2015

Aargh! #Cavs unraveled at end and gave the game away, the one they should've stolen vs #Warriors. Looks like #LeBron is done Sigh #NBAFinals

Larry Ellison Saving American Tennis

Movies/sport depend on the kindness of billionaires. Kids saved Hollywood, #LarryEllison turns to #Tennis @valleyhack http://t.co/SDqN4aC3C5

03 June 2015


#Entourage: The bros are back & same-r than ever! Fun glorified TV ep with Piven being awesome & the kid from Sixth Sense stealing the show

Djokovic Beats Nadal at the French Open

The King (of Clay) is dead! Long live the King (or #Djoker as the case may be). #Djokovic beats #Nadal & (more impressively) broke his will.

02 June 2015

Federer Crashes Out To Wawrinka French Open 2015

Sadly #Federer era enters its final phase. #Wawrinka was too good but honestly our erstwhile #GOAT should've done better with a cupcake draw