31 July 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Best (Summer) Bond(-esque) Movie, Ever! Cruise is unstoppable, Pegg's great but Ferguson steals the show!

28 July 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam Dies

RIP APJ Abdul Kalam. The People's President was one of the most beloved public figures to rise above the cesspool that is Indian politics.

27 July 2015

Craig Biggio / John Smoltz / Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez HOF Induction

You Know You're Too Old When: #Biggio, #Smoltz, #Randy & (esp) #Pedro are inducted into #MLB #HOF. Huge part of my early days of fandom.

25 July 2015

TV On The Radio (kcrw)

TV On The Radio (@kcrw): Their patented brand of Thinking-Man's Wall-Of-Scuzz Arena-Filling Agit-Rock...just, you know, turned up to 11!

Boxed In (KCRW)

Boxed In (@KCRW): So insanely catchy they should be illegal! Space-dance-pop from London (wait, wha?!) with the grooviest bass player, ever!

McQueen / Kanye - All Day / I Feel Like That at LACMA

#AllDay/#IFeelLikeThat: Holy Teeth-Rattling Subwoofer #LACMA!
#McQueen/#Kanye wrestling with age-old question of what's art vs music video.

22 July 2015

Cartel Land

Cartel Land: Cinematic & luridly entertaining documentary. Incredible access is wasted by director's inability to explore the complexities.

20 July 2015

18 July 2015

Amelie Mauresmo HOF Induction

You Know You're Too Old When: #Amelie #Mauresmo's inducted into #Tennis #HOF Very deserving PS Where's the unjustly overlooked #Kafelnikov

17 July 2015


#Trainwreck: As expected LeBron sorta steals it, unexpectedly so do Amare, Cena & esp Swinton (dude!). Apatow is bailed out by Amazing Amy!

16 July 2015

Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN

I'm pretty bummed about @ESPN_Colin leaving #ESPN. Now who's gonna get me mad enough to fight through LA traffic on my way home #Cowherd?!

15 July 2015

The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour: Genially entertaining & absorbing. Segel tries hard as DFW, Jesse is aces So I guess I now have to read Infinite Jest?!

12 July 2015

Federer Loses Wimbledon Title to Djokovic (Again :-(

#Djokovic now in full-on #Serena mode! Sigh...at least #Federer's end will not be a flameout, but a pleasant, slow descent. #GOAT #Wimbledon

11 July 2015

Mirza and Hingis Win Doubles Title Wimbledon 2015

Congrats to #Sania #Mirza (and, you know, #Hingis!) on toughing out a close match & winning #Wimbledon. Hope the desi press is kinder to her

Serena Wins Wimbledon To Complete Second Serena Slam

Kid #Muguruza tried her best, but #SerenaSlam was inevitable. Move over #Steffi/#Navratilova, #Serena's now in #GOAT team picture #Wimbledon

10 July 2015

Federer Sparkles In Beating Andy Murray 2015 Wimbledon

Wow! #Federer turned on #GOAT-wayback-machine vs #Murray (back to #PoorAndy)! #Djokovic? Well, hope, unlike #ConfederateFlag, is eternal!

RIP Omar Sharif

RIP Omar Sharif. A cinematic G*d in my house, passed down to me by both my grandparents and parents. #Legend (both on and off screen)!

Tweet from Timothy Wilson

@espn @BillSimmons @KeithOlbermann ESPN is making all sorts of moves that I don't like.

09 July 2015

ESPN "Parts Ways" With Olbermann

First @espn came for @BillSimmons. Now @KeithOlbermann. Proves that it's #Godell (sorry #Goodell ;) world, we're just allowed to exist in it

Tweet from Victor Wondu

I've actually started to change my opinion about Sharapova and that horrendous shriek. She's a good sport and fights hard.

Serena Beats Sharapova (Again) 2015 Wimbledon

Always good to see #Serena thrash the insufferable/poor-sport #Sharapova. #SerenaSlam not a done deal yet #Muguruza will be tough #Wimbledon

08 July 2015

The Look of Silence

The Look of Silence: Less sensationalistic, but perhaps even more powerful, than companion piece Act of Killing. Unforgettable and chilling.

Kobe Federer Emoji Battle

As natural as your backhand @rogerfederer

Federer Wins To Set Up Andy Murray Semis Wimbledon 2015

Great win for #Federer today, but he's gonna need all his #GOAT powers against #Murray (who's back to #OurAndy now that he's playing well)!

07 July 2015

Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy: Wonderful, non-standard biopic that makes me see the Beach Boys in a whole new light. Great directing, acting (Dano!) & sound.

06 July 2015

Tweet from James Baker

Petition to FIFA for action to #Stopdiving in soccer, pl sign & RT, thanks! Link - http://t.co/vaMLb1DH9G

Federer Beats Bautista Agut 2015 Wimbledon

Suspiciously easy win for #Federer vs overmatched #Agut. He'll need a repeat of #GOAT-like performance against tricky-awkward #GillesSimon.

05 July 2015

Refn Should Direct True Detective

Yo @HBO how about Nicolas Winding #Refn to direct #TrueDetective Season 3?! Who's with me? PS. #Gosling will be due for career rehab by then

Refn For True Detective Season 3

Yo @HBO how about Nicolas Winding #Refn to direct #TrueDetective Season 3?! Who's with me? PS. #Gosling will be due for career rehab by then

USA Wins the World Cup

#USWNT was just too much for poor #JPN today. #Carli #Lloyd - dude! PS. Wasn't it nice to see a football match without the incessant diving!

04 July 2015

Federer Beats Groth 2014 Wimbledon

Un-#GOAT-like hiccup for #Federer vs #Groth! (the ! should just be part of his name!) but through to Week 2. Bad luck for #Isner & #Dustin.

02 July 2015

Federer Beats Querrey Wimbledon 2015

Sure the tweener-lob was un-#GOAT like (but oh so much fun!), but solid win for #Federer vs #Querrey. PS. #Tennis needs more @DreddyTennis!