31 May 2020

Waiting for LeBron...I mean NBA’s Return

‪Even the sky can't wait for #LeBron's...er I mean #Lakers... er I mean the #NBA's return!‬


‪#LALive #DTLA #LosAngeles #CA‬

30 May 2020

NASA Successfully Launches Astronauts in Crew Dragon

‪Man, watching rockets launch into, ya know, outer space never grows old, no?‬

‪👏 #NASA, #DouglasHurley & #RobertBehnken (both married to astronauts - how cool!), #CrewDragon, #Falcon9(which landed on a drone boat😲?!) & the 1000s that worked on the project!👍👍👍👍‬

29 May 2020

Contagion (2011)

How about a #FlashbackFriday Movie? 😁

#Contagion (2011)

Eerily prescient, terrifying look…at the state of theatrical mid-budget adult dramas 🤣

I keed, I keed! No, of course it's a terrifyingly prescient look at the (apparently utterly predictable😮?!) pandemic situation we find ourselves in. I mean, my goodness, how many of those lingering surface shots do we need before we change our disgusting habits?!

Man, remember that time in Welham's when I was No. 6 to get chickenpox, what fun that was, when the hospital eventually filled up with more like us, and then we were discharged, only to find that the school had become so overrun with CP cases that they converted the audi (which used to be NG, i.e. New Ground, right? until NG got shifted upstairs to combine with NU, New Upper, except NU kinda disappeared one day and we were left with NG…but upstairs🤷‍♀️?!) into a makeshift hospital, and the first wave kids (hey, it was the 80s after all🤓!) would look on in jealousy as we still had to go to class and PT and the rest, while the audi kids looked like they were having the time of their lives, and then suddenly, just like that, the school shut down and sent us *all* home early, not checking if the kids were infectious or not? Fun times…with some decidedly un-fun national events that filtered down to us in quarantine…but that's an insane FBF story for another day😳😬!

Always, yeah, I still remember when the trailer came out(almost 10 years ago😱?!?!) and as soon as they showed the army hospital in the indoor stadium, I immediately flashed back to those fun times.

Seriously, though, how about a bunch of in-retrospect #Oscars (a retrospective #Oscar?!) to screenwriter Burns, who "breaks" all the screenwriting rules(umm, does the inciting incident happen like 2 seconds in when "Day 2" flashes on screen - I'll have to ask all my screenwriting friends next time I see them) and somehow still manages to craft a compelling, engaging, human-level disaster film; to editor Mirrione who builds tension in that terse just-the-facts-ma'am style that I love so much(man, so many jarring hard cuts…brilliant!), and, of course, the man himself, the underrated linchpin in the great Soderbergh's great filmography: composer Martinez.

And, of course, that cast: Winslet(where's she been recently?!), Fishburne(such a welcome presence in these sorts of things), Damon, Paltrow, Cotillard, Law(visibly happy to be unburdened by that 6-movies-in-6-months Next Big Thing pressure like his buddy Farrell), and Ehle who kinda, sorta, steals the whole thing…plus, many, many, many more!

Basically, watch this movie again, what else are you gonna do?!?!?!

"We have a novel virus with a high mortality rate and no known vaccine…" famous last words, eh?!


#ScottZBurns #CliffMartinez #StevenSoderbergh #StephenMirrione
#KateWinslet #LaurenceFishburne #MattDamon #JudeLaw #JenniferEhle #MarionCotillard #GwynethPaltrow #BryanCranston
#JohnHawkes #ElliottGould #SanaaLathan … and many, many, many, many more!
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Contagion (2011)

‪#Contagion (2011) ‬

‪Eerily prescient look at...the state of theatrical midbudget adult dramas 🤣‬

‪I keed, I keed! Terrifyingly prophetic look at the (predictable😮?!) situation we're in. In-retrospect #Oscars to writer, ed, music & as many of the star-filled cast as you can fit!‬

27 May 2020

Slay the Dragon


‪Eye-opening, terrifying, blood-boiling, pull-back-the-curtain ultimately-uplifting(whew!) look at how democracy "truly" works. No matter which side(s) of the political aisle(s) you're on, you can't help but be moved by this stirring film.‬


26 May 2020

RIP Jerry Sloan

‪RIP #JerrySloan‬

‪Great, tough-guy coach for a remarkable 23 years with the #Jazz. I always had a soft spot for his un-glamorous but effective teams that gave #MJ's #Bulls fits, after, apparently, being an all-time Bulls player himself. What a glorious ride he had. ‬

25 May 2020

Happy Memorial Day / Eid Mubarak 2020

‪Happy #MemorialDay / #EidMubarak‬

‪Sending all of my best wishes to everyone impacted by Cyclone Amphan. ‬

‪As beautiful as Bengal is, what really sets her apart is the people and their irrepressible spirit.‬

‪#StaySafe #StayPositive‬

‪#Bengal #India‬

22 May 2020

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur) !


#AWhiteWhiteDay (#HviturHviturDagur)


Incredible, just bl**dy incredible!

Stop what you're doing right now and watch this remarkable film. Because, this is it, man, this is it, the next great international film director is here, the kid's here. I mean when you go from a first film like the madhouse cinematic experience that was #WinterBrothers and then you follow that up with that nerve-jangling (& flashback-inducing - those Icelandic roads are tricky😬!) opening sequence, followed by that meditative six minutes…and you still have another hour and forty minutes to go…you know you're in that all-too-rare sweet spot where directorial intent meets impeccable craftsmanship.

And what intent, boy! Scene by scene, moment by moment, this Bergman-Meets-Farhadi existential genre-busting film leads you to that ending, that ending…my dude…that ending…

They shot it on film, a low budget Icelandic movie and they shot on #35mm film!! Me? I'm glad the Second AC wasn't too fastidious about checking the gate, analog imperfections in our perfect digital world are a reminder of our shared humanity, no? 🤷‍♀️ I dunno, I must be in a metaphorical (or is that metaphysical😜?!) mood after the rock-rolling-down-the-hill sequence.

Speaking of sequences, those single-takes that litter the film are simply a wonder to behold. Maybe they're not as logistically show-offy as the ones we've seen in Hollywood recently, but they're all tremendously affecting: the liver story, the kids TV show, the key sequence (#Marvel should hire the stunt coordinator based on that scene alone✊!). #Oscars for the dolly group and focus-puller(umm, that'd be the First AC, right🤔?)

Speaking of #Oscar, one of the few bright spots to come out of this, well, ya ka know, is that small films like this actually stand a chance this year. So, let's give a bunch of awards to the director(so young, so great already!), the DP, the editor(what deliberative discipline!), the composer, and the remarkable young Hlynsdottir, one of the all-time child actor performances, and the lead Sigurdsson, I mean he deserves all the awards just for the opening and ending alone, but then, when you add in, ya know, *every*thing in between…

Well, what're you waiting for?! It's Memorial Day weekend, what else are you gonna do?!🤣

TL;DR: Best Movie, Ever!!!


Hlynur Palmason Maria von Hausswolff(🎥🎞🙏) Julius Krebs Damsbo Edmund Finnis
Ingvar Sigurdsson Ida Mekkin Hlynsdottir

A White, White Day (Hvítur, hvítur dagur)

‪#AWhiteWhiteDay (#HviturHviturDagur) ‬

‪Best Movie, Ever!‬

‪To go from #WinterBrothers to nerve-jangling (& flashback-inducing😬!) opening, followed by meditative 6 mins…Give this Bergman-Meets-Farhadi existential genre-buster *all* the #Oscars: dir, DP, Hlynsdottir, & Sigurdsson!‬

20 May 2020

The Last Dance (ESPN)

‪#TheLastDance (#ESPN)‬

‪aka The Last #GOAT, right #MJ😇?‬

‪True documentary? Let the experts decide...just appreciate the 16mm film footage, gut-wrenching story of his & Kerr's fathers, the "pizza" game, last sequence v Jazz...#Oscars/#Emmys to the entire team, esp the music supes!‬

19 May 2020

RIP Lynn Shelton

‪RIP #LynnShelton‬

‪Gone *way* too soon, right in her filmmaking prime. An inspiration for her do-it-yourself, tenacious path to cinema, proving it's never too late to follow your dreams. Follow she did: 9 features in 13 yrs, high-profile TV series. There was so much more to come.‬

18 May 2020

RIP Fred Willard

‪RIP #FredWillard‬

‪I *love* this guy, the top of the pantheon of I-love-that-guy/gal scene/movie/show-stealing character actors. Movies & TV won't be the same without him. Now, excuse me while I go catch up on Fernwood 2 Night…& Back to You...& all those Chris Guest films &...‬

17 May 2020

Palm Trees

‪Palm trees - all in a manicured row!‬

‪🌴 🏝 ‬

‪#MarinaDelRey #LosAngeles #CA‬

15 May 2020

Mad Max Fury Road Oral History

‪An oral history as epic as #MadMaxFuryRoad (one of the few films I paid to watch multiple times in theatres)!!‬

‪Can it really have been 5 years already?!😳‬

‪h/t: my old pal Doney👍‬


14 May 2020

City of Hope (1991)

‪#CityOfHope (1991) ‬

‪Absolutely terrific Dickensian epic about the intersecting lives of people trying to make a difference/making do in a town dealing with poverty, corruption, local politics, crime, racism, life…10 yrs before #TheWire! An all-timer from the great #JohnSayles!‬

13 May 2020

Michael Jordan Ranked Ahead of LeBron by ESPN

‪Boomers of the world unite...‬

‪...& sigh in collective relief!‬

‪Your beloved #MJ is 1 in #ESPN's #GOAT rankings, while pesky #LeBron is firmly ensconced in 2nd.‬

‪Can you imagine the digital rioting if that had been reversed 😳?!‬

‪PS. #Kobe would be ecstatic to be 1 ahead of #Shaq‬


12 May 2020

RIP Jerry Stiller

‪RIP #JerryStiller‬

‪One of my all-time favourite character actors/comedians/outrageous screen presences. Discovered him thanks to #Seinfield, he was great on #TheKingOfQueens, great on #TheTakingOfPelhamOneTwoThree...simply, great. Time for me to finally discover #StillerAndMeara‬

11 May 2020

RIP Little Richard

‪RIP #LittleRichard‬

‪Not sure if he was one of the originators of rock n' roll, but he definitely was one of my favourites. Discovered him thanks to my parents when they got that mythical CD player...my ears split open! As long as there's music, there will always be Little Richard‬

10 May 2020

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

‪How about some nice #Bengali flowers for #MothersDay?‬


‪#Jalpaiguri #Bengal #India‬

08 May 2020

Sorry We Missed You



‪Brutal(ly) honest/affecting kitchen-sink drama for the 21st-century gig economy. Not for the faint of spirit, esp in these times, but it's *precisely* for these times that it was made. #Oscars for all: #KenLoach, DP, ed., prod design, cast, esp Honeywood.‬

07 May 2020

Rabindranath Tagore - Where the Mind is Without Fear

‪The only thing I remember from School:‬

‪Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;‬

‪Where knowledge is free;‬

‪Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;‬

‪Where words come out from the depth of truth;‬

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action —

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

- #RabindranathTagore

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

‪#StarTrekTheMotionPicture (1979)‬

‪Much better than its terrible reputation, just be aware of its, um, measured, stately, rhythm😏 Massive credit to #PersisKhambatta and swaggering #WilliamShatner, effects by Trumbull & Dykstra & esp legendary #JerryGoldsmith who carries the day.‬

05 May 2020

RIP Chuni Goswami

‪RIP #ChuniGoswami‬

‪Hallowed name growing up in millions of Bengali households. Captained India in football & Bengal in Ranji Trophy cricket! What a thrill to find out he was one degree of separation away from us (Ma will have to tell you the story). A legendary life fully lived.‬

03 May 2020

Swan Cloud

‪We've had a run of bad news lately, so how about a "#swan" to cheer you up?‬

‪🦢 ☁️ ☀️ ‬

02 May 2020

1BR - Directed by My College Friend

‪As a rule I try not to watch horror films (ER bills are too high)‬

‪but I'll make an exception for my college buddy Dave Marmor who wrote/directed/produced(/edit/VFX/sound/colour/poster-ed...ah, the life of an indie filmmaker) the well-reviewed #1BR!‬

‪(LA housing is murder, no?🤗)‬