28 February 2015

Federer Beats Djokovic Dubai 2015

There's still some fight left in the "old" man yet! Great win for #Federer (#GOAT?) over #Djokovic to win 7th #DDFTennis. 9k aces too?! #ATP

27 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy Final Tweet

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.  LLAP

RIP Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard #Nimoy. Little did I know all those years ago a world away, I was part of a global community worshipping at the altar of #Spock

26 February 2015

Afghanistan Beats Scotland World Cup 2015

#Shikhar/#Gayle/#McCullum are stealing the headlines at #CWC15 but the excitement is coming from "minnows" Sure @BCCI is thrilled! #AFGvSCO

25 February 2015


#Memphis: Inscrutable/beautiful. Thoroughly moved by its melancholy lyricism. Lovely stuff from star #WillisEarlBeal & director #TimSutton.

24 February 2015

Queen and Country

Queen and Country: Funny, poignant, sad, all bathed in a warm nostalgic glow. Tremendous swansong for the legendary director John Boorman.

22 February 2015

Oscars 2015

Watched #Oscars2015 and the #Tonys broke out. #NPH wasn't bad. #JKSimmons/#Arquette/#Ida & esp #Common/ #JohnLegend/#Glory stole the show.

Whiplash Wins Editing Oscar

Woah! #Whiplash just pulled off another upset! #Oscars #Oscars2015

Whiplash Wins Sound Mixing Oscar

Finally, an "upset!" #Whiplash! #Oscars #Oscars2015

Wild Tales

#WildTales: Last time I saw crowd go this wild was Guardians of the Galaxy! Truly magnificent moviegoing experience. Young Szifron's a star!

21 February 2015

Pierre Huyghe (LACMA)

Pierre #Huyghe (@LACMA): Wish I wuz smart enuff to understand art n' stuff. Pretty cool experience, though I'm sad we missed the dog!

20 February 2015

Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Set

Fina-bl**dy-lly! #Mayweather - #Pacquiao on 02 May 2015. Probably the last mega #boxing match of my lifetime.

Tweet to @stoobush

.@stoobush If you're looking for a great #EvaGreen performance check out "White Bird in a Blizzard" - awesome/crazy!

Tweet from @stoobush

Eva Green alone DQs it for worst movie of the year.

2014 Top Movies 1 - 5

2014 Top 10 Films: 1. Mommy. 2. Timbuktu. 3. Wild Tales. 4. Leviathan. 5 Under the Skin.

2014 Top Moves 6 - 10

2014 Top 10 Films: 6. The Overnighters. 7. Boyhood. 8. Selma. 9. Nightcrawler. 10. American Sniper.

2014 Top Movies 11 - 15

2014 Top 10 Films (11-15): Whiplash. Ida. Virunga. The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Boxtrolls.

2014 Top Movies 16 - 20

2014 Top 10 Films (16-20): Only Lovers Left Alive. Mr. Turner. How to Train Your Dragon 2. Force Majeure. Birdman.

2014 Movies

2014 Top 10 Films What The?!: Goodbye to Language. Sigh: Interstellar. Worst Movie of the Year: Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

2015 Oscar Picks 1/5

2015 #Oscar Picks Pic: Birdman. Dir: Birdman. Actor: Hawking. Actress: Queen Julianne. Supp Actor: JK. Supp Actress: Boyhood. #Oscars2015

2015 Oscars Picks 2/5

2015 #Oscar Picks Screenplay (Orig): Wes! Screenplay (Adap): Turing. Foreign: Ida. Docu: Snowden. DP: Birdman (Poor Roger). #Oscars

2015 Oscar Picks 3/5

2015 #Oscar Picks Toon: Dragon 2. Edit: Boyhood. Music: Hawking. Song: Selma. Sound Edit: ChrisKyle. Sound Mix: ChrisKyle. #Oscars

2015 Oscar Picks 4/5

2015 #Oscar Picks FX: Gravity Chris Nolan! Prod Design: Budapest. Costume: Budapest. Makeup: Du Pont. #Oscars

2015 Oscar Picks 5/5

2015 #Oscar Picks Toon Short: Feast. Docu Short: Crisis. Film Short: Phone #Oscars

19 February 2015

The Overnighters

#TheOvernighters: Stunning, devastating look at the American Dream in the Heartland. Featuring one of the most compelling characters ever.

17 February 2015

Still Alice

#StillAlice: Understated, melancholy affecting perf by Moore, completely deserving of the "lifetime achievement" Oscar. K-Stew is good too

16 February 2015

Tweet from @alexabelin

@PratikBasu well I'm equally excited and humbled! Wishing you well my friend #GoogleAllStars

Tweet to @alexabelin

. @alexabelin Reserving those spots for the next time I run into you Mr. CEO/Co-Founder!

Tweet from @alexabelin

@PratikBasu what's first and second ?

Celeb Sighting: Jon Voight

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Jon Voight. I didn't tell him he was looking at old-man clothes...cuz I was shopping in the same section

Ireland "Upsets" West Indies World Cup 2015

Sigh, always sad when #WI lose, but at this point can it really be called an upset when #IRE beats a Test-playing nation? #WorldCup #WIvIRE

15 February 2015

RIP Louis Jourdan

RIP Louis Jourdan. Starred in my grandfather's favorite Gigi and TBH's fave Octopussy.

India Beats Pakistan World Cup 2015

Now #WorldCup truly begins! Great win by #IND over #PAK. All the big guns fired: #Virat, #Shikhar & #Raina. Even bowlers did well! #IndvPak

India Beats Pakistan World Cup 2015

Now #WorldCup truly begins! Great win by #IND over #PAK. All the big guns fired: #Virat, #Shikhar & #Raina. Even bowlers did well! #IndvPak

12 February 2015

RIP David Carr

RIP David Carr?! My G*d! What happened?!

Celeb Sighting: Roy Hibbert

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Roy #Hibbert. Just as friendly and gentle off the court as he is on it.

11 February 2015


#Cake: Much better than the pesky critics would have you believe. It's true, our Jen totally got robbed of an Oscar nom, but so did Barraza.

RIP Jerry Tarkanian

RIP Jerry Tarkanian. Great rebellious coach. Most of what I know about him l learned from that HBO documentary & ESPN clips #TarkTheShark

10 February 2015

Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show

Oh no, say it ain't so #JonStewart! How will TBH watch @TheDailyShow without you?! Naturally, I blame #BrianWilliams.

08 February 2015


#Ida: Can't speak to the political/historical context, but can speak to the lovely & haunting film. Starkly beautiful DP work & acting.

RIP Dean Smith

RIP Dean Smith. Had always known he was one of the greatest basketball coaches ever. Didn't realize he was such a champion of equal rights.

07 February 2015

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6: Tremendous fun for all ages. Can't believe a kid yelled out "Please come back" to #Baymax...set my sniffling "allergies" off.


#Sorcerer: Terse existential action masterpiece by great Friedkin working at height of his powers...& that was just the Q&A! Thanks @USC

06 February 2015

Jeffrey Wells Eddie Redmayne Vendetta

As much as I love the guy, sad to see @wellshwood stooping to these low levels to push Michael Keaton. Eddie Redmayne doesn't deserve this.

04 February 2015


#Virunga: Absolutely extraordinary documentary! Complex look at corruption destroying & brave people protecting nature. One of 2014's best

RIP Charlie Sifford

RIP Charlie #Sifford Brave golf pioneer #Masters, the epitome of tradition/genteelity according to sports media, never allowed him to play

03 February 2015

Djokovic Wins Australian Open 2015

That first set tiebreak was all you needed to know about #Murray/#Djokovic/#AusOpen/tennis/life in general. Poor Andy (should be his name).

01 February 2015

Robert Kraft Compares Deflate-Gate to 9/11

I think Robert #Kraft just tacitly compared #DeflateGate to 9/11?! #Patriots #SuperBowl

Patriots Win Super Bowl 2015

Decency, fair play, sportsmanship take a back seat as #Belicheat/#Brady/#Blount/#Kraft/#Patriots win #SuperBowl. Awful playcall by #Seahawks

Katy Perry Great Super Bowl Halftime Show

Yo #TaylorSwift you've got some pretty big shoes to fill next year. Great halftime show from #KatyPerry. Also, welcome back #MissyElliot!