06 November 2012

Barack Obama Wins Re-Election

Best Re-Election, Ever! @BarackObama wins! Well done #America. Hope everyone is on #TeamObama not just tonight but for the next four years!

04 October 2012

The Chevin (TAIX)

The Chevin (TAIX): Pounding drums. Soaring melodies. Synth-laden guitar hooks. And they're British! What's not to love! @FILTERmagazine

18 September 2012

RIP Steve Sabol

RIP Steve Sabol. To my mind #NFLFilms is one of America's greatest institutions.

16 September 2012

The Master

The Master: Unhinged. Undisciplined. Unwieldy. Unforgettable. Burrows deep into your head & messes it up. Phoenix is good. Hoffman is great.

USC Loses to Stanford

Bad bloody loss for #USC against perennial spoilers #Stanford. Great... we're on track for another stultifying #SEC national title. #PAC12

13 September 2012


RED: Intense, darkly humorous, moving, splendid play from the guy that wrote Gladiator. Alfred Molina is great but the kid Groff is as good.

11 September 2012

RIP Dr. Verghese Kurien

RIP Dr. Verghese Kurien. The genius behind #Amul. Gave up personal riches to ensure a basic necessity for all Indians - milk. @Amul_Coop

10 September 2012

Andy Murray Wins First Slam

Great win! #Andy #Murray finally wins his first slam! Credit #Nole for fighting to the bitter end. #Tennis at a new physical level! #USOpen

09 September 2012

Steelers Lose to Peyton Manning

Tough loss for the #Gotham #Rogues...I mean the #Pittsburgh #Steelers. Hopefully they'll rebound quickly. Happy for #Peyton though. #NFL

Serena Williams and Bryan Brothers Win US Open

Congrats to #BryanBros & #Serena #Williams on their #USOpen titles. Tough for #Leander #Paes & esp #Vika who fought valiantly. #ATP #WTA

07 September 2012

05 September 2012

Andy Roddick Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Andy #Roddick retires. Incredible career, better than people realise. Sadly, it's the end of American tennis.

03 September 2012

RIP Hal David

RIP Hal David. Stunning career. Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head. Say a Little Prayer. Close to You. What's New Pussycat? Alfie...many etc's

02 September 2012

USC Thrashes Hawaii

Great win for #USC & #Heisman fave #Barkley. If I'm #NickSatan & #Alabama I'd be afraid, very afraid! #PAC12 #NCAAF

01 September 2012

Kim Clijsters Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Kim #Clijsters retires. Great player, nice person, disproved that whole Fitzgerald-no-second-act thing.

31 August 2012

Grandmother's 90th Birthday!

Everyone should be as lucky to have an awesome grandmother reach 90. Trust me the world would be a much better place. Happy Birthday Mummum!

27 August 2012

India Win Under-19 World Cup

Congrats to #India on winning the #Cricket #WorldCup. So what if it's of the Under-19 variety...we beat #Australia in Australia! #CWCU19

26 August 2012

Dodgers-Red Sox Blockbuster Trade

Insane #Lakers-like all-in trade by the #Dodgers! #Gonzo is a great pick-up, sure, but very sad to see James #Loney go. #MLB #NLWest

25 August 2012

22 August 2012

Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger: Bollywood does Bourne and it's all in good tongue-in-cheek fun. That Havana action sequence was amazing by any standard!

Federer, S Africa & Sergio Win

Good wins all around from #Federer (#GOAT 6-0 set vs #Nole!), #SouthAfrica (new No 1!) & #Sergio (still whiny!). #ATP #EngvSA #PGA

20 August 2012

RIP Phyllis Diller

RIP Phyllis Diller. Funny lady.

RIP Tony Scott

RIP Tony Scott. One of my all-time favourite directors. Much more than "just" an action filmmaker. Not too many like him left. Sigh...

18 August 2012

VVS Laxman Retires

Sadly that great era of Indian #Cricket is all but over with the #VVS #Laxman retirement. Great if under-appreciated warrior & stand-up guy.

15 August 2012

Rory McIlroy Wins PGA Championship

BTW, #Rory #McIlroy obliterating the field at the #PGA championship was pretty fun, right? Sad for poor #Vijay though.

13 August 2012

Greatest Olympics, Ever!

I think it's probably safe to say that this was the Greatest #Olympics, Ever! But then I'm not much given to hyperbole ;-)

10 August 2012

Celeb Sighting: Salman Khan

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Salman Khan (resplendent in his "Being Tiger" t-shirt) at Bombay airport.

09 August 2012

Gangs Of Wasseypur II

Gangs Of Wasseypur II: Over-long/indulgent/insane...and genius! Kashyap has created a mad masterpiece! Great DP. Awesome cast esp Siddiqui!

08 August 2012

RIP Marvin Hamlisch

RIP Marvin Hamlisch. Oscar / Tony / Emmy / Grammy / Pulitzer Prize winner. Incredible career.

05 August 2012

Saina Nehwal Wins Bronze Medal

Congrats to # Saina #Nehwal on winning her Bronze Medal. Let's hope it's a Gold in Rio! #Olympics

03 August 2012

Federer Beats Del Potro at the Olympics!

HMOG! #Roger #Federer comes through in #GOAT-like fashion against poor #DelPo! Even if he doesn't win gold, it's still amazing! #Olympics

01 August 2012

RIP Gore Vidal

RIP Gore Vidal. Great writer. Always loved his stuff. Actually wished he acted more often, great presence.

30 July 2012


Kahaani: Impressively slick/ implausibly entertaining. Balan is quite the star-actress. Loved Chattopadhyay, Siddiqui & legend Bob Biswas!


Ishaqzaade: Brave attempt to do something new with an old story. Great work by Natasha Rastogi and the charismatic Parineeti Chopra.

28 July 2012

RIP Frank Pierson

RIP Frank Pierson. Writer of Cat Ballou, Cool Hand Luke, and Dog Day Afternoon. I think that's the very definition of a life well-lived.

Housefull 2

Housefull 2: Wretched film even by the low standards of Bollywood slapstick. It's nice to see Mithun Chakraborty back & better than ever!

27 July 2012

RIP Frank Pierson

RIP Frank Pierson. Writer of Cat Ballou, Cool Hand Luke, and Dog Day Afternoon. I think that's the very definition of a life well-lived.

25 July 2012

RIP Sherman Hemsley

RIP Sherman Hemsley. Man, did I love The Jeffersons growing up. They definitely don't make 'em like they used to. Sigh...

24 July 2012

Ernie Els Wins the British Open!

Amazing & completely unexpected win at the #BritishOpen for my old fave #Ernie #BigEasy #Els! Feel bad for #AdamScott though. Poor chap.

20 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises: Mind-blowing end to an incredible trilogy! Chris Nolan may have overreached but when you're that good why quibble ;-)

19 July 2012

Pet Shop Boys - "Winner"

Best 80s-esque-Slightly-Sardonic-#Olympic-Anthem, Ever! "Winner" by the #PetShopBoys (via my pal #BadAndy)! http://t.co/t2LpG445

18 July 2012

RIP Rajesh Khanna

RIP Rajesh Khanna. Bollywood superstar and super actor. 163 films. What a career, what a life. Many accomplishments in only 69 years. Sigh.

16 July 2012

Jennifer Capriati HOF

You Know You're Too Old When: Jennifer #Capriati is inducted into the #Tennis #HOF (at only 36)! Incredible career comeback! @JenCapriati

13 July 2012

RIP Richard Zanuck

RIP Richard Zanuck. Force behind Jaws, The Verdict, Cocoon, Driving Miss Daisy, The Sting, The Sound of Music & more! A great career & life.

12 July 2012

Bloc Party - "Octopus"

Greatest Don't-Call-It-A-Comeback Song, Ever! "Octopus" by @BlocParty! Welcome back boys! http://t.co/wr8a0Vvp

11 July 2012

Mark Boucher Retires

Mark #Boucher retires under very sad circumstances. Under-appreciated, all-time great wicketkeeper-batsman. Great career. Hope he recovers.

10 July 2012

RIP Ernest Borgnine

RIP Ernest Borgnine. An incredibly eclectic career. Great screen presence. Underrated actor. And to think I discovered him through Airwolf!

08 July 2012

Federer Wins Wimbledon!

From hero to #GOAT! Incredible come-from-behind win for #Roger #Federer at #Wimbledon. My heart did break for poor #Murray. Fan for life now

06 July 2012

Federer Beats Djokovic!

Even if he doesn't win #Wimbledon, the #Federer (#GOAT) win over a sadly desultory #Nole was one for the ages! Hope is still alive!

04 July 2012

Steve Nash Traded to Lakers

Oh man! Steve #Nash traded to the #Lakers?! Does this mean I have to root for them now? Nice of the #Suns to do right by him. #NBA

Federer Reaches Wimbledon Semis

Careful what you wish for! #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) reaches his record 33rd(!) Grand Slam semi at #Wimbledon! Up next: the relentless #Nole!

03 July 2012

RIP Andy Griffith

RIP Andy Griffith. True American TV/Americana icon. Underrated actor.

01 July 2012

Bel Ami

Bel Ami: Cute little film that tries too hard to hit every spot in the picaresque checklist. Edward Cullen is actually pretty good.

30 June 2012

@paulolastimosa Re-Tweet

@PratikBasu #Roger #Federer #Benneteau #GOAT #Wimbledon agree! Hahaha this made me laugh hard!

29 June 2012

Federer Comeback Against Benneteau At Wimbledon

HMOG! #Roger #Federer comes from 0-2 down to fight past the deserving #Benneteau! It's nice to be reminded of his #GOAT status! #Wimbledon

Gangs Of Wasseypur

Gangs Of Wasseypur: An absolute masterclass in Leone-ishtyle Bollywood filmmaking! Hands down best 2012 film! PS. Good to see Bajpayee back!

28 June 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Ferrari Ki Sawaari: Almost as good as one of those cute, sweet 70s Bollywood comedies. The DVD will be the #1 gift on Father's Day in India.

27 June 2012

Hulk - Gray

Hulk - Gray: Interesting take on the fan fave from the Avengers film. Beautiful artwork from Tim Sale, nicely assisted by Richard Starkings.

We Are Standard - "Love Me"

Catchiest Summer Song That I Only Just Found Out About, Ever!: "Love Me" by @wearestandard http://t.co/m3yjKGkU

RIP Nora Ephron

RIP Nora Ephron. Her films, while being somewhat of a mixed bag, will be remembered. When Harry Met Sally is the 3rd best rom-com ever.

26 June 2012

Federer Wins Wimbledon First Round

Happy: #Roger #Federer (#GOAT ...for now) won easily. Sad: They shunted him off Centre Court, #Isner & #Venus lost. #Wimbledon

25 June 2012

Beach House - "Wild"

Dude! Beautiful shoe-gaze-ish-indie-dream-pop-awesomeness from @BeaccchHoussse. Check out "Wild" courtesy of @nprmusic http://t.co/6dL5DQIO

24 June 2012

We Bought A Zoo

We Bought A Zoo: Sweet little film that gets caught in the middle of grown up-family territory. Cameron Crowe keeps the cutesiness at bay.

23 June 2012

The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture: Biopic about a trashy B-movie actress that itself is trashy B-movie fun. Vidya Balan shines in a tour-de-force star turn.

21 June 2012

LeBron Helps the Heat Win NBA Title

Yes! #LeBron helps the #Heat beat the tough #Thunder in the #NBAFinals! This could be the beginning of a beautiful rivalry! #NBA @KingJames

20 June 2012

RIP Andrew Sarris

RIP Andrew Sarris. Great film critic. One of the few remaining. With his passing we are nearing the end of a great era.

19 June 2012

The Vow

The Vow: Look, I'm not saying I liked it, but any movie that uses "Pictures of You" by #TheCure for the sappy end is a-okay by me!

18 June 2012

Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White And The Huntsman: Visually stunning (unintentionally) campy fun. I think Thor might be the greater of the Hemsworth brothers.

17 June 2012


#Girls: Cuz being the daughter of a famous artist/newsman/drummer/playwright in Brooklyn is so hard. Um, so why do I like it so much?! @HBO

Heat Beat Thunder NBA Finals Game 3

Manohmanohman. #LeBron & the #Heat escape against the never-say-die #Thunder! Say it with me now: Thank G*d for #Bosh! #NBA NBAFinals

Webb Simpson Wins US Open

Nice work by #WebbSimpson to come all the way back from 6 shots & win the #USOpen. Tough luck for battling #Furyk, #McDowell & #Els. #PGA

Center Theatre Group Re-Tweet

@PratikBasu Glad you liked the show! Thanks for coming to the Ahmanson.

War Horse

War Horse: Hate to admit this but it's better than the Spielberg film. Very cinematic staging. The horse puppets were simply amazing! @CTGLA

Dutch Crash Out Of Euro 2012

The once-elegant, still maddening #Oranje let #Portugal come back (#Ronaldo, of all people) and send them crashing out of #Euro2012. #Sigh

Federer Loses Halle Finals To Haas

On the one hand it's inexcusable for #Federer (#GOAT ?!) to lose #Halle finals. On the other it's great to see #Haas making a comeback! #ATP

16 June 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom: How much do I love Wes Anderson? Let me count the ways! I'm a sucker for primo WA like this, even if it's a bit too much.

15 June 2012

Trailer Trash Tracys - "You Wish You Were Red"

Best Duane-Eddy-Meets-Shoegaze-Meets-Raveonettes Dreampop, Ever!: "You Wish You Were Red" by Trailer Trash Tracys http://t.co/aXGaD1H3

Federer Squeaks By Raonic At Halle

Ballistic #Raonic gives #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) another huge scare at #Halle! If only Fed could regain this self-belief vs #Rafa & #Nole :-)

14 June 2012

LeBron Keeps the Heat Alive In Game 2

Wow! One second #LeBron almost lost the #NBAFinals for the #Heat. The next second he kept them alive with *clutch* free throws! #NBA

Icky Blossoms - "Perfect Vision"

Best Catchy Slightly-Scuzzy Electronica-Flavoured Dance Pop, Ever!: "Perfect Vision" by @ickyblossoms http://t.co/qFy4sQCl

Depressing Prediction(s) - Tiger Woods US Open

Depressing Prediction(s): #Tiger #Woods will win the #USOpen and set off an #ESPN frenzy the likes of which we've never seen!

13 June 2012

Belichick Steals Ballard From Giants

Classic #DarthVader move by #Belichick. #Patriots steal #Ballard from #Giants. Can't help but love/hate the guy! #NFL http://t.co/dAgKKXYh

Lone Wolf And Cub - Assassin's Road

Lone Wolf And Cub - Assassin's Road: It's not everyday you read a comic, sorry graphic novel, inspired by Edo paintings! Only 24 more to go!

12 June 2012

Miami Lose Finals Game 1

Wow! #Thunder are an unstoppable force of nature! It's gonna be another long #NBAFinals for this sole #LeBron/#Heat fan in LA. #NBA #Sigh

The Wire - The Musical

Dude! The Greatest Thing, Ever! The Wire: The Musical! #TheWire #TheWireMusical http://t.co/l8kF0Vdp

11 June 2012

LA Kings Win the Stanley Cup!

Nice! The #Kings complete their impossible run by winning the #StanleyCup! Will they allow bandwagon fans in the parade? ;-) #NHL #LAKings

Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3: Better than the negative hype. Brolin & Jemaine absolutely kill it. Man, I used to love Barry Sonnenfeld once upon a time!

Rafa Nadal Wins His 7th French Open

#Rafa wins #FrenchOpen to move past #Borg. #Nadal whining & gamesmanship means he wins without honor. Credit #Nole for fightback. #RG12

09 June 2012

Heat Beat the Celtics!

Yes! For one night it's good to be the only #LeBron / #Heat fan in LA! I toldja, thank G*d for #Bosh. As for the #Thunder...uh-oh! #NBA

Sharapova Wins French Open

#Sharapova wins #FrenchOpen & completes career #Slam. Credit her comeback despite fame+fortune. Credit poor over-matched #Errani too. #RG12

08 June 2012


Prometheus: So, it's not quite as great as it coulda been...but it's still pretty d*mn awesome! Salander, I mean Noomi Rapace, kicks a**!

Federer Loses to Djokovic at the French Open

The Big 3 are now the Big 2. Sad to see #Roger #Federer (#GOAT ...for now) go out like that. Credit #Nole for never giving up. #RG12 #TheEnd

07 June 2012

Mirza-Bhupathi Win French Open Mixed Doubles

Nice work by #Sania #Mirza and Mahesh #Bhupathi to win the #FrenchOpen mixed doubles. Hope they can keep it up at the #Olympics. #RG12

06 June 2012

05 June 2012

Federer Comes Back From Two Sets To Love Down Against Del Porto!

We should all celebrate #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) come-from-way-behind win vs #DelPo! If it was Rog's last stand...what a way to go out! #RG12

04 June 2012

Sugar Shane Mosley Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #SugarShane #Mosley retires (and not a moment too soon ;-). #Boxing #HOF for sure.

03 June 2012

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale

Game Of Thrones: Woah! That was an interesting finale. Apparently Season 3 is gonna be World War Z In Winterfell. Could be cool, right? @HBO

Federer Squeaks By Goffin, Djokovic Struggles

Enjoy #Federer (#GOAT) win over the fun kid #Goffin. His next match could be the end! Between this & #Nole #Rafa is enjoying his b'day #RG12

02 June 2012


Aliens: Closer to Paul Verhoeven than I remembered it being. Still, James Cameron redeems it with that insane T2-presaging end sequence! Wow

01 June 2012

National Doughnut Day

Best Day, Ever! #NationalDoughnutDay @FrostedTweets Sadly, no @KrispyKreme nearby or @DunkinDonuts in LA (?!) http://t.co/IspRoziU


Alien: Not quite as scary as I remembered, but better in almost every other way. Doesn't feel dated. Great stuff from a young Ridley Scott.

31 May 2012

Isner Loses Marathon Match At French Open

Tough loss for #MarathonMan @JohnIsner (16-18 in the 5th!) to comeback kid #Mathieu. Hoping for a #Wimbledon rebound for #Isner! #RG12

30 May 2012

Kings v Devils Stanley Cup Finals

I'm jumping on the #Kings bandwagon. TBH is a Jersey Girl so she's rooting for the #Devils. Uh-oh, trouble in paradise! #NHL #StanleyCup

The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man: Underrated Hitchcock, with just the right Hitchcockian flourishes. Great stuff from Henry Fonda & esp the lovely Vera Miles.

29 May 2012

Serena and Roddick Lose French Open First Round

Sad to see the end of American #Tennis writ so large with both #Serena & #Roddick crashing out at #RG12. You'll miss 'em when they're gone.

27 May 2012

Fiesta Hermosa

#FiestaHermosa http://t.co/xSNrKd4Q

Kolkata Knight Riders Win IPL!


26 May 2012

The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line: Stunning doc that manages to exceed its legendary hype! The now-widely-imitated Errol Morris film style is spectacular!

25 May 2012

Tanlines - "Brothers"

Best Insanely Catchy Summer Song To Listen To In A Drop-Top Convertible In California, Ever! "Brothers" by @tanlines http://t.co/xtT7xTKP

24 May 2012

Uprising - Hip Hop & the LA Riots

#Uprising - Hip Hop & the LA Riots: Unsettling, intense documentary. #USC needs to take a hard look at Todd Boyd's incendiary comments.

23 May 2012

Dark Tide

Dark Tide: Wretched film that proves what a masterpiece Deep Blue Sea was. Maybe Renny Harlin, not Halle Berry, deserves the comeback.

22 May 2012


Battleship: Woah! The great Peter Berg directed a big-budget tongue-in-cheek homage to Michael Bay. Thereby proving MB's awesomeness forever

Kolkata Knight Riders Reach IPL Finals

Yes! It's a #Bengali miracle! #KKR win a tough match against #DD & reach the #IPL finals! Naturally, we'll lose...but for now we're winners!

21 May 2012

House Series Finale

#House: Aw man, sad to see it end. I was still holding out hope for that elusive Hugh Laurie Emmy...and reunion with @stephenfry! Sigh...

Of Monsters and Men - "Slow and Steady"

Lovely electro-folk-pop with a hint of Zombies...all the way from Iceland! Check out Slow and Steady by @monstersandmen http://t.co/babQfJPH

20 May 2012

RIP Robin Gibb

RIP Robin Gibb. That leaves us with just one of the Bee Gees. Always loved "I Started a Joke" sung by Robin: http://t.co/EZqkV64J

18 May 2012

You Know You're Too Old When Kerry Wood Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Kerry Wood retires. Sadly, never fulfilled that 20 strike-out potential. #Cubs #KerryWood

13 May 2012

Federer Beats Berdych To Win Madrid

It gets better! #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) ekes out a win against the battering ram that's #Berdych. Don't look now but he's back to No 2! #ATP

Manchester City Wins EPL In Incredible Fashion!

Bloody h*ll! What a match! What a way for #ManCity to win the Best #EPL, Ever! Any loss for #ManU is a win for mankind! Happy #MothersDay!

12 May 2012

Capitals Lose Series To Rangers

Sad. Another year and another heartbreaking loss for #Ovi and the #Capitals. Oh well, there's always next year. #NHL

11 May 2012

LeBron James Wins NBA MVP

I'm guessing I'll be the only one in LA celebrating #LeBron winning #NBA #MVP. Oh well, it won't be the first (or last) time! :-) @KingJames

The Avengers

.#TheAvengers: Here's my brilliant Twitter review: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

10 May 2012

Tyson Chandler NBA DPOY Speech

Great speech by @tysonchandler for #NBA #DPOY. Ran into him once. Nice guy. TBH thought he was polite, aka handsome ;-) http://t.co/aLzoUgtF

09 May 2012

Federer Beats Raonic At Madrid Masters

Underrated #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) quality: his fighting spirit. Incredible, battling win over the awe-inspiring #Raonic! Wow! #ATP #Madrid

Jermaine Paul Wins The Voice

Congrats to #JermainePaul on winning #TheVoice. But I agree with TBH, the best contestant was the kid with the amazing story, #JamarRogers!

08 May 2012

RIP Maurice Sendak

RIP Maurice Sendak. Luckily his books live on to enthrall/scare little children for generations to come. The Spike Jonze doc is a must-see.

07 May 2012


Un-bloody-believable! Look who's leading the #IPL - #KKR! See kids, if you wish hard enough, your dreams may come true! http://t.co/QYSfiY3R

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Exhaustive (& exhausting) bio expertly written by Walter Isaacson. Gotta say, Woz looked like a hero. Where's his bio? ;-)

06 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

Thanks to the awesome @thecomicbug for hooking us up with @Archaia #MouseGuard! Free Comic Book Day rules! #FCBD http://t.co/CHtxgkV8

LAVA Sunnyside Mausoleum Tour

LAVA Sunnyside Mausoleum Tour: Another great little walk through the history/culture/architecture of So Cal courtesy of the Esotouric folks.

05 May 2012

Mariachi El Bronx At Burton Rooftop

Mariachi el Bronx (Burton): Punk rock meets Indie rock meets mariachi via Los Angeles! Somewhere Los Lobos is smiling like a proud papa!

04 May 2012

You're A Nerd When You Go To See Koyaanisqatsi / Powaqqatsi

Sign You're An Insufferable Nerd: It's opening night for the #Avengers and you go to a Koyaanisqatsi / Powaqqatsi double-bill instead!

RIP Adam Yauch

RIP Adam Yauch / MCA. Gone way too soon at 47. Man, the Beastie Boys were the soundtrack of my youth, even if it was half a world away.

03 May 2012

ESPN Sarah Phillips Controversy

Insane Catfish-like shenanigans over @espn with Sarah Phillips! Actual proper reporting by @Deadspin. Crazy! http://t.co/GPKzZtMm

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: I'm so over being told how great it is. It's pretty good, but it's not, you know, like the funniest movie, ever!

29 April 2012

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Lower-tier Aardman but still better than most films. Hope this starts a comeback for the once-great Hugh Grant

28 April 2012

Luis Suarez Hat-Trick

Ama-bloody-zing! #Luis #Suarez hat-trick for #Liverpool. At least the season's ending nicely for #LFC! http://t.co/QpnbzfiS

27 April 2012

Steelers Pick DeCastro

Nice job #Steelers getting #DeCastro with #NFLDraft 24th pick! I'm sure @tpolamalu is happy to have another #PAC12 kid! http://t.co/wNJQ3hCA

26 April 2012

Chanderpaul Reaches 10K Test Runs

Congrats to the great #Chanderpaul on reaching 10k #Test runs! As always, he flew under the radar & made the #WestIndies proud! #WIvAus

25 April 2012

After The Thin Man

After the Thin Man: Rare sequel that's better than the original! Mr & Mrs Asta are upstaged by Jimmy Stewart & the great Jessie Ralph!

24 April 2012

Yevgeny Kafelnikov HOF Snub

Agree with @TennisReporters. Ridiculous that #Kafelnikov was snubbed from #HOF. Loved that mercurial headcase. http://t.co/S8TwVOHm

23 April 2012

Matthew Perry and John Cho Celeb Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celeb, Sighting Ever!: Matthew Perry and John Cho at Dodger Stadium. Hopefully they're discussing that Harold & Bing feature.

Great RG3 ESPN Article

Looks like #CamNewton might have competition from #RG3 for TBH's favourite non-#Steelers athlete. Great @ESPN article! http://t.co/apcSzIGO

Soundgarden - "Live To Rise"

The 90s aren't back, they never went away! Don't believe me? Check out "Live To Rise" by @soundgarden & @avengers http://t.co/f418vYy8

21 April 2012

Real Madrid Beats Barcelona

I'm confused. I used to like #RealMadrid in the #Zidane days. Now people love #Barca. I love #Ozul. What do I do with the #ElClasico result?

The Flaming Lips Record Store Day

Thanks @FingerprintsLB & TBH for hooking me up with @theflaminglips #HeadyFwends for #RSD12! Happy Record Store Day! http://t.co/KVDt6yW9

20 April 2012

Black Lips - "Dance With You"

New song from TBH's favourite band! The awesome "Dance WIth You" from those rascals @TheBlackLips http://t.co/NZBOPfrP

19 April 2012

RIP Levon Helm

RIP Levon Helm. I'll do one last waltz in his honour.

Pony Excess Re-Tweet

Pony Excess is very, very good .. my fav. was the USFL one -- (@rurugby)

Christopher Nolan Prefers Film Over Digital

Christopher Nolan & I have this in common: we both prefer 35mm film over digital. Everything else? Not so much! ;-) http://t.co/EZFqQw5n

18 April 2012

Raspberry Pi Founder TED Talk

Illuminating TED Talk by @Raspberry_Pi founder Eben Upton. Dude, I want a #RaspberryPi so bad! @TED_TALKS http://t.co/TfRskssH

RIP Dick Clark

RIP Dick Clark. Can't believe that Father Time finally caught up with the Eternal One. I'll drop a ball in his honour on New Year's Eve.

Firehorse - "Our Hearts"

Nice slice of singer-songwriter moodily crafted electro-pop. "Our Hearts" by @thisisfirehorse http://t.co/WAq9l571

17 April 2012

Geoff Boycott On Joel Garner

The great Geoff Boycott talking about my one of my childhood favorites Joel Garner. Great stuff. @ESPNcricinfo http://t.co/7Rs7mVYH

Spector - "Never Fade Away"

More awesomeness from @Spector - "Never Fade Away" Seriously, when is the album going on sale?! I can't bloody wait! http://t.co/fv2PXTY9

16 April 2012

Statistical Analysis To Decide Greatest Male Tennis Player

Nice work by @Robert_Spiral16 on greatest tennis players. #Federer is #GOAT but #Sampras & #Nadal unfairly diminished. http://t.co/9Gj9B5iX

Last Lions of India

Last Lions of India: Cool doc about the Asiatic lions of the Gir Forest. For once there's good news - the population is rebounding. Nice!

15 April 2012

Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Insane end to an insane show! Best Non-Larry-Sanders @HBO Comedy, Ever! #KennyPowers lives on in our hearts forever.

You Know You're Too Old When Ivan Ljubicic Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Ivan #Ljubicic retires. Saw his glorious run at #IndianWells. Classy guy. #ATP http://t.co/xm5yFVXF

The Dotted Line

The Dotted Line: Entertaining & revealing Morgan Spurlock doc that does the impossible, actually make you root for a sports agent. #30For30

14 April 2012

Spector - "Grey Shirt & Tie"

Ludicrously catchy arena-rock-tinged electro-rock! "Grey Shirt & Tie" by @Spector Singing along is encouraged! http://t.co/wrSvOeOd

13 April 2012

Steve Nash And Suns Beat The Rockets

The old #Jedi schools the young #Padawan. @SteveNash outduels the blossoming #Dragic to keep the #Suns slim playoff hopes alive! #NBA

Nike "I Will Run To You" Commercial

The "I Will Run To You" #Nike commercial is this close to #WesAnderson territory - which is precisely why I love it! http://t.co/QxHLbz9M

McEnroe/Borg - Fire & Ice

McEnroe/Borg - Fire & Ice: Stunning HBO doc that only begins to peel away the complex psychological layers of these two greats. Fascinating.

12 April 2012

Tough Loss For The Heat Against Bulls

Tough loss for the #Heat against what was essentially a 2nd-string #Bulls team. Bad news for the Eastern Finals and this #LeBron fan. #NBA

From The Sky Down

From the Sky Down: Gripping inside look at the fractured history of Achtung Baby. Will the recent U2 albums get the same introspection? ;-)

Pony Excess

Pony Excess: Maybe not the best #30For30 doc, but definitely the most entertaining. Director Matula keeps you hooked from beginning to end.

11 April 2012

Tenacious D - "To Be The Best"

Val Kilmer + #TenaciousD = Awe-bloody-some! "To Be The Best" from @RealTenaciousD http://t.co/od2YfIai

Antonio Brown Interview With Dan Le Batard

Check out TBH's second-favorite receiver @AntonioBrown84 interview with @DLHQ Powerful & eye-opening! #Steelers http://t.co/aU2YtJiB

10 April 2012

Dodgers Win Home Opener

Tough home-opening win for the #Dodgers today against a better-than-you-think #Pirates. Sadly, no #VinScully. Happily, some #BeachBoys. #MLB

KKR Finally Wins An IPL Match

Our long #Bengali nightmare is over! #KKR finally won their first game of the #IPL season. So, now what do we complain about?! #IPL5


Giant: As epic in scope as its runtime would suggest. Surprisingly subversive, great Elizabeth Taylor & spectacularly eccentric James Dean.

09 April 2012

RIP Jack Tramiel

RIP Jack Tramiel. Founder of Commodore. Our first computer was a VIC-20. I owe Jack for lots of *old* fond family memories.


Namath: Entertaining HBO documentary about good old Broadway Joe. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore do they? Lotsa fun.


Rubicon: One of the greatest TV shows I've ever seen, seriously! The very heights of craftsmanship! Naturally it was canceled early. @AMC_TV

08 April 2012

Bubba Watson Wins The Masters

In-bloody-credible win for #Bubba #Watson who pulled a #Seve-Meets-#Phil kinda #Masters miracle! Tough luck for #Louis #Oosthuizen & #Lefty.

RIP Mike Wallace

RIP Mike Wallace. Legendary newsman, sadly one of the last few remaining.

07 April 2012

Mickelson Charges Up Masters Leaderboard

Un-bloody-believable! Great stuff from #Lefty setting up for an amazing #Masters final. Nice to see #Stenson bounce back from that snowman.

The Unwritten - On to Genesis

The Unwritten - On to Genesis: Finally! The plot moves forward. Just when I thought I was out, it bloody pulled me back in. On to Vol 6...

The Curious Case of Curt Flood

The Curious Case of Curt Flood: Truth truly is stranger than fiction. One of the best HBO documentaries you'll ever see. Fascinating.

06 April 2012

RIP Thomas Kinkade

RIP Thomas Kinkade. I'll light a candle in a cottage window for him.


Alcatraz: Fun show that sadly ended just when it was finding its groove. Plus, it's always good to see Hurley, Jesminder, Max & Alan Grant!

The Thin Man

The Thin Man: Who knew alcoholism could be this delightful? I choose to believe that Powell & Loy were actually Nick and Nora. Lovely stuff.

05 April 2012

South Park - "Faith Hilling"

Finally, a @SouthPark episode TBH will love! #southpark #faithhilling http://t.co/rYQICatq

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 5 Preview

Apparently #IPL fever is about to start, so you might as well catch it. Nice article on how #KKR has to step up! http://t.co/2oxx2gRf

03 April 2012

Baylor Wins Women's NCAA

Congrats to #Baylor for winning the women's #NCAA championship. Brittney #Griner is well on her way to becoming the greatest female athlete.

Chico & Rita

Chico & Rita: The story is as exuberant as its music and animation. Great to see some grown-up animated films. Nice work by @GKIDSfilms!

02 April 2012

Kentucky Wins NCAA Championship

Bad luck for #Kansas. Fought hard but couldn't beat #Kentucky. Let's hope #Calipari won't need to vacate the #NCAA win in a few years ;-)

Dick's "Untouchable" Commercial

Woah! That "Untouchable"" commercial from @DICKS totally makes me wanna do like sports & stuff! Awesome! http://t.co/nIC0vgBx

Once Brothers

Once Brothers: Melancholy look at the cost of war from a sports perspective. Sad to see all that potential Drazen Petrovic left behind.

Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon: Expectedly beautiful (esp on the big screen), unexpectedly funny (Kubrick had a sense of humor?!). The candlelit scenes...wow!

01 April 2012

Djokovic Wins Miami

Appropriate for #AprilFools. #Djoker beats always-game (& always-hard-luck) #Murray to win @SEOpen. Ole #Nole! Sorry couldnt resist ;-) #ATP

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid - Redemption: OMBG! Best Action Movie, Ever! A non-stop adrenaline rush! At my age, this can't be good for my heart! Bloody h*ll!

30 March 2012

India Loses T20 To South Africa

Luckily the match was a complete farce or #India losing a #T20 to #SouthAfrica in 8 overs (thanks D/L!) woulda been humiliating. #SAvInd

Nadal Pulls Out Of Miami

Sad to see #Nadal pull out of @SEOpen. Glad to see him calculate the necessary match wins to stay ahead of #Federer in race for #2. ;-) #ATP

The Night Of The Hunter

The Night of the Hunter: We've all heard about this film, but you have no idea until you actually watch it. Harrowing, unhinged & brilliant!

29 March 2012

RIP Adrienne Rich

RIP Adrienne Rich. Read some of her poetry thanks to TBH, pretty intense & compelling stuff.

RIP Earl Scruggs

RIP Earl Scruggs. Legendary figure who, literally, changed music. Wrote the theme used in "Bonnie and Clyde" http://t.co/7l34A9iY

Anchorman Sequel

The Best News In The History Of Humankind, Ever! #RonBurgundy is back! #Anchorman sequel announcement via @ConanOBrien: http://t.co/rC9qKAIQ

American Idiot

American Idiot: Dunno if it's the best musical you'll ever see, but it's certainly the catchiest. Great job by a spirited cast & set design.

28 March 2012

Guardian "Three Little Pigs" Commercial

Excellent commercial from @guardian "Three Little Pigs" Very apropos for recent events. http://t.co/9EscEhBf

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke: Another Paul Newman classic that exceeds its legendary hype! Great writing, acting, directing & esp DP-ing by Connie Hall!

Wallace & Gromit Re-Tweet

@PratikBasu but W&G are LEGENDS! Wallace for Prime Minister! -- (@CheapOairUK)

27 March 2012

Magic Johnson Buys The Dodgers

Nice! #Magic #Johnson buys the #Dodgers. For $2 billion he'd better hope they start winning again! #MLB

Burma VJ

Burma VJ: A bold, stirring look at the true power of documentary images & how the flame of freedom can survive under brutal dictatorships.

Wes Anderson Sony Xperia Commercial

Love this Sony Xperia commercial from the great #WesAnderson. Nice fall-back if the director thing doesn't work out ;-) http://t.co/6MfVEwmq


Hanna: Absolutely bonkers & absolutely amazing! Forget Twilight & Hunger Games, this is what female tweenage heroism should look like!

26 March 2012

RIP Bert Sugar

RIP Bert Sugar. Boxing just won't be the same without him.

Federer Upset By Roddick In Miami

Crazy day @SEOpen! #Federer (not-so #GOAT-like) got blown off the court by #Roddick. #Vika came back from 1-6 1-5 down against #Cibulkova!

Fernando Gonzalez Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Fernando Gonzalez Retires. The #Gonzo forehand was the stuff that dreams are made of! http://t.co/gyjMydhn


Luck: Sadly this almost-great #HBO show didn't have enough of it. Nice end to the season/series that gave us a glimpse of what coulda been.

25 March 2012

Greg Oden ESPN Commercial

Sadly, the Greg #Oden era in the #NBA is over. Check out this awesome #ESPN commercial & think about what coulda been. http://t.co/WjjKsrYQ

Broad Street Bullies

Broad Street Bullies: Fun look at the rowdy Stanley Cup-winning Philadelphia Flyers. Too bad they weren't this good when we lived in Philly.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: I liked it better the first time it was called Battle Royale. It looked like it's filmed on backlot. But it was lotsa fun.

24 March 2012

Federer Beats Harrison At Miami

Tough win for #Federer (#GOAT) over young firebrand #Harrison at #SEOpen. Next up: a nostalgic re-match against old foe #Roddick. #ATP

A Cat In Paris

A Cat In Paris: Trust the French to come up with a delightful kid's film involving gangsters, cops, robbers...and a cat! C'est magnifique!

23 March 2012

West Indies And Kieron Pollard Thrash Australia

Maybe #Australia thinks it's on a Caribbean vacation, maybe #WestIndies are back, but it sure is fun to see #Pollard bludgeon sixes! #WIvAus

No Goran Ivanisevic In Tennis Channel Top 100

Yo @TennisChannel, no #Goran #Ivanisevic in the Top 100?! Don't tell my sister that, you wouldn't like her when she's angry! ;-) #TC100

The Brady 6

The Brady 6: 3 Super Bowls, 2 MVPs, 1 Supermodel Wife. Yet Tom Brady cries like a baby at the thought of the 6 QBs drafted ahead of him.

The Sweatbox

The Sweatbox: The movie #Disney doesn't want you to see! Incredible inside look at the sausage-making of Disney films. http://t.co/RNSHcbRm

22 March 2012

Incredible Coates Goal

Great goal by young #Coates. Yeah #Liverpool lost, but so what, the goal was worth it! #LFC http://t.co/CoV3cmsf

Edberg And Becker On Tennis Channel Top 100

Dude @TennisChannel, I love #Becker, but no way is he higher than #Edberg. Also, how are they ranked outside the Top 20?! Blashphemy! #TC100


Southland: Best non-HBO drama on TV. Decidedly the best ensemble cast on TV. Most definitively, the best filmed show on TV! @tntweknowdrama

21 March 2012

Keep Wallace And Gromit In The UK

Who knew that our old chums Wallace and Gromit would influence the corridors of power in ol' Blighty? #WallaceAndGromit http://t.co/9hIXhUmc

RIP Ulu Grosbard

RIP Ulu Grosbard. Director of the unjustly forgotten Dustin Hoffman classic "Straight Time."

Game Change

Game Change: Solid stuff from HBO & Jay Roach. Naturally Julianne Moore is great, but methinks Woody Harrelson kinda steals the show.

Great Article On Andre Villas-Boas From @chattypriya

@chattypriya Great article, I can always appreciate good sportswriting. Thanks for sharing. PS. I had to do tons of research on ESPN UK! ;-)

20 March 2012

Heat Beat The Suns

Ha! I bet I was the only person in LA watching the #Heat-#Suns game. My two favorites #LeBron and #Nash. How many #NBA rings between them?

West Indies Australia ODI Tie

It's way too early to say that the #WestIndies are back, but great job to fight back for a thrilling tie against #Australia! #WIvAus

Messi Breaks Barca Scoring Record

HMOG! #Messi breaks the #Barcelona scoring record at the grand old age of, wait for it, 24! Still not better than #Maradona though ;-)

Act Of Valor

Act of Valor: If the filmmakers wanted to make a kick-a** you-are-there action movie that makes me want to be a Seal, mission accomplished!

Hines Ward Retires

Oh man, sad yet fitting that the great #Hines #Ward will retire, firmly ensconced in #Steelers lore. All the best @mvp86hinesward!

19 March 2012

Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up the Volume: Paradoxically, it feels both dated & pretty d*mn contemporary too! Hopefully, it'll get the cult status it deserves.

Peyton Manning Signs With Broncos

Uh-oh! #Peyton #Manning will sign with the #Broncos. Don't tell my fellow #Tebow fans or we could have a revolution on our hands! #NFL

18 March 2012

Federer And Azarenka Win Indian Wells

Incredible! #Federer (#GOAT) beats the odds (and a very game #Isner) to win #IndianWells! Nice work by #Vika to cement her domination. #ATP

India Beats Pakistan At Asia Cup

One of #India's greatest ever wins! #Pakistan had no answer for the #Kohli onslaught. We should build a statue to this kid already! #AsiaCup

Casa de Mi Padre

Casa de Mi Padre: Best Mexican Telenovela/Grindhouse/B-Movie/Salsa Western Spoof, Ever! El gato blanco vive para siempre! Muy hilarante!

17 March 2012

Federer Beats Nadal At Indian Wells

No bloody way! #Federer (#GOAT) takes out the indefatigable #Nadal on his favorite surface at #IndianWells! It's an early Easter Miracle!


Reagan: Insightful, even-handed documentary by the great Eugene Jarecki that tries to reveal the man behind the legendary myth. Good stuff.

16 March 2012