30 November 2011


Unbroken: The writing itself is a bit prosaic, but the incredible true story completely makes up for it. Louis Zamperini truly is a hero.

Indo-Pak Express Disbands

Sad. Looks like the Peace Train comes to a stop. The #IndoPakExpress breaks up. Best of luck to @rohanbopanna & Aisam-ul-Haq. #ATP

Yoga Girl

Great video from the guys behind #WholeFoodsParkingLot! We met them & they were super-nice. #YogaGirl by @FogandSmog http://t.co/WsRvuktC

28 November 2011

RIP Ken Russell

RIP Ken Russell. A truly flamboyant iconoclast, we're not going to see another director like him anytime soon. His films still freak me out!

27 November 2011

Steelers Squeak By The Chiefs

Any #Steelers win at this stage of the season is a good win, right? Right?! Suddenly, I'm nervous about the #Bengals. Uh-oh... #AFC #NFL

The Immortals

The Immortals: Better than expected. Incredible eye-popping visuals thanks to director Tarsem. Plus, Superman kicked some major 3-D a**!

Federer Wins Record 6th ATP World Tour Finals

Incredible! Roger #Federer (#GOAT) holds off the always fun #Tsonga for a record 6th #ATP World Tour Finals! Hope for 2012 is still alive!

26 November 2011

USC Thrashes UCLA

#USC: 50. #UCLA: 0. Guess who's going to the #PAC12 championship game?! In any case, I'm back on the #Barkley/#Trojan bandwagon! ;-)

India West Indies Test Match Draw

Wow! #India and #WestIndies fight to a level-score Test match draw (2nd time in history). Test Cricket has been on a real upswing! #IndvWI

24 November 2011

Thankful For The "Four Fs Of Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for the "Four Fs Of Thanksgiving": Food, Football, Film, and Family! #4F

Thankful For Roger Federer

I'm thankful for #Federer (#GOAT) being 3-0 (so far) at the #ATP World Tour Finals. Let's get one more title before the year's over #Roger!

Toad On Twitter

@ikaranmehta Ha! Welcome Toad, I'm sure Twitter will never be the same! Happy Toadsgiving!

Thankful For Rahul Dravid

I'm thankful for Rahul #Dravid getting to 13000 Test runs. #TheWall continues to showcase all that is best about #India & Cricket! #IndvWI

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving World!

The Descendants

The Descendants: Flawed, but ultimately touching, sweetly melancholic little film. Alexander Payne really is a superb director.

23 November 2011

Finished State Quarters Collection

Done! Finished collecting all the State Quarters! Um, so now what do I do with the rest of my life?

Matt Kemp Loses MVP

I like Ryan #Braun (what's not to like), but @TheRealMattKemp deserved the #NL #MVP :-( Next year! #Dodgers

22 November 2011

How To Make It In America

How To Make It In America: Pleasantly engaging with a nice little "twist" ending to the season. I'll be back for S3. @HBO @bryangreenberg

21 November 2011

South Africa Lose to Australia (Again)

Sadly, #SouthAfrica again failed to put away the worryingly still-good #Australia. Still, this is Test Cricket at its very finest! #SAvAus

20 November 2011


Charismatic: Mediocre filmmaking is upstaged by a gripping, sad story. This is exactly why docs are so d*mn affecting! #30For30 @espn

LA Galaxy Win the MLS Cup

Ha! Guess I won't be the only one in LA with a #Beckham jersey anymore! ;-) Congrats to @LAGalaxy on winning the #MLSCup! #MLS #Becks

Charismatic (ESPN 30 For 30)

Charismatic: Mediocre filmmaking is upstaged by a gripping, sad story. This is exactly why docs are so d*mn affecting! #30For30 @espn

19 November 2011

USC Upsets Oregon

Wow! What an incredible win for #USC! What a game! Feel somewhat bad for #Oregon though, esp since this helps out #NickSatan. #PAC12 > #SEC

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Canceled

Batman - The Brave and the Bold: Sad to see it cancelled, especially after the great last espisode "Mitefall!" Sigh :-( @cartoonnetwork

18 November 2011

Con Air

The Mechanic: Awesome Statham awesomeness! Plus Ben Foster is always good. And Simon West, the same SW from Con Air! Glad he's still around!

Girl in a Coma - Smart

Latina Punk Rock from San Antonio. Can't stop listening to the fantastic song "Smart" by Girl in a Coma! @Girlinacoma http://t.co/qoAcCpJ0

17 November 2011

Clayton Kershaw Wins NL CY Young

See @Dodgers fans, it truly is darkest before the dawn! Congrats #Kershaw on winning the #NL #CyYoung! @TheRealMattKemp is hopefully next!

Saul Bass Title Design

Beautiful little video of Saul Bass title sequences by @ArtoftheTitle http://t.co/yLZhCzWt

16 November 2011

Ricky Gervais Hosting the Golden Globes

HMOG! It's fasten-your-seatbelt time again! Rick Bloody Gervais is going to host the Golden Globes, again! @rickygervais @goldenglobes

REM - We All Go Back To Where We Belong

Aw man, why did #REM have to break up?! Check out the lovely new "We All Go Back To Where We Belong" @remhq http://t.co/yYuxVfEa

15 November 2011

100 Bullets - Decayed

100 Bullets - Decayed: Now we're cooking! The over-arching story is (finally) gathering some awesome steam! @DCComics @brianazzarello

Spike Jonze - Mourir Aupres de Toi

Aw man, Spike Jonze does it again! Check out his awesome new short "Mourir Aupres de Toi" http://t.co/1Xrx8iUn

14 November 2011

Rahul Dravid Century Against the West Indies

When they said his career was over, "they" apparently forgot to tell the great Rahul #Dravid! #TheWall scores another century! #IndvWI

Martin Solveig & Dragonette -Hello

Absurdly Catchy Song + @DjokerNole Cameo + @Gael_Monfils Cameo = Best Music Video, Ever! "Hello" by @msolveig http://t.co/VQWvK2l8

13 November 2011

100 Bullets - Strychnine Lives

100 Bullets - Strychnine Lives: Ever-so slightly misogynistic, and a bit of a let-down compared to the series so far. @brianazzarello

Steelers Beat Bengals

Phew! The #Steelers escape with a win against the surprising game #Bengals. The dream stays alive! ;-) #NFL #AFC

Roger Federer Wins Paris Masters

Congrats #Federer (#GOAT) on winning @bnpmasters & completing the #Masters sweep! Those tears mean he knows the end is nigh. Sigh... #ATP

RIP Peter Roebuck

RIP Peter Roebuck. A sad end for an all-time great cricket writer. The worlds of sports and journalism will find it hard to fill the void.

12 November 2011

Isner Loses to Tsonga

Hard luck @JohnIsner who dropped a heartbreaker in an entertaining match to @tsonga7 (aren't they all?). Let's go #Roger! #ATP

11 November 2011

J. Edgar

J. Edgar: Solid, old-fashioned Eastwood filmmaking. Leonardo DiCaprio totally deserves an #Oscar. Armie Hammer & Judi Dench were awesome!

100 Bullets - The Hard Way

100 Bullets - The Hard Way: Manohmanohmanohman! Like a cold, hard punch to the proverbial gut! Wow! #100Bullets @brianazzarello

I Believe I Can Fly

It's true, the Frenchies do everything better, even extreme sports documentaries! "I Believe I Can Fly" by @sebmontaz http://t.co/qy0kPgQ0


It's #11/11/11! Happy Nigel Tufnel Day everyone! #NigelTufnel #Eleven

10 November 2011

Craziest Test Day, Ever!

Craziest Test Match Day, Ever! #SouthAfrica all out for 96, then #Australia all out for 47! Who said #TestCricket was boring?! #SAvAus

The Kitten Covers

OMBG! This literally is the cutest thing, ever! Album covers with kittens! Kittens!! #KittenCovers http://t.co/2VO3Mf63

09 November 2011

100 Bullets - Samurai

100 Bullets - Samurai: Man, this is a pretty long and exhausting comic book, sorry graphic novel, series! I'm not even halfway through!

India Beats West Indies in First Test

Nice win for #India against an admittedly weak #WestIndies. Let's enjoy #Sehwag, #Tendulkar, #Dravid, #VVS while we still can! #IndvWI

08 November 2011

100 Bullets - Six Feet Under the Gun

100 Bullets - Six Feet Under the Gun: It's getting serious now! Anything that gets me to read, even a comic book, is a good thing! @DCComics

07 November 2011

Joe Frazier

RIP Smokin' Joe Frazier. One of the greatest athletes of our time. Hopefully in death he'll get the due he never got while alive. Sad.

100 Bullets - The Counterfifth Detective

100 Bullets - The Counterfifth Detective: Another solid entry in this awesome comic book, sorry, graphic novel, series. @DCComics

06 November 2011

Crushing Loss For the Steelers

Crushing loss for the #Steelers against the #Ravens & the officials ;-) Oh well, let's hope they beat the #Bengals into submission. #NFL

Thrilling Zimbabwe New Zealand Test

Not that anyone noticed, but #Zimbabwe & #NewZealand fought to the bitter end in a thrilling Test match. #MinnowsRule! #ZimvNZ

The Weight of Water

The Weight of Water: An odd entry in the Kathryn Bigelow oeuvre. Stylish & unsettling. Sarah Polley (as always) was excellent.

Federer Wins Basel

Congrats #Federer (#GOAT) on winning Basel. Those tears at the end made me sad...could this really be the beginning of the end? Sniff...#ATP

05 November 2011

LSU Beats Alabama

It wasn't pretty, but it's always nice to see the #MadHatter beat #NickSatan! Geaux #Tigers! #LSU #Alabama #SEC

The Ides Of March

The Ides Of March: Dude, Clooney really is a h*lluva director! Fantastic performances by Gosling, Hoffman, Wood & the great Giamatti.

Kemp For MVP

Matt #Kemp 2011: .324 BA (3rd), 39 HR (1st), 126 RBI (1st), .986 OPS (2nd), 40 SB (2nd). C'mon #MLB, give him the #NL #MVP already! #Dodgers

RIP Andy Rooney

RIP Andy Rooney. Sundays will never be the same.

04 November 2011

New Girl

New Girl: Sure @ZooeyDeschanel is perfectly adorkable but that kid @iamgreenfield totally steals the show! #SchmidtHappens! @FOXBroadcasting

03 November 2011

Kershaw for Cy Young

#Clayton #Kershaw 2011 Stats: 21 Wins (1st), 2.28 ERA (1st), 248 Ks (1st). C'mon #MLB, give him the #NL #CyYoung already! #Dodgers

Rostam - Don't Let It Get To You

Another discovery by TBH. The awesome "Don't Let It Get To You" by the awesome Rostam http://t.co/EGTAMyJ2 @matsoR @vampireweekend

02 November 2011

Great Day for Dodger Fans

What a great day for fans of the #Dodgers! #Kershaw, #Kemp & #Ethier win #GoldGloves! #McCourt agrees to sell (fina-bloody-lly)! Yay!

01 November 2011

Anya Wins Project Runway

For once TBH and I agree: We're both glad @AnyadeRogue won @ProjectRunway! Congrats young lady! #PR9Anya