31 December 2015


#Anomalisa: Best movie of the year? #Kaufman mind-bender gets a stopmotion assist from Johnson. Funny/sad/thought-provoking...unforgettable!

30 December 2015

West Indies Cricket Decline

Everyones 2nd-fave team (#WestIndies) has fallen on such hard times that even @TheEconomist had to take note #AUSvWI http://ow.ly/WsFD4

29 December 2015

Robin #Soderling Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Robin #Soderling retires. Saw him play live a few times. Unpredictable & exciting - my favorite kind of player

27 December 2015

RIP Haskell Wexler

RIP #Haskell #Wexler, all-time great DP (& filmmaker). His movies moved me even back in the day when I didnt know what a cinematographer was

Panthers Lose to Falcons

Tough loss for #Panthers against annoying #Falcons. This gives his haters all the ammunition they need to deny #CamNewton his deserved #MVP.

Steelers Heart-Breaking Loss to Ravens

It had to be the bl**dy #Ravens. Horrific loss for #Steelers against a fourth-string QB. Sometimes you live by the #BigBen & sometimes...

26 December 2015

The Hateful Eight

#TheHatefulEight: The cinematic equivalent of "air quotes" & only #Tarantino can make it this luridly entertaining! The #70mm is gorgeous!

Celeb Sighting: Rami Malek

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #RamiMalek, #MrRobot...'s um, son, with Angela (aka Portia Doubleday). I resisted the urge to scream!

Celeb Sighting: Walton Goggins

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Walton Goggins, asking me where they're showing The Hateful Eight at @ArcLightCinemas!

25 December 2015

The Revenant

#TheRevenant: The-Tree-Of-Life-Meets-Dances-With-Wolves-Meets-Apocalypto Insanity! Just give Oscars to Leo & Chivo now & be done with it

Merry Christmas 2015

#MerryChristmas World!...I mean #HappyHolidays! ;-)

21 December 2015

Mr. Robot 2015 Top TV Show

Dear @NYTimes & @vulture Re Your 2015 #Top10TV shows The list begins & ends with #MrRobot. That's all @whoismrrobot

20 December 2015

Steelers Come Back to Beat the Broncos

OMBG! Miraculous all-time-great comeback #Steelers win! Thank G*d for @AntonioBrown84! You die by the #BigBen...you live by the #BigBen!

18 December 2015

Son of Saul

#SonOfSaul: Absolutely devastating. Incredible filmmaking by young director Nemes & DP Erdely. Searing perf by Rohrig. One of 2015's best.

17 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

#StarWars #TheForceAwakens: Classic Abrams - homaging up a storm! So much fun for those of us with fond memories! Boyega & Ridley - awesome!

15 December 2015

The Big Short

#TheBigShort: Best Hilarious/Frightening Econ Lecture, Ever! Kudos to McKay on pulling it all off! Also, Corwin, Editing Oscar nom fo' sho'!

12 December 2015


#Creed: Awe-bl**dy-some! Outstanding movie-going experience! Coogler/Jordan the next Scorsese/DeNiro! Sly Stallone: #Oscar-nominee?! Oh yeah

07 December 2015

India Thrashes S. Africa to Win Series

Another thumping #IND win. Forget all the whining about the pitch thoroughly dismantling #RSA is a great achievement no matter what! #INDvSA

06 December 2015

Steelers Thrash Colts

I totally heart @AntonioBrown84, but I've said it once, I've said it 1M times, thank G*d for #DeAngelo (& ageless #JamesHarrison)! #Steelers

05 December 2015

RIP Robert Loggia

RIP Robert Loggia. Another classic "I Love That Guy" character actor who seemed to be in every movie I loved. I...loved that guy!

Where to Invade Next

#WhereToInvadeNext: Absolutely fantastic! Illuminating, funny and (gasp!) optimistic. Required viewing for anyone with an open mind.

04 December 2015

RIP Scott Weiland

RIP Scott Weiland. Gone way too soon. Takes me back to the halcyon days of the indie-"grunge" rock revolution of the 90s. Time moves fast...

03 December 2015

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl: Standard Hooper elevated by a wonderful Vikander & an extraordinary Redmayne. DP Cohen stunningly deploys the wide-angle.

02 December 2015

The Snails - "Snails Christmas (I Want A New Shell)"

Those crazy kids @futureislands new side project #TheSnails has the Catchiest "Holiday" Song, Ever! #SnailsChristmas https://t.co/x5dwoTr7Rp