29 April 2012

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Lower-tier Aardman but still better than most films. Hope this starts a comeback for the once-great Hugh Grant

28 April 2012

Luis Suarez Hat-Trick

Ama-bloody-zing! #Luis #Suarez hat-trick for #Liverpool. At least the season's ending nicely for #LFC! http://t.co/QpnbzfiS

27 April 2012

Steelers Pick DeCastro

Nice job #Steelers getting #DeCastro with #NFLDraft 24th pick! I'm sure @tpolamalu is happy to have another #PAC12 kid! http://t.co/wNJQ3hCA

26 April 2012

Chanderpaul Reaches 10K Test Runs

Congrats to the great #Chanderpaul on reaching 10k #Test runs! As always, he flew under the radar & made the #WestIndies proud! #WIvAus

25 April 2012

After The Thin Man

After the Thin Man: Rare sequel that's better than the original! Mr & Mrs Asta are upstaged by Jimmy Stewart & the great Jessie Ralph!

24 April 2012

Yevgeny Kafelnikov HOF Snub

Agree with @TennisReporters. Ridiculous that #Kafelnikov was snubbed from #HOF. Loved that mercurial headcase. http://t.co/S8TwVOHm

23 April 2012

Matthew Perry and John Cho Celeb Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celeb, Sighting Ever!: Matthew Perry and John Cho at Dodger Stadium. Hopefully they're discussing that Harold & Bing feature.

Great RG3 ESPN Article

Looks like #CamNewton might have competition from #RG3 for TBH's favourite non-#Steelers athlete. Great @ESPN article! http://t.co/apcSzIGO

Soundgarden - "Live To Rise"

The 90s aren't back, they never went away! Don't believe me? Check out "Live To Rise" by @soundgarden & @avengers http://t.co/f418vYy8

21 April 2012

Real Madrid Beats Barcelona

I'm confused. I used to like #RealMadrid in the #Zidane days. Now people love #Barca. I love #Ozul. What do I do with the #ElClasico result?

The Flaming Lips Record Store Day

Thanks @FingerprintsLB & TBH for hooking me up with @theflaminglips #HeadyFwends for #RSD12! Happy Record Store Day! http://t.co/KVDt6yW9

20 April 2012

Black Lips - "Dance With You"

New song from TBH's favourite band! The awesome "Dance WIth You" from those rascals @TheBlackLips http://t.co/NZBOPfrP

19 April 2012

RIP Levon Helm

RIP Levon Helm. I'll do one last waltz in his honour.

Pony Excess Re-Tweet

Pony Excess is very, very good .. my fav. was the USFL one -- (@rurugby)

Christopher Nolan Prefers Film Over Digital

Christopher Nolan & I have this in common: we both prefer 35mm film over digital. Everything else? Not so much! ;-) http://t.co/EZFqQw5n

18 April 2012

Raspberry Pi Founder TED Talk

Illuminating TED Talk by @Raspberry_Pi founder Eben Upton. Dude, I want a #RaspberryPi so bad! @TED_TALKS http://t.co/TfRskssH

RIP Dick Clark

RIP Dick Clark. Can't believe that Father Time finally caught up with the Eternal One. I'll drop a ball in his honour on New Year's Eve.

Firehorse - "Our Hearts"

Nice slice of singer-songwriter moodily crafted electro-pop. "Our Hearts" by @thisisfirehorse http://t.co/WAq9l571

17 April 2012

Geoff Boycott On Joel Garner

The great Geoff Boycott talking about my one of my childhood favorites Joel Garner. Great stuff. @ESPNcricinfo http://t.co/7Rs7mVYH

Spector - "Never Fade Away"

More awesomeness from @Spector - "Never Fade Away" Seriously, when is the album going on sale?! I can't bloody wait! http://t.co/fv2PXTY9

16 April 2012

Statistical Analysis To Decide Greatest Male Tennis Player

Nice work by @Robert_Spiral16 on greatest tennis players. #Federer is #GOAT but #Sampras & #Nadal unfairly diminished. http://t.co/9Gj9B5iX

Last Lions of India

Last Lions of India: Cool doc about the Asiatic lions of the Gir Forest. For once there's good news - the population is rebounding. Nice!

15 April 2012

Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Insane end to an insane show! Best Non-Larry-Sanders @HBO Comedy, Ever! #KennyPowers lives on in our hearts forever.

You Know You're Too Old When Ivan Ljubicic Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Ivan #Ljubicic retires. Saw his glorious run at #IndianWells. Classy guy. #ATP http://t.co/xm5yFVXF

The Dotted Line

The Dotted Line: Entertaining & revealing Morgan Spurlock doc that does the impossible, actually make you root for a sports agent. #30For30

14 April 2012

Spector - "Grey Shirt & Tie"

Ludicrously catchy arena-rock-tinged electro-rock! "Grey Shirt & Tie" by @Spector Singing along is encouraged! http://t.co/wrSvOeOd

13 April 2012

Steve Nash And Suns Beat The Rockets

The old #Jedi schools the young #Padawan. @SteveNash outduels the blossoming #Dragic to keep the #Suns slim playoff hopes alive! #NBA

Nike "I Will Run To You" Commercial

The "I Will Run To You" #Nike commercial is this close to #WesAnderson territory - which is precisely why I love it! http://t.co/QxHLbz9M

McEnroe/Borg - Fire & Ice

McEnroe/Borg - Fire & Ice: Stunning HBO doc that only begins to peel away the complex psychological layers of these two greats. Fascinating.

12 April 2012

Tough Loss For The Heat Against Bulls

Tough loss for the #Heat against what was essentially a 2nd-string #Bulls team. Bad news for the Eastern Finals and this #LeBron fan. #NBA

From The Sky Down

From the Sky Down: Gripping inside look at the fractured history of Achtung Baby. Will the recent U2 albums get the same introspection? ;-)

Pony Excess

Pony Excess: Maybe not the best #30For30 doc, but definitely the most entertaining. Director Matula keeps you hooked from beginning to end.

11 April 2012

Tenacious D - "To Be The Best"

Val Kilmer + #TenaciousD = Awe-bloody-some! "To Be The Best" from @RealTenaciousD http://t.co/od2YfIai

Antonio Brown Interview With Dan Le Batard

Check out TBH's second-favorite receiver @AntonioBrown84 interview with @DLHQ Powerful & eye-opening! #Steelers http://t.co/aU2YtJiB

10 April 2012

Dodgers Win Home Opener

Tough home-opening win for the #Dodgers today against a better-than-you-think #Pirates. Sadly, no #VinScully. Happily, some #BeachBoys. #MLB

KKR Finally Wins An IPL Match

Our long #Bengali nightmare is over! #KKR finally won their first game of the #IPL season. So, now what do we complain about?! #IPL5


Giant: As epic in scope as its runtime would suggest. Surprisingly subversive, great Elizabeth Taylor & spectacularly eccentric James Dean.

09 April 2012

RIP Jack Tramiel

RIP Jack Tramiel. Founder of Commodore. Our first computer was a VIC-20. I owe Jack for lots of *old* fond family memories.


Namath: Entertaining HBO documentary about good old Broadway Joe. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore do they? Lotsa fun.


Rubicon: One of the greatest TV shows I've ever seen, seriously! The very heights of craftsmanship! Naturally it was canceled early. @AMC_TV

08 April 2012

Bubba Watson Wins The Masters

In-bloody-credible win for #Bubba #Watson who pulled a #Seve-Meets-#Phil kinda #Masters miracle! Tough luck for #Louis #Oosthuizen & #Lefty.

RIP Mike Wallace

RIP Mike Wallace. Legendary newsman, sadly one of the last few remaining.

07 April 2012

Mickelson Charges Up Masters Leaderboard

Un-bloody-believable! Great stuff from #Lefty setting up for an amazing #Masters final. Nice to see #Stenson bounce back from that snowman.

The Unwritten - On to Genesis

The Unwritten - On to Genesis: Finally! The plot moves forward. Just when I thought I was out, it bloody pulled me back in. On to Vol 6...

The Curious Case of Curt Flood

The Curious Case of Curt Flood: Truth truly is stranger than fiction. One of the best HBO documentaries you'll ever see. Fascinating.

06 April 2012

RIP Thomas Kinkade

RIP Thomas Kinkade. I'll light a candle in a cottage window for him.


Alcatraz: Fun show that sadly ended just when it was finding its groove. Plus, it's always good to see Hurley, Jesminder, Max & Alan Grant!

The Thin Man

The Thin Man: Who knew alcoholism could be this delightful? I choose to believe that Powell & Loy were actually Nick and Nora. Lovely stuff.

05 April 2012

South Park - "Faith Hilling"

Finally, a @SouthPark episode TBH will love! #southpark #faithhilling http://t.co/rYQICatq

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 5 Preview

Apparently #IPL fever is about to start, so you might as well catch it. Nice article on how #KKR has to step up! http://t.co/2oxx2gRf

03 April 2012

Baylor Wins Women's NCAA

Congrats to #Baylor for winning the women's #NCAA championship. Brittney #Griner is well on her way to becoming the greatest female athlete.

Chico & Rita

Chico & Rita: The story is as exuberant as its music and animation. Great to see some grown-up animated films. Nice work by @GKIDSfilms!

02 April 2012

Kentucky Wins NCAA Championship

Bad luck for #Kansas. Fought hard but couldn't beat #Kentucky. Let's hope #Calipari won't need to vacate the #NCAA win in a few years ;-)

Dick's "Untouchable" Commercial

Woah! That "Untouchable"" commercial from @DICKS totally makes me wanna do like sports & stuff! Awesome! http://t.co/nIC0vgBx

Once Brothers

Once Brothers: Melancholy look at the cost of war from a sports perspective. Sad to see all that potential Drazen Petrovic left behind.

Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon: Expectedly beautiful (esp on the big screen), unexpectedly funny (Kubrick had a sense of humor?!). The candlelit scenes...wow!

01 April 2012

Djokovic Wins Miami

Appropriate for #AprilFools. #Djoker beats always-game (& always-hard-luck) #Murray to win @SEOpen. Ole #Nole! Sorry couldnt resist ;-) #ATP

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid - Redemption: OMBG! Best Action Movie, Ever! A non-stop adrenaline rush! At my age, this can't be good for my heart! Bloody h*ll!