31 December 2014

RIP Edward Herrmann

RIP Edward Herrmann The kind of character actor I always kept an eye out for. So great in Lost Boys & Cat's Meow & Richie Rich & Overboard &

30 December 2014


Woah! Either that was an #earthquake or me jumping in frustration after the last #Serial episode...

29 December 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus Gods and Kings: Even ho-hum Ridley is better than most other people's best. Joel smolders well. Bale kicks a** as Moses, literally!

28 December 2014

Steelers Win AFC North 2014

Congrats to #Steelers on winning #AFCNorth...I never doubted it! ;-) Hopefully true #MVP #LeVeon is okay. PS. #Rodgers is not #WillisReed

27 December 2014

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game: Fine craftsmanship in full Oscar-baiting display. Ben's great as Holmes, er Turing, Matt is, um good, kid Alex is great.

26 December 2014


The [REDACTED]:  Great fun! [REDACTED] is now a triple threat (actor/writer/director) but [REDACTED] steals the movie! #DragonDog #Firework

25 December 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies: Awesome, reviews be d*med! Loved Tim, Dracula, Kate, Magneto. #OneLastTime - Peter you promise?!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2014

TBH's fave #TheNational meet my fave #BobsBurgers for a happy family #Xmas. #MerryChristmas...I mean #HappyHolidays http://t.co/JSra6LkZwh

24 December 2014

Top Five...

Top Five: Uproarious fun! Great cast (& cameos) esp Union & Dawson. Rock completely hits it out of the park as director & actor.

22 December 2014

Peyton Manning Loses to Bengals

I know for #Steelers it comes down to next week, but #Peyton pulling a #Manning-being-Manning just sent #Brady & #Patriots to #SuperBowl :-(

RIP Joe Cocker

RIP Joe Cocker. Introduced to his music thanks to my father. What a great voice.

21 December 2014

Steelers Make Playoffs

Great win by #Steelers (and #Panthers and #Texans ;-) What was that I said about the season being over?! Here's hoping the #Broncos win.

20 December 2014

Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice: Profound...ly weird. Somewhere in between the great Brolin, Short & DP Elswit I kept wishing the Coen Bros had directed it.

India Lose Second Test to Australia

Even though #India is down 0-2, they're fighting to the end. @mitchjohnson398 in destroyer-of-worlds form is terrifying. #AusvInd

Tweet from Alison Book

@PratikBasu so lucky! Saw her in Driving miss daisy last year in Brisbane.. #Australia .. Just marvelous..

19 December 2014

Broken Horses Teaser Trailer

#BrokenHorses teaser is out! #VidhuVinodChopra's Hollywood debut. #JamesCameron calls it an artistic triumph! http://t.co/vas98GSkk7

18 December 2014


#PK: Bold step forward for Bollywood! Aamir is good (as always), but Anushka is the surprise here. Hirani & Joshi have the right number ;-)

17 December 2014

Blithe Spirit

#BlitheSpirit: Dream come true to see the legendary #Angela #Lansbury live! She completely lights up the stage in Coward's classic. @CTGLA

16 December 2014

Thierry Henry Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Thierry #Henry retires. Great player. Class act. Sad I only ever got to see him live in an exhibition match.

15 December 2014

Knight of Cups Trailer

I know we're all a little #TerrenceMalick-ed out, but the #KnightOfCups trailer is pretty kick-a**!! http://t.co/MEEnNMImd8

14 December 2014

Steelers Beat Falcons 2014

Whew! #Steelers (finally) beat a losing team! Solid performance on the road against hapless #Falcons. C'mon people, #LeVeon #Bell for #MVP!

13 December 2014

India Loses to Australia Test 1 2014-15

#Kohli era begins with a loss but ornery, fight-to-the-bitter-end, future-looks-bright loss. Ironic that #India lost to a spinner. #AusvInd

11 December 2014

Matt Kemp & Dee Gordon Traded From the Dodgers

First #DeeGordon and now #MattKemp?! TBH is one devastated #Dodgers fan. Those new front-office geniuses know something we don't...I hope!

09 December 2014

Liverpool Out of Champions League

#Liverpool lost season gets worse with #Basel draw. At least #Gerrard scored that great goal & I'm guessing #Federer is stoked. #LFC

08 December 2014


#Foxcatcher: Extremely creepy. Crafted with chilly precision by Miller. Great acting by Carell, Ruffalo & especially Tatum. Kid can act!

07 December 2014

Landon Donovan Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Landon #Donovan retires (a champion - thanks #RobbieKeane!) Met LD when he was young. Super nice/shy.

Steelers Beat Bengals in Cincinnati

Thank G*d for #LeVeon! Fantastic win for the #Steelers. I know the media has already anointed #Rodgers as #MVP, but #Bell deserves it!

Urban Meyer and Nick Saban Make College Football Playoffs

Definitive proof that #karma doesn't exist: Professional cut-and-run artists #UrbanMeyer & #NickSatan, sorry #NickSaban, both make #CFP.

06 December 2014

RIP Arthur Leipzig

RIP Arthur Leipzig. Great humanist photographer. Discovered his work tucked away in a corner at LACMA. Beautiful.

05 December 2014

Sehwag, Yuvraj, Zaheer, Gambhir, Harbhajan Dropped

You Know You're Too Old When: #Sehwag, #Yuvraj, #Zaheer, #Gambhir, #Harbhajan dropped from #India's #WorldCup team. End of quite an era!

02 December 2014

Bhopal Gas Tragedy 30-Year Anniversary

Powerful reminder of the many lives affected by the #Bhopal Gas Tragedy 30 years ago via @indianexpress http://t.co/aZLMi5IHyX

01 December 2014

RIP Bob Baker

RIP Bob Baker. TBH got to see him perform (lucky girl). Hopefully, they manage to keep the marionette theater going. #BobBaker