31 December 2021



Wonderful, just bl**dy wonderful!

Makes you believe in cinema amidst all the doom & (streaming)gloom. Kid dir Bentley, DP-ing, prod/sound design, music👏. Entire cast is aces, but man, *all* the Oscars for the *great* #CliftonCollinsJr. That final shot, my allergies😢

26 December 2021

Steelers Getting Thrashed in Kansas City

TBH right now😂!

Haven't heard this many MF-bombs since our painful ascent up Mt. Baldy😲!

#Steelers #HereWeGo

25 December 2021

LFC Christmas Gifts!

@LFCUSA: Anyone get any #LFC gear for Christmas?

Sorry, but these are not coming out of their boxes😂!

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays 2021

#MerryChristmas World, er, I mean #HappyHolidays! 

A #Christmas, er Holiday Tree to bring you joy and, uh, good tidings(sorry, lyrics were never my strong suit)🤗

#ShermanGardens #CoronaDelMar #OC

22 December 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home


Best (Non-Raimi Live-Action)#Spiderman, Ever! *Terrific*, #IntoTheSpiderVerse "remake"! The gang's (almost)all here: Holland, Zendaya, Batalon, Molina & esp Dafoe(👊). Series MVP to Tomei. PS. How many mutliverses are there: Marvel, Sony, Netflix, Disney+...

17 December 2021

West Side Story


Wait, *the* #Spielberg directed a remake of my (grand/)parents' favourite musical?! Be still my beating heart! Good remake, courtesy his one-of-a-kind-sense-of-*cinema*. Cast is game, but, wow, #Oscars for #ArianaDeBose, #MikeFaist...& the one/only #RitaMoreno🤩!

16 December 2021

RIP Demaryius Thomas

RIP #DemaryiusThomas

Gone *way* too soon. Honestly, first took notice because of the eye-popping numbers he put up for my fantasy team. But then become a huge fan watching him (that walk-off vs TBH's beloved Steelers!), a pro's pro, always with a smile, 

Just heartbreaking.

West Side Story (1961)

#WestSideStory (1961)

How do you unpack the original😬?! I mean all its subversiveness is sorta undone by, ya know, that whole Sharks *thing*😲...but you can acknowledge the craft of it all, the *legends* in front of and behind the camera, and the *astonishing* #RitaMoreno🤩!

09 December 2021

Chase Claypool Finds Redemption Against the Vikings

And, of course, #ChaseClaypool💪!

Steelers Pull Off Miracle Upset Over the Ravens at Home

*Just* like I was mansplaining to TBH, the #Lions match was the kind the #Steelers usually (not😵‍💫) lose, but the #Ravens one was the kind they (barely🙏) win🤩😂!

So, uh, what does that make the #Vikings…😲

PS. #WizardOfBoz for MVP👍!

#HereWeGo !!!!!!!!

02 December 2021

House of Gucci


Terrific, rip-roaring high-camp/comedy(campedy?) yet-somehow-heartfelt never-not-entertaining Shakespearean-tragicomedy fun! Huston, Driver & the great Irons play it low-key; Pacino, Leto(😲), & esp #LadyGaga let loose with *all* the keys🤩! Sir Ridley, wow👊!