31 August 2011

India Loses to England T20

So, #India loses yet again to #England, this time in a #T20 match. At least #Dravid hit 3 consecutive sixes! Is there anything he can't do?!

Greatest Cat Video, Ever!

Greatest Cat Video, Ever! "Bully Cat Stuffs Cat In Box" via my old pal Jason @Breakcom http://t.co/gMFZmoo

30 August 2011

Future Islands "Tin Man"

Awesome song by @futureislands "Tin Man" a sort of @ tomwaits meets @rarariot delectable indie-pop concoction! http://t.co/3MnUgMi

Red Dog Trailer

OMBG! I have to watch Red Dog! Dogs + Aussies = Movie Bliss! #RedDog http://t.co/dPt4swR

29 August 2011

Scratchy Federer Win

Scratchy win by #Federer (#GOAT), I'm already panicking! Great highlight-filled match between #Monfils & #Dimitrov (#BabyFed)! #USOpen #ATP

Fierce Intimacy of Tennis Rivalries

Get ready for the #USOpen by reading this incredible article on #Tennis rivalries by Gerald #Marzorati #ATP @NYTmag http://t.co/tZ42R7c

My Friend Harry's Favourite Movie

I think I can guess what my old pal @harrygillnyc's favourite movie will be, he may even shed a tear or two! ;-) #Senna http://t.co/W7rwzBh

28 August 2011


Senna: One of the few documentaries you have to see on the big screen. Terrifically exciting, but ultimately terribly sad film. Sniff...

Whole Foods Parking Lot at Malibu Temple

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Those "Whole Foods Parking Lot" guys filming their followup at the Malibu Hindu Temple! @ FogandSmog

27 August 2011

Charles Bradley at the Getty

Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band, Getty: Bloody h*ll! What a show! You must see #CharlesBradley live, it's good for the soul!

The Death of Action Films

"Chaos Cinema" A well-reasoned essay about action films by Matthias Stork via my pal @mathiasdill http://t.co/XkdfqQs http://t.co/8KgkXuG

26 August 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Great summer movie fun. Of course, the monkeys were more interesting than the humans. Andy Serkis rules!

The Artist Trailer

Brilliant trailer for #TheArtist! Can't wait to see this film! Out 23 Nov 2011. http://t.co/O1EiZZG

25 August 2011

Malcolm Gladwell on the NBA Lockout

Woah! @Grantland33 has @Malcgladwell writing for them?! Billy Simmons truly made it big! Nice piece about #NBA #Lockout http://t.co/9EBOwJm

No Daily Show, PTI or ATH!

No @PTI, @AroundTheHorn or @TheDailyShow?! Man, semi-retirement sure is boring! Maybe I should check out @espnptiuk? ;-) http://t.co/I32O0hs

24 August 2011

Steve Jobs Resigns

Sad news. The great #SteveJobs resigned as #Apple CEO. I can only imagine the bath AAPL stock will take. Sigh...

Rahul Dravid a Gentleman to the Bitter End

Rob Smyth on how the great #Rahul #Dravid behaved like a true gentleman in spite of #India's abject surrender @guardian http://t.co/xIw41Xu

Smiths Documentary

Awesome documentary about #TheSmiths (#Morrissey #JohnnyMarr) recently unearthed by @RhinoRecordsUK http://t.co/UCQaZX8

23 August 2011

OK Go Muppet Video

@okgo + The #Muppets = Match Made in Hipster Nerd Heaven! Check out the awesome video for "The Muppet Show Theme" http://t.co/MULkkRp

India Thrashed by England

What's worst: #Tendulkar missing out on his 100th 100, #Mishra almost saving the match with his batting, or #India going down 0-4? #EngvInd

21 August 2011

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Bobby Fischer Against the World: Very sad but highly involving look at the once-great #chess genius. Another great documentary from @HBODocs

Ridley Scott Sequels

First the #Alien prequel (#Prometheus). Now the great #RidleyScott is doing a #BladeRunner sequel. Get ready #TomCruise #Legend 2 is next!

India Batting Lineup

An all-time great batting line-up: #Sehwag, #Dravid, #Laxman, #Tendulkar aka The #BigFour! So how is England 591/6d & India 103/5?! #EngvInd

20 August 2011

New Tennis World Over

Uh-oh! New world order in tennis? Both #Federer & #Nadal out (relatively) early at #WSOpen. Maybe it truly is @DjokerNole world we live in!

The Guru of Chai

The Guru of Chai: Funny & poignant one-man show by @IndianInkNZ. Apparently, great Indian theatre is from New Zealand now! @GrndPerfrmances

19 August 2011

Arvydas Sabonis

A fantastic article about the talk-about-bad-timing Arvydas Sabonis by @Jpdabrams over at Billy Simmons's @Grantland33 http://t.co/K33b1Lu

18 August 2011

Attack the Block

Attack the Block: Best Summer Movie, Ever! That kid John Boyega is gonna be a major star! I #believe this makes me a #blockhead! @ATBMovie

Finally caught up to "Everybody Loves Larry" (S5E1) #LarrySanders. Legendary #Duchovny & #JonStewart ep. @netflix was worth it after all!