29 February 2012

Steelers Release Hines Ward

Sad day for #Steelers fans everywhere. They released future #HOF-er #Hines #Ward. Noone played the position tougher than @mvp86hinesward :-(

RIP Davy Jones

RIP Davy Jones. Used to, and still do, love the Monkees, especially their movie with Jack Nicholson, Head. http://t.co/pqPz6EaU

28 February 2012

India Thrashes Sri Lanka

Not dead yet! #Kohli bludgeons #SriLanka into submission & keeps #India alive reminding everyone we're still World Champs! #IndvSL #CBSeries

27 February 2012

If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise

If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise: One of the best movies Spike Lee has ever made. No really, watch it if you don't believe me.

Steven Spielberg Snubbed By 1976 Oscars

Spielberg watches the 1976 #Oscars director noms in (hopefully mock) horror: Fellini, Kubrick, Lumet, Altman & Forman! http://t.co/zfXQ7n4C

26 February 2012

Oscars 2012

The #Oscars, like its winning movie, were perfectly pleasant and enjoyable and forgettable...except for that win for G*d, aka Meryl Streep!

Rory McIlroy Loses WGC Match Play Finals

Feel terrible for young #Rory #McIlroy. Poor chap had nothing left after his brilliant play vs Westwood. He'll get 'em next time. #PGA

India Loses To Australia In Must-Win Match

Sigh...another must-win match for #India, another humiliating loss to #Australia. We're still world champs though, right? #AusvInd #CBSeries

Carling Cup Re-Tweet

@PratikBasu After six years without a single trophy, you'd have to be a pretty cynical fan to NOT enjoy this Carling Cup win. :) -- Ray Wilson (@theraywilson)

Liverpool Wins Thrilling Carling Cup

Sure, it's only #CarlingCup & it was against #Cardiff, but a #Liverpool cup win, a thrilling one to boot, is still worth celebrating! #LFC

basu! Top Ten Films of 2011 (1 - 5)

basu! Top 10 2011 Films (1-5): 1. A Separation 2. Hugo 3. The Skin I Live In 4. The Tree of Life 5. Win Win

basu! Top Ten Films of 2011 (6 - 10)

basu! Top 10 2011 Films (6-10): 6. Melancholia 7. Meek's Cutoff 8. Attack the Block 9. Senna 10. The Hangover Part II 11. Dominic Cooper

25 February 2012


Beginners: Expert gentle direction from Mike Mills keeps the preciousness down. Loved McGregor, Plummer, Laurent & esp Cosmo (the dog ;-)!

A Separation

A Separation: This is, hands down, the best movie of the year! The best screenplay in a long, long time! An absolute bloody masterpiece!

24 February 2012

basu! Oscar 2012 Picks (5 of 5)

basu! #Oscar Picks (5of5): Actor: Artist. Director: Artist. Picture: Artist. Apparently, it's the inescapable year of The Artist! #Oscars

basu! Oscar 2012 Picks (4 of 5)

basu! #Oscar Picks (4of5): Screenplay Adapt: Descendants. Supp Actress: Octavia. Supp Actor: Plummer. Actress: Viola. #Oscars

basu! Oscar 2012 Picks (3 of 5)

basu! #Oscar Picks (3of5): Score: Artist. Cinematography: Tree of Life. Animated: Rango. Doc: Paradise Lost. Screenplay: Woody Allen #Oscars

basu! Oscar 2012 Picks (2 of 5)

basu! #Oscar Picks (2of5): F/X: Apes. Makeup: Iron Lady. Costume: Artist. Art Dir: Hugo. Edit: Artist. Song: Muppets (#Conchords!). #Oscars

basu! Oscar 2012 Picks (1 of 5)

basu! #Oscar Picks (1of5): Short: Shore. Short Doc: Saving Face. Short Animated: Flying Books. Sound Mix: Hugo. Sound Edit: Hugo. #Oscars

23 February 2012

Heat End The Linsanity

For this sole @KingJames fan in LA any #Heat win is a good win...but it was a little sad to see #Linsanity come to such a thudding end. #NBA

Bob Ryan Sort Of Retires

Congrats to a fellow cantankerous curmudgeon who's also going into semi-retirement: the great Bob Ryan. All the best young man! #BobRyan

The Bridge On The River Kwai

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Magnificent @UCLAFTVArchive 35mm print. Loved Holden, Hayakawa, Hawkins, Donald & the legends Lean & Guinness!

22 February 2012


Warrior: Rousing, old-fashioned movie about...MMA! Loved Grillo, Edgerton, the loveable old Nolte & big bad Bane himself, Tom bloody Hardy!

21 February 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Incredible to see Ecstasy of Gold, Leone, Morricone, Eastwood, Van Cleef & Eli Wallach on the big screen!

19 February 2012

Without Bias

Without Bias: The documentary itself might be too sensationalistic, but the underlying story is sadly tragic. Another worthy #30For30 entry.

Federer Wins ABN Amro Title

Sprakling, tougher-than-it-looked win for #Federer (#GOAT) against the increasingly-ominous #DelPo! #ATP Title Number 71 for #Roger!

18 February 2012

OSS 117 - Cairo, Nest of Spies

OSS 117 - Cairo, Nest of Spies: Amusing, more Pink Panther than Austin Powers. Jean Dujardin is the go-to guy for classic genre spoofs.

Federer Squeaks By Davydenko At ABN Amro

Amazing, gutsy, come-from-behind win for #Federer (#GOAT) against an inspired 2007-era #Davydenko! Let's hope he keeps it up vs #DelPo! #ATP

Zocalo LA NFL Panel

Jim Mora told me (& everyone else @ThePublicSquare) that the #Chargers aren't moving to LA! Troy Aikman claimed #NFL won't be no 1 for long!

17 February 2012

Tim Wakefield Retires

Tim Wakefield is retiring after a great career. Always liked the guy even though he was part of the insufferable #RedSox.

Andrew Symonds Retires

Sad to see Andrew Symonds retire from cricket. A lot of potential my have been left unfulfilled, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

16 February 2012

RIP Gary Carter

RIP Gary Carter. The Kid is gone way too soon.

Great NYT Article On Human Habits And Changing Behaviour

Stunningly good article on our habits & changing behavior from @cduhigg! Now, how do I not oversleep & procrastinate?! http://t.co/FhcwNQyn

The Loving Story

The Loving Story: Thoughtful, soft-spoken, elegant & courageous, much like the couple at the centre of the story. Best film of 2012, by far.

15 February 2012

Beverly Unfairly Kicked Off Top Chef

Aw man! They kicked @chefbeverlykim off #TopChef. Can't believe they kept the mean & hateful @chefsarahjayne. Weak @bravotopchef season.

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: Solid, old-fashioned fun. Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas give Newman-Redford a run for their bromantic money.

14 February 2012

Chairlift - I Belong In Your Arms

Best Valentine's Day Song, Ever! "I Belong In Your Arms" by Chairlift! Swoon... @Chairlifted http://t.co/M9C9vug4

RIP David Kelly

RIP David Kelly. Great Irish character actor. Always loved that guy.

Dhoni Saves India Against Sri Lanka

Man oh man! #Dhoni might be a crap Test captain, but he sure as h*ll is great at ODIs. #IndvSL #IndvAus #CBSeries

13 February 2012

Jean Dujardin Funny or Die Video

How can anyone begrudge #JeanDujardin his potential #Oscar after these hilarious @funnyordie villiain auditions? http://t.co/464rohPJ

Phil Thrashes Tiger To Win Pebble Beach

Congrats to #Phil #Mickelson on winning Pebble Beach. Wonder what @TigerWoods must have felt like watching #Lefty thrash him by 11 strokes?

My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro: Unexpectedly small in scope given its legendary status. Still manages to inspire with its whimsical flights of fancy.

12 February 2012

NY Times Story About Homeless Graphic Artist

Sad story about Anthony Horton, a homeless man and graphic novelist who met a tragic end. Via @nytimes http://t.co/lliJH1ac

RIP Whitney Houston

RIP Whitney Houston. A sad, tragic, inevitable end to a beautiful voice.

11 February 2012

The Grey

The Grey: Literary pretension is beyond Joe Carnahan. Making a kick-a** movie with Liam Neeson vs wolves is clearly not! Tons of manly fun!

10 February 2012

Federer Upset By Isner In Davis Cup

Woah! Huge upset by @johnisner over #Roger #Federer in #DavisCup. It's not every day that the #GOAT goes down on home turf. Trouble ahead?

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday: Best Studio Ghibli Film, Ever! Nostalgia at its bitter-sweetest. If you allow it to, the ending will make your heart soar!

09 February 2012

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Extremely Schmaltzy & Incredibly Manipulative. But d*mn if von Sydow, Wright & ending didn't get to me.

08 February 2012

Eli vs Big Ben For HOF

Look, if #Eli is getting (deserved) HOF consideration, then it's only fair that #BigBen gets it too! Go #Steelers! http://t.co/qXzCgYDx

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal: Unexpectedly funny, expectedly brilliant. I probably need a PhD in philosophy/theology/life to figure it all out! Wow!

07 February 2012

Steve Waugh on Twenty20

I absolutely agree with #Steve #Waugh, he'd have been great at Twenty20 (& every other form of #Cricket they invent)! http://t.co/jDMBwtLX

You Know You're Too Old When Ricky Williams Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Ricky Williams retires from the #NFL, for the 2nd time! Always loved the guy. Wish him the best @RickyWilliams

Max von Sydow Celeb Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Max von Sydow at the Aero. Granted, it was for a Q&A, but why quibble in the presence of a legend? :-)

06 February 2012

Brandt On Thunderball

@NicholasBrandt Ha...I always knew you were a man of taste. Full disclosure: Daniel Craig & Casino Royale are my favourite Bond & film.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre: Gives the hallowed Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice a run for its romantic money! Very nice smoldering by Wasikowska & Fassbender.

05 February 2012

Giants Win The Super Bowl

YES! #Eli and the #Giants win the #SuperBowl (just about). Tip o' the hat to the always game #Belichick, #Brady and those bloody #Patriots!

Depressing Prediction About The Super Bowl

Depressing Prediction: #Eli will bring the #Giants back. But #Belichick/#Brady will pull off a shady/brilliant last-second #SuperBowl win.

04 February 2012


Thunderball: Best Connery Bond Film, Ever! There, I said it! Better than the hallowed Goldfinger (the film, though not quite the villain)!

03 February 2012

RIP Ben Gazzara

RIP Ben Gazzara. One of Hollywood's all-time great character actors. Very few like him remain in this day & age. He will be missed.

In Wonderland

In Wonderland: Impressive & eye-opening exhibition on female surrealists working in different media. Nice work @LACMA!

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves: Ah, all the confusing tribulations of adolescent romance via the geniuses at Studio Ghibli. John Hughes would have been proud!

02 February 2012

It's Kind Of A Funny Story

It's Kind Of A Funny Story: Cutesy, Upper East Side tweenage take on Cuckoo's Nest highlighted by an unexpected Zach Galifianakis turn.

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher: I'm gonna come right out and say it: It's better than Bridesmaids. There it is, deal with it. Cameron Diaz deserves a comeback!

01 February 2012

RIP Angelo Dundee

RIP Angelo Dundee, the power behind the rather large thrones occupied by the likes of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Christian Ryan on VVS Laxman

Nothing describes the great #VVS #Laxman better than "languid melancholy." Chris Ryan's goodbye piece via @ESPNcricinfo http://t.co/ToLE86s7

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On Her Majesty's Secret Service: One of the most underrated & best Bond film, girl (Dame! Diana), villain (Kojak!), theme (Louis!) & ending!