31 January 2012

Lizzy Caplan Should've Been New Girl

We all love the perfectly adorkable @ZooeyDeschanel...but you gotta admit, in a perfect universe, Lizzy Caplan would have been #NewGirl!

Brian Phillips On Djokovic-Nadal

Nice work by @runofplay to turn @RafaelNadal into a tragic Greek figure on @Grantland33 after the #AusOpen final! #ATP http://t.co/ZLzrKfR2

Ball Of Fire

Ball Of Fire: Incredible pedigree for a screwball comedy: Cooper, Stanwyck, Brackett, Wilder, Hawks & the great Toland! Brilliantly funny!

30 January 2012

A Better Life

A Better Life: Sweet, gentle little film ever-so slightly over-directed by Chris Weitz. Lovely performances by Demian Bichir & Jose Julian.

29 January 2012

Novak Djokovic Wins The Australian Open

Congrats to @DjokerNole on beating @RafaelNadal & winning the #AusOpen. These guys have taken tennis (& sport) to unheard-of levels! #ATP

28 January 2012

India Loses 4-0 To Australia

Sad to see the Big 3 (#Dravid, #Sachin, #Laxman) go out to a 4-0 thrashing. We're grateful for all those years of service boys. #AusvInd

Liverpool Beats Manchesters United and City

Congrats to #Liverpool for the rare Manchester double (beating #ManCity & #ManU)! Methinks glory days are just ahead for @LFC!

Leander Paes Wins Australian Open Doubles

Congrats to #Leander #Paes on winning the #AusOpen doubles & completing the career grand slam! What a great athlete & terrific guy.

Azarenka Wins Australian Open

Congrats to #Azarenka on beating #Sharapova to win #AusOpen. I'm sure tv mute buttons the world over are relieved! ;-) @vika7

27 January 2012

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter: Sadly, I learned more about American history from this pulpy, entertaining book, than from anywhere else!

You Know You're Too Old When You Get Passed By A Kid In Scrubs

You Know You're Too Old When: Running to the pier you're not sure what hurts more, your back or ego after being passed by a kid in scrubs.

26 January 2012

Still On Team Federer

I've been lucky enough to have seen our greatest athletes live. I've never seen anyone do anything better than #Federer play tennis. #teamRF

Paths Of Glory

Paths Of Glory: Much more than those legendary trench tracking shots! All-time great (anti)war film. Lovely 35mm courtesy of @UCLAFTVArchive

Roger Federer Loses To Rafael Nadal (Again)

Sadly, #Roger #Federer loses to the indefatigable @RafaelNadal...again. And yes, objectively speaking, #GOAT is up for debate. #AusOpen

25 January 2012

Roger Federer And Rod Laver

Best of luck #Roger! Win or lose against @RafaelNadal, #Federer will still be #GOAT in my book! Even Rod Laver agrees! http://t.co/D9SQaSEi

RIP Theo Angelopoulos

RIP Theo Angelopoulos, the great Greek director. David Thomson considered him a modern master.

School of Seven Bells -"Lafaye"

Best Song That Should've Been On The #Drive Soundtrack, Ever! "Lafaye" by School of Seven Bells @sviib http://t.co/hayd8El9

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady: Entertaining revisionist trifle. Meryl Streep overshadows everything, but Broadbent, Colman & Roach manage to shine as well.

24 January 2012

State of the Union

Cracking #SOTU by #POTUS! Brilliant oratory by #Barack #Obama, but then we wouldn't expect anything less. @BarackObama

Roger Federer Reaches Australian Open Semi-Finals

5 down, 2 to go! #Federer (#GOAT) returns to the glory days by dismantling #DelPo. Next up: @RafaelNadal! Can't bear to watch! #AusOpen

Dominic Cooper Oscar Snub

See? Even Robert Forster agrees with me! Dominic Cooper should have been nominated/win for The Devil's Double! #Oscars http://t.co/RMYqy2F6

Terrell Owens RT!

@PratikBasu All good, just a bump n the road. I'm a winner & I owe it 2 my family 2 get things back on track.

23 January 2012

RIP Bingham Ray

RIP Bingham Ray, legendary indie film producer. He died at Sundance doing what he loved surrounded by loved ones. We should all be so lucky.

Terrell Owens GQ Profile

I've always liked @terrellowens so it made me really sad to read that heart-breaking @GQMagazine profile. #NFL http://t.co/9k8oEhJc

School of Seven Bells - "The Night"

Best Extremely Catchy 80s-ish Propulsive Shoegaze-ish Dream Pop, Ever! "The Night" by School of Seven Bells @sviib http://t.co/jqdwWR4y

Miss Bala

Miss Bala: Expert craftsmanship by director Gerardo Naranjo & cinematographer Matyas Erdely. Stephanie Sigman & Noe Hernandez were excellent

22 January 2012

Giants Beat The 49ers

Yay! #Giants beat the #49ers to set up a rematch against the #Patriots in the #SuperBowl! Let's hope it's the same result as last time! #NFL

Wild Man Blues

Wild Man Blues: Can't believe the great Barbara Kopple convinced Woody Allen that the doc was about his band. Insightful, funny & weird.

Federer Beats Tomic At Australian Open

4 down 3 to go! #Federer (#GOAT) beats the entertaining #Tomic to set up an insane showdown against the force known as #DelPo! #AusOpen #ATP

RIP Joe Paterno

RIP Joe Paterno. I'll leave the untangling of his complex legacy to people more accomplished than myself.

21 January 2012

Pitchfork Documentary on The Flaming Lips

TBH will be so excited. @pitchforkmedia decided to do an in-depth documentary on her favourite band @theflaminglips! http://t.co/MGJGdZ40

You Know You're Too Old When You Get Passed By An Old Woman

You Know You're Too Old When: Running to the pier what hurts more your body or ego after being passed by an old woman in @RafaelNadal capris


Rampart: One of 2011's best & most under-appreciated films. Fantastic work by Moverman & Harrelson. Brilliant cinematography by Bukowski.

20 January 2012

RIP Etta James

RIP Etta James. A beautiful voice that, like the person behind it, refused to be pigeonholed. She will be missed immensely.

Roger Federer Beats Ivo Karlovic

3 down, 4 to go! Tough win for #Federer (#GOAT) against the awesome @ivokarlovic at #AusOpen. Sad loss for always battling @JohnIsner though

19 January 2012

LeBron Beats Kobe

Whew! #LeBron and the #Heat almost let the #Lakers come all the way back. I guess you can't spell team with #Kobe! ;-) #NBA

Hello Video Mash-Up

Brilliant! You'll never look at that Lionel Richie "classic" Hello the same way again! Video mash-up by Matthijs Vlot: http://t.co/r4iJ7AJh

Louisa Thomas On Grumpy Tennis Stars

See what you did @RafaelNadal? You made @louisahthomas write a great piece on grumpy #ATP tennis pros on @Grantland33! http://t.co/uqm2XiG2

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Paradise Lost 3 - Purgatory: Any biased documentary, no matter how well-intentioned, is ultimately flawed. Raises many unanswered questions.

18 January 2012

Bev Kicked Off Top Chef

Aw man, they kicked #Bev off #TopChef. Good for her for standing up to the bullying of #Heather & #Sarah. Best of luck to her. @BravoTopChef

Charles Pierce On Bill Belichick

Like #DarthVader, I find the evil Bill #Belichick oddly endearing. Check out this piece by @ESQPolitics on @Grantland33 http://t.co/dYuCtJOA

Federer/Isner Australian Open Second Round Wins

2 down, 5 to go! #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) gets a walkover in #AusOpen. Also, another marathon win for the always-game @JohnIsner. Keep it up!

Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels: Slightly bumpy but very entertaining, mostly for the Emmy-worthy performance of Anson Mount! Love Tom Noonan & #TheSwede!

17 January 2012

Mark Schlereth-Trey Wingo Radio Show

Excited for @HillSchlereth. I'd be even more excited if there was a "Stinky Wing Show"! @MarkSchlereth & @wingoz were meant to be together!

The Fall

The Fall: One of the best & most beautiful-looking "children's" movies ever made. Tarsem expertly blends the whimsy & darkness together.

16 January 2012

ESPN Story On Cowboys Sweatshops

ESPN is into serious journalism, who knew? Excellent story on sweatshops used by #Cowboys from @OTLonESPN & @markfwespn http://t.co/S9ZYK9eE

Federer Wins Australian Open First Round

1 down...6 to go! #Roger #Federer (#GOAT) breezes through #AusOpen first round against Kudryavtsev 7-5 6-2 6-2. Let's hope he keeps it up!

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes: Perhaps the most beautiful colour movie ever made! Jack Cardiff deserves his own wing in the cinematography HOF!

15 January 2012

Rafa Nadal Calls Out Roger Federer

Woah! Maybe this'll get you excited for #AusOpen: @RafaelNadal calls out #Roger #Federer (#GOAT)! Let the games begin! http://t.co/LaGfXGye

India Thrashed By Australia In Third Test

What's more unsurprising: #India capitulating to #Australia or #TheWall (#Dravid) trying to stand tall while everyone else falls? #AusvInd

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter: Gorgeous B&W, steam trains, doomed romance, civilized Brits, Howard, Johnson, Coward, Lean...it's all rather lovely really!

14 January 2012

The Train

The Train: Taut, unsentimental WWII thriller from the great John Frankenheimer. Lancaster, Scofield, Preiss, Moreau, Remy were all great.

13 January 2012

You Know You're Too Old When You Get Passed By An Old Guy

You Know You're Too Old When: Running to the pier what hurts more: your body or ego after being passed by an old guy in *short* shorts?

Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

Sure it looks like a warmed-over Rushmore, but I don't care! Wish I could live in Wes Anderson World! Moonrise Kingdom: http://t.co/oXx1aBDa

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin: A 3D thrill ride. Really it's literally a ride...through my childhood of reading these comics! Creepy but awesome!

12 January 2012

Stevie Johnson On Dan LeBatard

All you hating on Stevie Johnson, watch his interview on @DLHQ. You'll end up becoming a fan! #Bills @StevieJohnson13 http://t.co/MF3Je3Td

The Killing

The Killing: Taut, fatalistic noir with stylish flourishes! Even at 28 Stanley Kubrick was a genius! Nice work by Hayden, Cook & Windsor.

11 January 2012

LeBron Loses To The Clippers

Oh man, it's gonna be a long night for this sole #LeBron/#Heat fan in LA. Gotta admit though, #LobCity sure looks like a fun place! #NBA

Bev Wins On Top Chef

Congrats to #Bev for winning on #TopChef. Kudos to #Grayson for staying classy. #Sarah is a mean bully who deserves to get booted! @Bravotv

Blood Diamonds - "Move the Stars"

Another fantabulous music discovery by TBH. The achingly beautiful "Move the Stars" by @BLOOD_DIAMOND5. http://t.co/zxN0BfZT

The Skin I Live In

The Skin I Live In: Possibly the best film of 2011. Almodovar is possibly our greatest living director! Banderas is a fine actor, who knew?!

10 January 2012

The Big Pink - "Hit The Ground (Superman)"

Wait, I was wrong, *this* is the catchiest song, ever! "Hit The Ground (Superman)" by @thebigpink: http://t.co/N5roHFMx

The Big Pink - "Stay Gold"

Catchiest song from a sophomore album, ever! Check out "Stay Gold" by @thebigpink: http://t.co/KaMJoLkW

From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love: Surprisingly understated. Almost the best Bond. The Robert Shaw fight still kicks a** & I'll always miss Kerim Bey.

09 January 2012

Alabama Wins BCS Championship

A victory for #NickSatan is a defeat for #Tebow, puppies, babies, and all that is good and just in mankind. ;-) #BCS #LSU #Alabama

Barry Larkin MLB HOF

Congrats to Barry #Larkin on getting into the #MLB #HOF. And yes, I'm gonna hold my breath for the classy #Bernie Williams. ;-) #Yankees

Lionel Messi Wins #FIFA Ballon d'Or

Congrats to Lionel #Messi for winning the 2011 #FIFA Ballon d'Or. I still think #Maradona is greater, but I'm old-fashioned. #ballondor

Meek's Cutoff

Meek's Cutoff: A stunning, bewildering film! Further proof of director Kelly Reichardt's greatness. Excellent cinematography & sound design.

08 January 2012

Steelers Lose A Heartbreaker To The Broncos

NO! #Steelers played their hearts out but #Tebow proved everyone wrong! #Goodell's prayers were answered. #NFLPlayoffs #NFL

Vivian Maier - A Life Discovered

Vivian Maier - A Life Discovered: A must-see exhibition! She's a remarkable street photographer with an even more incredible backstory.

Tim Roth Celebrity Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Tim Roth at a photo gallery. I resisted the urge to tell him that in Spanish garcon means boy. ;-)

07 January 2012

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever: Sadly hasn't aged quite as well as I had hoped. Still, lotsa cool stuff including the 3rd-best Bond: Sean Connery. ;-)

Australia Thrashes India In Test 2

Classy move to put team above self by @MClarke23. With @ashwinravi99 playing like this, we just might have a shot at Test 3! ;-) #AusvInd

06 January 2012

Raj Kapoor MoMA Retrospective

If the sparkling @LACMA Awaara print was anything to go by, the @MuseumModernArt Raj Kapoor series will be incredible! http://t.co/U2NYxvAh

RIP Bob Holness.

RIP Bob Holness. I loved Blockbusters as a kid. "Can I have a P please Bob?" Sigh...

05 January 2012

Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris: Shallow but oh-so-much fun! Loved Wilson, Hiddleston, Brody & Stoll. Darius Khondji & Paris a match made in visual heaven

04 January 2012

You Know You're Too Old When Everything Hurts After Running

You Know You're Too Old When: Running to the pier what hurts most - your feet, ankle, shin or ego after being passed by a high school girl?


Louie: TV's first & only melancholy comedy (melcom?). Im not saying its the best show on TV, or wait am I saying it is? OMBG it is! @louisck

03 January 2012

Battle Royale

Battle Royale: Manages to actually exceed its legendary cult hype! Fantastic seeing it on the big screen. Your move Hunger Games...

02 January 2012

Oregon Wins But Stanford Loses

Fantastic win for #Oregon. Tough loss for #Stanford in a game they should have won. At least with #USC the #PAC12 looks great for next year!


Melancholia: The end of the world was never this beautifully filmed. Lars von Trier is either a mad genius, or just simply mad. Or both!