29 November 2005

Amit and Monica Sud - Man and Woman of Domesticated Hedge Fund Bliss Posted by Picasa

22 November 2005

Atul and Namita Sabharwal - Man and Woman of Domesticated Bliss Posted by Picasa
Karan "Toad" Mehta - Man of Infinite Coolness Posted by Picasa

26 October 2005

Don Joh and Harnisha Dalwadi - Man and Woman of International Matrimony Posted by Picasa
Dave Marmor - Man of International Mystery Posted by Picasa

22 September 2005

Jazzy (My Neighbor's Cat) - Why would a cat want to drink directly from the faucet? I just don't get it man, just don't get it. Cats are crazy.
Mark Contreras (L) and Bon Mercado (R) - Men of Serious Business

04 July 2005

What a backswing - too bad it's all downhill from there! Quick Tip: There's a reason it's so cheap to play Arizona's best courses in the dead of Summer... Posted by Picasa

On the way up from San Diego with Rosanne - no wonder SoCal is the best place on Earth!! Posted by Picasa

30 June 2005

Lightning! Well done Chris, well done my young friend. Posted by Hello

And oh yeah, Chris also took these amazing shots of lightning! Posted by Hello

That's right, while the rest of us were carousing at the Sales Conference, my friend Chris was spending quality time with himself...poor chap Posted by Hello

13 June 2005