30 November 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The #HungerGames #Mockingjay Part 2: Credit for trying to be something more than typical YA dreck. Great tunnel sequence. Needed more Jena!

29 November 2015


#Carol: Sumptuous, luminous, etc...aka classic Haynes. Cate is good (as always) but this is Rooney's show from start to finish! Hello Oscar!

Steelers Lose to Seahawks

Tough loss for #Steelers, compounded by refs. Now they fall behind the #Texans?! What the?! Emergence of #Markus #Wheaton bodes well though.

Andy Murray (& GBR) Wins Davis Cup

Congrats to #AndyMurray on (pretty much singlehandedly) winning #DavisCup & joining the rest of the #Big4. #PoorAndy may become #SirAndy!

28 November 2015


Wait, did #USC just "upset" #UCLA & earn a shot at the #PAC12 title?! Am I back on the #Trojans bandwagon? Did poor #Kessler redeem himself?

27 November 2015

India Thrashes South Africa (Again) 2015

Once again, #SouthAfrica succumbs to (spin) pressure. Great win by #India. Is #RAshwin giving #Murali's stats a run for his money?! #INDvSA

21 November 2015

Federer Beats Wawrinka ATP Finals 2016

It was always leading up to this! Great win for #Federer over a game #Stan to set up the season-ending showdown with #Djokovic! #ATPFinals

Liverpool Beats Manchester (City)

Thumping win for #Liverpool! It's probably too early to declare the #Klopp Turnaround complete...or is it? ;-) #LFC #MCFC

19 November 2015

Federer Beats Nishikori ATP Finals 2015

Bit of a comedown win for #Federer against the always-plucky #Kei. Hes gonna need to harken back to #GOAT-form from here on out! #ATPFinals

THR Cover Controversy

Liberals outraged over @THR cover for lack of diversity. Conservatives are mad about immigrants taking over! #THR https://t.co/5RCuz4hx6D

18 November 2015

RIP Saeed Jaffrey

RIP Saeed Jaffrey. One of my all-time favorite actors. It seemed like every time I watched a good Indian movie he was in it! He'll be missed

RIP Jonah Lomu

RIP Jonah #Lomu. So sad. Old enough to have cheered madly for him in 95 RWC, later realising I was on the wrong side of history (#Invictus!)

17 November 2015

Federer Beats Djokovic ATP Finals 2015

Looks like he's not ready to hand over the #GOAT-torch yet! Great win for #Federer over #Djokovic! Not that I ever doubted it ;) #ATPFinals

Mitchell Johnson Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Mitchell Johnson retires. Met him once, fearsome looking...& very (disappointingly) polite! @MitchJohnson398

16 November 2015

Federer Beats Berdych ATP Finals 2015

Perhaps not the #GOAT-like performance he needed, but a well-deserved win for #Federer over always-tricky #Berdych. Up next: #Djokovic! #ATP

15 November 2015


#Spectre: Don't listen to the naysayers - this is a very entertaining Bond. Fiennes, Bellucci, Whishaw all great. Danny you gotta come back!

Steelers Beat Browns

Stunning injury comeback for #BigBen, kid must have #Wolverine-like healing powers! Great #Steelers win @AntonioBrown84 no more somersaults!

13 November 2015

Paris Under Attack

Truly shocked to see the images coming out of #Paris as I was years ago with Bombay. Thoughts with all those affected. Hope for the best.

12 November 2015

A War (Krigen)

#AWar (#Krigen): Harrowing war film that will leave you discussing it long after it ends. Great work by Asbaek, Salim & sound designer Green

11 November 2015

Rams (Hrutar)

#Rams (#Hrutar): Very affecting drama. Lovely restrained work by Hakonarson, Sigurjonsson & Juliusson. Stunning Icelandic imagery by Grovlen

Zack Greinke Wins Golden Glove 2015

Congrats to #Zack #Greinke on winning a #GoldGlove. Let's hope that much-deserved #CyYoung isn't far behind! ;-) #NLCyYoung #Dodgers

10 November 2015

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Maddeningly entertaining! Another superb Boyle/cracking Sorkin . Fassbender, Rogen(!), Stuhlbarg great but Winslet steals it!

09 November 2015

Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent: Visually stunning Driving-Miss-Daisy-Meets-Apocalypse-Now-Meets-Dead-Man exploration of the ravages of colonialism.

Celeb Sighting: David Harewood

3rd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: David Harewood. I resisted the urge to ask how Carrie & Quinn were doing...& Henry & Eliza...& Kara

08 November 2015

El Vy (Troubadour)

#ElVy (@theTroubadour): It's like the best #TheNational album never made! Berninger & Knopf were amazing together! PS. Brent super-nice guy!

Hibou (Troubadour)

#Hibou (@theTroubadour): Perfectly pleasant catchy indie-rock all the way from Seattle. They look like they're a nice bunch of kids.

Steelers Escape Against Raiders

Whew! Nail-biting #Steelers win vs #Raiders! Thank G*d for @AntonioBrown84, #Cockrell, & the amazing #DeAngelo! #BigBen...fingers-crossed!

07 November 2015

India Thrashes South Africa 2015 Test 1

Good bounce-back win for #IND with #RSA (once again?) crumbling under (spin) pressure. #Ashwin's well on his way to a stat monster. #INDvSA

06 November 2015

Re-tweeted by RZA!!

You know, I'm a little too old for social media so I can't confirm this, but it seems that @RZA (yes, that #RZA!) may have re-tweeted me!!!!

Clive Owen Interviewed by RZA

The Great #CliveOwen interviewed by @RZA(?!) via @InterviewMag! Awesome! https://t.co/F1SsgVt8vT

05 November 2015

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak: Not sure what a Grand Guignol fever dream means, but I'm fairly certain this film is its epitome! Del Toro in top madcap form!

Federer Loses to Isner in Paris

Sigh. The vintage-#GOAT honeymoon didn't last very long as #Federer crashes out in Paris. Kudos to #Isner holding his nerve for a great win.

04 November 2015

RIP Melissa Mathison

RIP Melissa Mathison. Thank you for creating 1 of the 2 most important movies of my life (ET) & 1 of my faves of all time (Black Stallion)

03 November 2015


#Spotlight: Oscar-fave lives up to the hype. Expertly crafted by McCarthy. Star-studded cast is uniformly excellent One of 2015's very best!

02 November 2015

Federer Beats Nadal to Win Basel 2015

A stirring, fighting, raging-against-dying-of-the-light victory over his greatest rival #Nadal by #Federer to win his hometown title! #GOAT!

01 November 2015

Royals Win World Series

Sports breaks your heart so often it's nice when from time to time it mends it too. Congrats to ultimate underdogs #Royals on #WorldSeries!

Rain Room (LACMA)

#RainRoom (@LACMA): Apparently the only way we can get rain in LA is as an art museum installation! Cool feat of engineering & I suppose art

Steelers Heartbreaking Loss to Bengals

You live by the #BigBen you die by the... #Steelers defense played their hearts out but BB leads them to a momentum-killing loss vs #Bengals