30 October 2011

Steelers Beat Patriots

Steelers 25 - Patriots 17: Best Bloody Game, Ever! Heinz Field is the absolute best place to watch a #football game! Here we go #Steelers!

Steelers Game Day

What day is it? Why it's #Pittsburgh #Steelers Game Day of course!

28 October 2011

Cardinals Win World Series

Grudging congratulations to the #Cardinals for their incredible come-from-behind #WorldSeries win. Who says #baseball is boring?! #MLB

25 October 2011

President Obama Helicopter Sighting

2nd-Greatest "Celebrity" Sighting, Ever!: President Barack Obama's helicopter flying over the Jefferson Memorial! Wicked cool!

Paul Ryan Sighting

10th-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Representative Paul Ryan heading to the Capitol Hill Club for an expensive tax-payer funded power lunch

Dick Durbin Sighting

2nd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Senator Dick Durbin outside the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, DC (duh).

22 October 2011

USC Beats Notre Dame

Good win for #USC against hapless #NotreDame. Time to jump back on the bandwagon? ;-) #PAC12

20 October 2011

India Wins ODI Series Against England

Incredible come-from-behind victory for #India to take the ODI series from #England! #Dhoni is the man...on home soil ;-) #IndvEng

Kenny Mayne Plays Cricket

My two favourite things: The Great @Kenny_Mayne and #Cricket! Awe-bloody-some! @espn http://t.co/ucFsjTmk

19 October 2011

World Series Begin

Gag! The stultifying #Cardinals vs the #NolanRyan-come-lately #Rangers. Just who am I supposed to root for in the #WorldSeries? #MLB #Boring

18 October 2011


Contempt: Gorgeous cinematography by the great Raoul Coutard. We know Jean-Luc Godard is a G*d but Brigitte Bardot a good actress, who knew?

17 October 2011

India Thrashes England Again

Talk about home cooking! Another ODI, another crushing win for #India! Nice work by the bowlers for a change! #IndvEng

Andy Murray Now No. 3

Sad, a major changing of the guard. @andy_murray is the new world No 3, moving #Roger #Federer (aka #GOAT) down to No 4. Sigh...

Oscar Prediction (Documentary Short)

#Oscars 2012: Prediction for Best Documentary Short - the one about Tahrir Square! @TheAcademy

16 October 2011

RIP Dan Wheldon

RIP Dan Wheldon. What an awful, sad day. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

15 October 2011

Liverpool Ties Manchester United

Oh man! @LFC came this close to upsetting @ManU_FC...sad! Still, it's fantastic to see the great @_StevenGerrard still going strong!

14 October 2011

India Destroys England

Nice! #India destroys #England in the first ODI. So what if it's at home and on the heels of that embarrassing tour? ;-) #IndvEng

13 October 2011

USC Beats Cal

#USC beats #Cal! So wait, does that mean I'm back on the bandwagon again?! #Pac12


Paul: You can never go wrong with Nick Frost & @simonpegg. Also, I'm slowly beginning to come around on skinny Seth Rogen.

12 October 2011

Real Steel

Real Steel: A good old-fashioned crowd-pleaser. If by old-fashioned you mean Robots, Wolverine, Kate, the Blob & JT Sanborn! Awesome!

Jaws Peanuts Mash-Up

Greatest Exercise In 80s Childhood Nostalgia, Ever! "Jaws" in the style of "Peanuts" by @CharlesForsman http://t.co/BxVZiWPY

Theo Epstein Joins the Cubs

Goodbye #RedSox, hello #WorldSeries! Greatest #Cubs Move, Ever! @RealMikeWilbon #Theo #MLB

11 October 2011

100 Bullets - A Foregone Tomorrow

100 Bullets - A Foregone Tomorrow: Not as good as Hang up on the Hang Low but now we're really getting into it. Cool. @brianazzarello

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men: Still wonderfully mediocre but that never stopped me before! Plus, any show that brings back #JudyGreer is awesome! @CBS

Sparkadia - "China"

Thanks to @FILTERmagazine's #CultureCollide I discovered the best song, ever! "China" by @sparkadia Brilliant! http://t.co/hfi4SWLy

10 October 2011

Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0: #Locke, #Jin, #ScottLavin, #Hiro, #MarkDacascos, #JohnAllen, #WilliamVanDerWoodsen! With so many stars, I'm back in! #H50

Wee-Man Celebrity Sighting

3rd-Greatest Celebrity Sighting, Ever!: Wee-Man at the grocery store. I resisted the urge to dare him to lock himself into the freezer. ;-)

RCB Lose to MI (CLT20)

The #RCB magic wore off and the "team of destiny" lost to #MI in the @clt20 finals. Still, the tournament ended up with some great matches.

09 October 2011

Gang Gang Dance (Culture Collide)

Gang Gang Dance: Woah! Trippy, ever-so slightly hallucinatory, Middle Eastern-influenced prog-ish rock. #CultureCollide

CSS (Culture Collide)

CSS: If MGMT were a girl, and Brazilian and wore a bejeweled Batman mask, and kicked a** then they would be CSS! Aw yeah! #CultureCollide

Datarock (Culture Collide)

Datarock: Once computers in Norway revolt and learn how to dance they'll owe a massive debt of gratitude to these guys! #CultureCollide

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Culture Collide)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: If Hipsters went clubbing and danced they'd totally listen to #CYHSY. #CultureCollide

Indigo Tree (Culture Collide)

basu! (@pratikbasu) has shared a Tweet with you:

"PratikBasu: Indigo Tree (Taix): Naturally, Sturm-und-Drang-shoegaze would originate from a Polish band! ;-) #CultureCollide

Rainbow Arabia (Culture Collide)

Rainbow Arabia: A latter-day electronica/shoegaze hybrid version of Siouxsie and the Banshees via...wait for it...Echo Park. #CultureCollide

Holger (Culture Collide)

Holger (Taix): Best Show, Ever! Vampire Weekend-esque global-Afro-soul with insane Brazilian flavour! Awesome! #CultureCollide

The Analog Girl (Culture Collide)

The Analog Girl (Taix): Very cool electronica-as-performance-art all the way from Singapore(!). #CultureCollide

Steelers Beat Titans

Great morale-boosting win for the #Steelers! Imagine how many TDs #BigBen could've gotten if he wasn't hurt! ;-) #NFL #AFC

Andy Murray Wins Singles and Doubles

Talk about a double-double! @andy_murray comes from a set down to maul @RafaelNadal. Then teams with his bro to win doubles! #NoSlams #ATP

Sparkadia (Culture Collide)

Sparkadia (Taix): Best Band, Ever! The catchiest, most hook-laden music this side of Australia! Plus, they were super nice! #CultureCollide

08 October 2011

Cameras (Culture Collide)

@FILTERmiller "Capacity" is that code for "No non-VIPs"? ;-) No worries...Cameras rocked the capacity house! :-)

Uh-Oh Culture Collide D-Bag Attitude

@FILTERmiller So, the wife & I are total #CultureCollide supporters from Day 1. So what's with the attitude from the staff outside Taix?

You Say France & I Whistle (Culture Collide) Part Deux

You Say France & I Whistle (826LA): So d*mn good we had to see them twice! #CultureCollide

The Yellow Dogs (Culture Collide)

The Yellow Dogs (Echoplex): Dude! These kids came all the way from Iran! Wow! #CultureCollide

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Culture Collide)

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Methodist Church): Okkervil River-type literary rock meets Explosions in the Sky-type guitars. #CultureCollide

Please the Trees (Culture Collide)

Please the Trees (Taix): Epic, moody, introspective guitar-rock all the way from Czech Republic. I think my mind was blown! #CultureCollide

The Lanskies (Culture Collide)

The Lanskies (Taix): Aww, England & France hooked up & had a Bloc Party-like post-punk angular-guitar indie-dance-rock baby! #CultureCollide

You Say France & I Whistle (Culture Collide)

You Say France & I Whistle (Taix): Trust the Swedes to churn out another insanely catchy band! I dare you to not be happy! #CultureCollide

Incan Abraham (Culture Collide)

Incan Abraham (The Echo): Right up my alley! Soaring Melodies + Lotsa Reverb + Hint Of Synth + Catchy Vocals = Awesome! #CultureCollide

Ginga (Culture Collide)

Ginga (Origami Vinyl): Catchy Broken Social Scene-like indie-pop-rock-collective via Austria(!). Nice. #CultureCollide

My bubba & Mi (Culture Collide)

My bubba & Mi (The Echo): Seriously soothing Lenka-ish Danish singer-songwriter alt-pop-country. #CultureCollide

Al Davis

RIP Al Davis. The very definition of a rebel and an iconoclast. He will be missed. Trust me, there's not going to be anyone like him again.

07 October 2011

Cardinals Beat Phillies

Man! I told you we needed to be scared of the #Cardinals! The #Phillies lose! Bad year for any #Philadelphia #DreamTeam. #MLB #Playoffs

Nyjer Morgan Wins Game For Brewers

What was I saying about being a #Nyjer Morgan fan?! @TheRealTPlush delivers the game-winning hit for the #Brewers! Aaaaaaaaah #MLB #Playoffs

Dinara Safina Retires

Sad. #Dinara #Safina retires at the #Borg-esque age of 25. Just as tempestuous & entertaining as her older brother #Marat. #WTA #Tennis

Nyjer Morgan on DLHQ

I am rapidly becoming a #Nyjer Morgan & by extension a #Brewers fan! #MLB #AntonioPicante @DLHQ http://t.co/C3GpagVb http://t.co/afivixdu

RIP Charles Napier

PratikBasu: RIP Charles Napier. Great character actor. Man, I'll miss him. Loved him in Rambo & Silence of the Lambs & Philadelphia & etc...

06 October 2011

KKR v RCB (CLT20 2011)

@Afridi102 Sigh, a #KKR victory maybe too much to hope for. Maybe #RCB will oblige with a letdown after that last-ball six! ;-) #CLT20

Yankees Lose in ALDS

Oh man! The #Yankees lose! And, sadly, #ARod strikes out to end it all. Sigh... #TheresAlwaysNextYear #ALDS #MLB Playoffs

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

"You've got to find what you love. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle." #SteveJobs #Commencement #Speech http://t.co/m7DgdKSJ

05 October 2011

Nirvana - Live At The Paramount (Culture Collide)

Nirvana - Live At The Paramount: A great concert film that captures them in all their glory. Great start to #CultureCollide! @FILTERmiller

RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs. Gone too soon at 56. So very, very sad.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons: Back & almost better than ever. Also, the great John Kricfalusi does the couch gag. @FOXBroadcasting http://t.co/RRBIVBgr

RCB Last Ball Six (CLT20 2011)

HMOG! Last-ball six propels #RCB into the @clt20 semis! Not quite #Miandad-86 but that kid #Karthik will be a hero in #Bangalore forever!

04 October 2011


Moneyball: It's a little too, wait for it, "inside baseball" but I appreciate Bennett Miller's effort to make an unconventional sports film.

The Shame of College Sports

The Shame of College Sports. Fantastic, eye-opening article on #NCAA & college sports by @taylorbranch via @TheAtlantic http://t.co/oawHOKqM

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls: @OfficialKat is funny and smart. The show, unfortunately, is not much of either. @CBS

03 October 2011

Don DeLillo on Grantland

Another fantastic entry in @Grantland33's #DirectorsCut series: the great Don DeLillo! http://t.co/Cpi2TtI4

Lilyhammer on Netflix

#Lilyhammer is coming to @netflix. Awesome! See? I told you not to give up on good ol' $NFLX! @StevieVanZandt

Andy Rooney - "My Lucky Life"

Aw man, I'm gonna miss #AndyRooney. I guess retirement comes for us all. Sniff... @60Minutes http://t.co/xv9ovT0r

02 October 2011

Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go: Very stylishly directed by the great Mark Romanek. He really needs to make more feature films!

Steelers Lose to Texans

Sad loss for the #Steelers. They tried to fight back but suffered a dispiriting loss. Sigh... :-( #NFL