31 July 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

#Guardians of the Galaxy: Not to be too hyperbolic but is it the new gen Star Wars?! Great fun highlighted by CG space tree & mutant raccoon

30 July 2014

Film Directors Save Kodak

Hipsters "saved" Polaroid & LPs. Now #Nolan & #Tarantino are following suit saving #Kodak. 35mm 4eva! via @benfritz http://t.co/sxjRo3bG4o

28 July 2014

Boyhood Influenced by Michael Apted's "Up" Series

As good as #Boyhood was it owes a huge debt to the great Michael Apted & his astonishing "Up" series.

27 July 2014


#Boyhood: As good as advertised! Like watching your childhood flash before your eyes (sigh). Both the kids were great but Arquette stole it.

26 July 2014

We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You: Like those pantomimes I enjoyed as a kid..this time with kick-a** #Queen music! Great cast, infectious energy, good times!

25 July 2014

RIP Zohra Sehgal

(Belated) RIP Zohra Sehgal. Discovered her through the 1-2 punch of Masala & Bhaji on the Beach. Irrepressible, irresistible screen presence

24 July 2014


#Lucy: Under the Skin meets Limitless with a dash of Tree of Life...as a summer sci-fi superhero movie?! Ridiculous & fun! ScarJo is great!l

23 July 2014

Land Ho!

Land Ho!: Best Picturesque-Septuagenarian-Buddy-Road-Trip-Dramedy-Set-In-Iceland-Summer-Movie, Ever! Pleasurable respite from summer bombast

India Beats England at Lords 2014

Still reveling in that incredible #India win at #Lords. What a difference 3 years makes! It really can't get worse for #England. #EngvInd

21 July 2014

RIP James Garner

RIP James Garner. One of my absolute favorites. Anytime he was on screen I'd stop & watch. No one was, or will be, quite like him. Sigh...

20 July 2014

Rory McIlroy Wins British Open

Congrats to #Rory for winning #BritishOpen & completing 3/4 of the career grand slam at only 25! Tough for kid #Fowler & bridesmaid #Sergio

17 July 2014

RIP Elaine Stritch

RIP Elaine Stritch. Always loved her as a scene-stealer in many movies. Good for 30 Rock for giving her that last mainstream hurrah.

16 July 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: They've finally realized that CG creatures are more interesting than boring humans. Smart apes, great movie!

06 July 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction: An overlong/loud (GM) car + (Hasbro) toy + (China) tourism commercial...with explosions. Many explosions!

Federer Loses Wimbledon 2014 (Sigh...)

#Federer's Last Stand (#Wimbledon2014) comes up agonizingly short! Credit him with fighting to the end despite naysayers. #GOAT always #Sigh

05 July 2014

Jack Sock Wins Doubles Wimbledon 2014

Good to see young American #Tennis star #JackSock pick up the #Wimbledon2014 doubles title. They should play more best-of-5 in dubs!

Costa Rica Loses to Dutch World Cup 2014

Tough break for underdog #CRC who went down to the wire against #NED. I guess we ended up with the glamour semis #WorldCup wanted all along.

Argentina Beats Belgium World Cup 2014

Future is bright for #BEL, it's just not now. #ARG holds on for a thrilling win! Still, there's a shadow over #WorldCup because of #Neymar

Kvitova Wins Wimbledon 2014

Looks like those "a star is born" storylines will have to wait. Poor #Bouchard gets thrashed by mercurial #Kvitova who wins #Wimbledon2014.

04 July 2014

Brazil Beats Colombia World Cup 2014

Poor #COL was undone by slow start & dodgy ref. Good for #WorldCup that #BRA advanced but have to pick up their play. Kid #James is a star!

Federer Beats Raonic Wimbledon 2014

#Federer's Last Stand (aka #Wimbledon2014) gets past young #Raonic. One hurdle remains: #Nole (who squeaked by #BabyFed). Duh-duh-duh!

Germany Beats France World Cup 2014

As always #GER did just about enough to eke out a win against a young, exciting potential-filled #FRA. Cant wait for #BRA vs #COL! #WorldCup


Snowpiercer: Definitely not a typical summer movie! Totally trippy fun. Cap'n America, Bell, Song are great but Tilda completely steals it!

03 July 2014

RIP Louis Zamperini

RIP Louis Zamperini. WWII hero whose life was far grander than the mediocre book it spawned (Unbroken).

02 July 2014

Federer Beats Wawrinka Wimbledon 2014

Whew! #Federer's Last Stand (aka #Wimbledon) passes a tough test vs #Stanimal. Future is now: #Raonic, #Kyrgios, #Bouchard, #Halep, #BabyFed

01 July 2014

RIP Paul Mazursky

RIP Paul Mazursky. Discovered him through Down & Out in Beverly Hills. Later realized he was an imp part of the 70s golden generation.

USA Crashes Out to Belgium World Cup 2014

Heartshattering loss for #USA despite brave #TimHoward & #USMNT battling to the bl**dy bitter end! #Klinsmann has team in right direction. 

Federer Beats Robredo, Isner Loses Wimbledon 2014

#Federer's Last Stand (aka #Wimbledon2014) keeps rolling on. Up next: #Stanimal uh-oh! #Isner lost after another heartbreak special. Sad.