28 September 2007


It's the end of Q3 as we know it and it feels so fine...


Celebrating the end of Q3! And yeah, that is real champagne.

Man, life at work is so great! So great!

Uh-Oh...Big Brother is Watching

Observed on the way from Hermosa Beach to Irvine today.

This was obviously an unmarked law-enforcement car with cameras on the roof as well as on the inside.

Needless to say, I definitely observed the speed limit all morning..and had all my immigration paperwork on hand just in case.

A Britney Spears Sighting!

No way...one of my teammates from work (he did not want to give his name for fear of reprisal from the Spears Camp) saw Britney Spears and a gaggle of her friends at the famed Sutra club in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA.

Wow, my teammate is living the tabloid high life on a work-night.

Sigh! Must be nice to be young...

The Spears Group

Britney Spears
Birthday Lunch

Awww...so sweet, the team takes me to In-N-Out for my "birthday" lunch.

Never mind the fact that I don't eat meat.

It's the thought that counts right? ;-)

Life is So Good

Waffles for lunch at work!

27 September 2007

More Fun at Work!

Ruben "Roobz" Pranata and Mark "The Natural" Contreras get their groove on.

A Typical Day At Work

Hmm...let's see, I had a free massage at work (free because it was a birthday gift from Corporate).

Followed by a quick "power" nap in the Expectant Mother's Room (conveniently located right next to the Massage Room)...

And it was all topped off by a free, fresh smoothie!

No wonder a colleague once told me: "If we did what we did anywhere else for the same amount of money, we'd totally hate it."
The Ball Breakers
Irvine WTT League

The Team
Jenny “DMB” Estebo
Flora “Tenacious Lee” Lee
Dwight “D-Dub” Tran
Brett “Bruin” Hall
Priscilla “Smilin’ Assasin” Lau
Lindsey “Lil’ Bart” Jenniches
Pratik “Basu You Idiot!” Basu

Tie 1: Vs. This Court Reserved for League Play

Match 1: Men’s Singles
Dwight vs. The Other Team Captain

Dwight’s flashes of Rafa Nadal-like brilliance could not eventually overcome the dogged Michael Chang-like defense of The Other Team Captain. However a clear message was sent: The Ball Breakers would go down swinging!

Score: 3 - 6

Dwight “D-Dub” Tran

Match 2: Women’s Singles
Flora vs. Ms. Consistency

Flora put Ms. Consistency under pressure with her Andre Agassi-like service returns. However, it was the dogged Michael Chang-like defense that won the day.

Score: 3 - 6

Match 3: Men’s Doubles
Brett/Pratik vs. Short Shorts Guy/Bad Guy From Lost

Brett/Pratik got off to a rough start going down 1 – 3 before Short Shorts Guy had to chance to even adjust his short shorts. However, Pratik employed the brilliant strategy of confusing SSG/BGFL by putting into the play the slowest serves known to mankind, and allowing Brett to run down most of the balls. B/P battled back to a tie-break…where they were blown out 5 – 1.

Score: 5 (1) – 6 (5)

Flora “Tenacious Lee” Lee and Brett “Bruin” Hall with Short Shorts Guy in background

Pratik “Basu You Idiot!” Basu and Bad Guy From Lost

Match 4: Women’s Doubles
Priscilla/Flora vs. Ms. Consistency/Ms. No Double Faults

It was becoming clear to us that we were the Phoenix Suns to their San Antonio Spurs. Again, P/F played some aesthetically pleasing shots, and again, MC/MNDF just about got enough balls back to sneak ahead.

Score: 3 – 6

Flora “Tenacious Lee” Lee and Priscilla “Smilin’ Assasin” Lau

Match 5: Mixed Doubles
Dwight/Priscilla vs. The Other Team Captain/ Ms. No Double Faults

At this point Dwight had had enough and tried intimidating the other team by drilling MNDF repeatedly. Unfortunately Priscilla’s humane nature put an end to that tactic and, by extension, their chances in the match.

Score: 2 – 6

Dwight “D-Dub” Tran and Priscilla “Smilin’ Assasin” Lau

So, overall, a good beginning. If you read between the box scores you will clearly see a team determined to play with pride, dignity and belief.

And no, we will never wear short shorts.

Final Score: 0 – 5

The wife actually got a Bengali sweet shop in Edison, NJ to deliver a box of Bengali sweets for me.

Something tells me that bad cholesterol or no bad cholesterol this box is not going to last long.

More Gifts

Very thoughtful (as usual) gift from Joly and Doney.

Of course, given my currently high levels of bad cholesterol, I should spend more time playing golf and less time reading about it...

26 September 2007

The Day After

Back at work the day after my birthday. And, well, usually when a teammate has a birthday, the other team-members all pitch in $10 each and buy a gift card.

Well, I never got my gift card yesterday, so I assumed I would get one today.

My hopes were raised ever so little when one my teammates called me over for a second...to give me a birthday card.

Fine, so I send out a thank-you email and "gently" suggest that instead of getting me the usual gift card they could sponsor me for the upcoming AIDS Walk LA.

What was the response?


Ah, back to the other 364 days of the year.

The Greatest Way to Spend a Birthday

Wait...wha? A quiet dinner with the wife turned into a surprise gathering of friends (Rosanne is sneaky that way).

Eliza, Dave, Monique, and Jason all made the effort to come down for some delicious Italian food.


A Greater Way to Spend a Birthday

The cat decides to wish me a happy birthday...

A Great Way to Spend a Birthday

Watching Pardon the Interruption is a great way to spend a birthday.

25 September 2007

And It Keeps Getting Better...

A coupon for a free massage from the company I work for. Ah, sometimes life really is good!

Best Birthday Card, Ever!

Though, I'm not sure what it means that the card was from my wife...

I Shoulda Been an Engineer

Being Indian and working at the world's most famous tech company naturally most people assume that I am an engineer.

Naturally, when they find out that I'm not, they tend to be disappointed. (The INS officer at LAX told me that I should be ashamed of myself - yeah, you and me both pal...do you know how many options engineers get?!)

Now, it seems the cosmos is trying to tell me something. We do a "birthday board" at work every month and look at the board for September.

And yes, I just happen to be the only non-engineer on there.

Yeah, you and me both pal, you and me both...

Best Son, Ever!

My Big Day at Work

Awww...aren't my teammates at work nice :-)

Too bad the other 364 days of the year aren't quite as, you know, un-depressing...

Best Wife, Ever!

Aww...the wife sent me a gift to my workplace with express instructions to open on The Day itself, knowing that it would brighten up my day considerably given how depressed I usually am to be in my workplace.

And, not to forget, she surprised me for my Big Day by taking me to the best concert, ever!

Lil' Sis All Grown Up

Look at this, for the first time, ever, my little sister sent me my card on time.

Sniff, she's all grown up.

They Should Revoke My Indian Citizenship!

First, out of the blue, some white guy at Borders tells me that India beat Australia in the semi-finals of Twenty20 World Cup...

Then, my colleague Bartley Edmund Jenniches IV, a white guy from Michigan, had to tell me about India beating Pakistan in the finals of the Twenty20 World Cup!

Add this to the fact that:
(a) I can't drink Scotch;
(b) I can't gamble/play cards effectively;
(c) I can't play pool/billiards/snooker;
(d) I can't do engineering even though I work for the world's most famous tech company.

They should revoke my Indian-ness and disavow any knowledge of my existence.

24 September 2007

Happy Monday Indeed!

India wins the Twenty20 World Cup, beating Pakistan in the process.

Saw the greatest concert, ever with Styx, Foreigner and the great Def Leppard!

No wonder I am walking around work with a smile on my lips, and a spring in my step instead of my usual air of indifference mixed with a healthy dose of contempt.
Def Leppard!

With Styx and Foreigner opening, I got the distinct impression that this is what my life would have been like had I lived in America in the 80s.

Thanks to Rosanne, my Annual Birthday Depression may be ameliorated this year.

Come Sail Away Renegade Hot Blooded Urgent Juke Box Hero Hysteria Photograph Animal Armageddon It Love Bites Rocket Rock of Ages Pour Some Sugar On Me...

Def Leppard Rocks The OC