31 August 2015

RIP Wes Craven

RIP Wes Craven. Like everyone else I would think him for giving me nightmares, but the truth is that I was too scared to sleep!

30 August 2015

RIP Oliver Sacks

RIP Oliver Sacks. Humanist writer who demystified science (and the human spirit) for dolts like me.

29 August 2015

American Pharoah Upset at Travers

Big upset by #KeenIce at #Travers Sad for #AmericanPharoah I call shenanigans on #Frosted who clearly bumped him Better luck at #BreedersCup

27 August 2015


#Phoenix: Sneaks up on you, and then, BAM, it gets you...gets you good! Masterfully directed by Petzold Stunning cast Hoss is extraordinary!

Steffi Graf Grantland Article

Im old enough to remember #Steffi's greatness. Now shes merely "#Serena before there was a Serena" via @louisahthomas http://t.co/Ovdh6IgNZL

26 August 2015

American Ultra

American Ultra: Your classic Bourne-Mr-&-Mrs-Smith-Up-In-Smoke high-concept blender romp. Good fun. Lex Luthor & K-Stew were great. Pullman!

25 August 2015

England Regain Ashes | India Beat Sri Lanka

So #ENG & #IND drew upon their famed resiliency reserves to regain #Ashes & beat #SRI respectively. #CooksAshes anyone? ;) #TheAshes #SLvIND

23 August 2015

Pato Banton (Hermosa Beach)

Pato Banton (Hermosa Beach): Greatest Summer Concert, Ever! An epic ending for this year's #HBSCS! Brought much-needed fervor to South Bay!

Federer Beats Djokovic For 7th Cincinnati Masters Title!

Magnificent 7 for #Federer at @CincyTennis! No matter what happens at #USOpen that was a h*lluva still-#GOAT-it win over #Djokovic! #ATP

American Pharoah at Del Mar

#BobBaffert at #DelMar: "Is he ready to go a mile and a quarter?" Looks like #AmericanPharoah is going to the #Travers! #DelMarDayBreak

22 August 2015

Celeb Sighting: BJ Novak

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: BJ Novak, watching the stars. I resisted the urge to ask him where Kelly Kapoor was. ;-)

Federer Beats Murray Cincinnati Masters 2015

Fantastic #GOAT-in-Winter win for #Federer against (Poor) #AndyMurray! He's gonna need all his age-defying magic vs #Djoker... @CincyTennis

21 August 2015


Ant-Man: AKA Honey, I Shrunk The Superhero & Made A Totally Fun Summer Movie! It's always good to see Rudd, Kate, Stoll but Pena kills it!

Federer Beats Lopez Cincinnati Masters 2015

As the headline says #Federer in full flight vs #Lopez. The #GOAT has a tough match-up next: the resurgent (Poor) #AndyMurray! @CincyTennis

18 August 2015

Z For Zachariah

Z For Zachariah: Interesting take on post-apocalypse that doesn't live up to potential. Redeemed by excellent cast: Ejiofor, Robbie & Pine.

Feeder Wins First Round Cincinnati Masters 2015

Not quite #GOAT-level play but a solid post-layoff win for #Federer. He's got his work cut out for him for Title 7. #ATP

Zen Pencils - APJ Abdul Kalam

#LifesPursuit. Lovely, inspiring stuff about #APJAbdulKalam from the great @zenpencils: http://t.co/2daGO3Vfh5

17 August 2015

We Come As Friends

We Come As Friends: Sauper's devastating documentary gives a dispiriting peek behind proto-colonial curtain. Extremely affecting/enraging.

16 August 2015

Jason Day Wins PGA Championship

Congrats #JasonDay on not choking away another major. Too bad for #Spieth, but he gave us a h*lluva year. Also, my Bengali bro #Lahiri! #PGA

Spieth Miraculous Par Hole 14

#Spieth!!!!!! #PGA

India Loses to Sri Lanka

In the annals of #IND's defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory matches, losing to a 37-year-old spinner has to be near the top. #Herath?! #SLvIND

14 August 2015

Straight Outta Compton

#StraightOuttaCompton: As the kids would say: that s**t was d*pe! Gray directs the h*ll outta it! Mitchell deserves an Oscar nom! Giamatti!

13 August 2015


#Grandma: Gently directed by Weitz. It's a welcome "return" tour-de-force for Tomlin, but the rest are great; Harden, Garner & esp Elliott.

12 August 2015

San Andreas

San Andreas: Helicopters, trucks, planes, boats...& The Rock - what you need in the event of an earthquake. Also, Giamatti! Brainless fun!

09 August 2015

True Detective (Season 2)

True Detective (S2): Unlike everyone else I was totally with it...until that "Hindi Movie" ending. Wait, that's a disservice to Hindi movies

08 August 2015

Sydney Seau Graceful HOF Speech

With @BillSimmons, #Olbermann & #Cowherd gone, gutless #ESPN didn't acknowledge elephant in room Young #SydneySeau had to step up with grace

Jerome Bettis Inducted in NFL HOF

You Know You're Too Old When: #Seau, #TimBrown & #Jerome #Bettis are inducted into #HOF! #Canton looks like a #Steeler home game! #Steelers

06 August 2015

Jon Stewart Final Daily Show

Good night #JonStewart. His #TheDailyShow was an integral part of my late night US young adulthood. Great (!) interviewer & funny #JonVoyage

04 August 2015

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys: Look, I like the Mother Of Dragons & Boomerang as much as the next nerd, but I'm so glad that Ahnuld's back! Good fun.

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03 August 2015

RIP Cilla Black

RIP Cilla Black. Heard her growing up thanks to my parents. Lovely voice.

02 August 2015

American Pharoah Wins Haskell

Ha! He's still the one! #AmericanPharoah wins the #Haskell just about walking the end there. Now the #BreedersCup for the #GrandSlam!

01 August 2015

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper. Discovered him on a late night showing of They Live growing up. Never realised he was a wrestler until much later.