29 June 2014

Costa Rica Beats Greece World Cup 2014

What an incredible win for #CRC! Little team that could! Best #WorldCup I've seen in a long time (& I've been around for a long time ;-)

Mexico Loses Heartbreaker to Dutch World Cup 2014

Bad luck for #MEX. Couple of minutes from upsetting #NED. Very dodgy penalty. Somewhere #BRA just breathed a huge sigh of relief. #WorldCup 

28 June 2014

Dodgers Beat the Cardinals

Man, #Greinke was dealing today. #Dodgers killed the #Cardinals. #DeeGordon was awesome, and the fans stayed till... well, almost the end.

Federer Wins, Serena Loses at Wimbledon 2014

Smooth sailing again for #Federer's Last Stand  (aka #Wimbledon2014). #Serena, sadly, not quite so lucky. Dark days for American #Tennis :-(  

Brazil Beats Chile World Cup 2014

Nerve-wracking win by tiniest of margins for #BRA! Better for #WorldCup they won but my heart goes out to #CHI who played their hearts out! 

Life Itself

Life Itself: Heart-warming/breaking. We should all be so lucky to have lived the life Ebert did. A must for film lovers. Two thumbs up :-)

27 June 2014

RIP Bobby Womack

RIP Bobby Womack. Loved that album Damon Albarn produced for him. Of course, he had an incredible career before that.

26 June 2014

Federer Wins Round 2 Wimbledon 2014

Thankfully #Federer's Last Stand continues after a beautiful (literally) dismantling. Sad to see #Querrey go out like that. #Wimbledon

USA Out of Group of Death World Cup 2014

Poor chaps #USMNT were tired & got outclassed by #GER. But we're all #POR fans now! Wrong about #Klinsmann he got #USA out of Group of Death

25 June 2014

No Cricket in Olympics

No #Cricket in #Olympics. @BCCI chooses money over worldwide exposure & growing the sport. Sad. Via @ESPNCricinfo http://t.co/hjYspBwQGA

RIP Eli Wallach

RIP Eli Wallach. Unforgettable screen presence over many years. Never forget the first time I saw him as #Tuco in school ask those years ago

24 June 2014


Maleficent: Toothless remake turns the awesome 1959 cartoon (Im that old) into a prepubescent wish-fulfillment fantasy. Jolie kicks a** tho

Luis Suarez Takes a Bite Out of Italy World Cup 2014

Between usual #ITA negative shenanigans & #Suarez bite (oh Luis... from hero to goat, again) that #URU match was a black mark all around.

Federer Wins Round 1 Wimbledon 2014

#Federer's last stand aka #Wimbledon2014 gets off to a rousing start. Still a long way to go but hope springs, well, for a little longer :-)

23 June 2014

Michelle Wie Wins US Open

Good to see Michelle #Wie win the #USOpen for her first major at only 24. Could be the shot in the arm she & #LPGA desperately needs.

22 June 2014

Heart-Breaking Tie For USA vs Portugal World Cup 2014

No!!!!!! What a heart-breaking tie for #USA vs #POR. This bl**dy close...if it weren't for #Ronaldo deciding to finally show up. #USMNT 

21 June 2014

Germany Ghana Exciting Draw World Cup 2014

Great 2nd half shows how a tie can be exciting #GHA loss would've been great for #USA but those chaps played their hearts out vs mighty #GER

Argentina Barely Beats Iran World Cup 2014

Wait did #ARG escape with a win after being outplayed by #IRN?! Thank G*d for mercurial #Messi & his #Suarez-like (brief) burst of genius!

20 June 2014

West Indies Level Series Against New Zealand

No one noticed, but great fightback by #WestIndies to level Test series against #NewZealand. #Gayle thought he's still playing T20. #WIvNZ 

19 June 2014

England Lose to Uruguay World Cup 2014

Heartbreak for #England. 2nd #Suarez goal was not #Gerrard's fault no matter what they say. Will be a dodgy first day back at #Liverpool ;-)

18 June 2014

Clayton Kershaw No-Hitter

Aw man, #Kershaw was this close to a perfect game (thanks a lot #Hanley ;-) His no-hitter could be the spark they need. Go #Dodgers!

17 June 2014

Short Term 12

Short Term 12: 2013 gem I sadly missed last year. Wonderfully crafted. Brie is as good as advertised. The kids Dever & Stanfield are amazing

Shane Battier Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Shane #Battier retires. NCAA & NBA titles are cool. Michael Lewis profile is cooler! http://t.co/KKJmR3aybQ

16 June 2014

USA Beats Ghana! World Cup 2014

A great bl**dy win for the #USA! Probably outplayed by #Ghana but came through when it counted Maybe I was wrong about #Klinsmann ;-) #USMNT

RIP Tony Gwynn

RIP Tony Gwynn. Even though I started following baseball in his twilight it was easy to see that he was not only great but also a class act. 

15 June 2014

Heat Lose NBA Finals 2014

Shades of #Rafa 08 FO #Federer beatdown. Era-ending #Heat loss. Sad for #LeBron but can't be #GOAT if outplayed by some chap called #Kawhi.

Martin Kaymer Wins US Open 2014

Thumping win for #Kaymer. Ran away with the #USOpen. Two majors before age 30 is impressive. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

RIP Casey Kasem

RIP Casey Kasem. The voice of my childhood, literally. Sad end.

Federer Wins Halle 2014

That was pretty scratchy, but a title is a title! Nice to see #Federer hold off a tough #Falla to win #Halle Next up: #Wimbledon duh-duh-duh

14 June 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Fantastic sequel. It's becoming an all-time great series. Can Roger Deakins win an Oscar for this, please? ;-)

Federer Beats Nishikori Halle 2014

Solid win for #Federer over #Nishikori at #Halle At this point you take what you can get esp after what happened last time he played #Falla!

13 June 2014

Kings Win the Stanley Cup Again!

Dear #StanleyCup, welcome back to LA. Us #bandwagon fans promise to treat you to sun, sand & lots of fawning...for now ;-) #Kings #GoKingsGo

RIP Chuck Noll

RIP Chuck Noll. Sad loss for the #Steelers family. Criminally under-appreciated despite four Super Bowls. An all-time great coach.   

Rick Reilly's Last Column

In the end @BillSimmons won & his @ESPN takeover is complete. Sad to see @ReillyRick go. Last column: http://t.co/AzQ4VoMrtw

12 June 2014

Heat Lose Gm 4 NBA Finals 2014

This is how it always ends, whimper not a bang. Era-ending loss for #Heat. Sad for #LeBron, but how will I endure Sports Summer From H*ll?!

Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia World Cup 2014

Man, that was about as nervy a 3-1 win can be. #Brasil bailed out against #Croatia by the ref. Flashes of brilliance though. #WC14

RIP Ruby Dee

RIP Ruby Dee. Loved her (and Ossie Davis) in Do the Right Thing all those years ago and in numerous movies since. A grand screen presence.

11 June 2014

LA Kings Lose Gm 4 Stanley Cup Finals 2014

Oh man, the #Kings were this close (literally) to tying up the game! Hopefully, Game 5 in LA is a #StanleyCup homecoming & not a duh-duh-duh

10 June 2014

Heat Get Thrashed NBA Finals 2014 Gm 3

Potentially series-altering loss for the #Heat! C'mon #LeBron, a bad sports weekend is one thing, I'm not sure I can survive a whole summer.

Phil Jackson's Players Become Coaches

PS. Talk about the Phil-coached-role-player 3-point-sharp-shooter market heating up! After #Kerr & #Fisher wonder how much #Horry is worth?!

Derek Fisher Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Derek Fisher retires. #Lakers fans will be loathe to admit it but he deserves to have his jersey retired!  

Phil Jackson Coached Players Become Coaches

PS. Talk about the Phil-coached-role-player 3-point-sharp-shooter market heating up! After #Kerr & #Fisher wonder how much #Horry is worth?!

Derek Fisher Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Derek Fisher retires. #Lakers fans will be loathe to admit it but he deserves to have his jersey retired!

09 June 2014

RIP Rik Mayall

RIP Rik Mayall. Big & hilarious part of my childhood. Hopefully American audiences will discover there was more to him than Drop Dead Fred.  

08 June 2014

LeBron Carries Heat Gm 2 NBA Finals 2014

Some would say that it was #LeBron answering the idiots who questioned him. I say that carrying the #Heat to victory he salvaged my weekend!

07 June 2014

Kings Win Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals 2014

Whew! What a great win by the #Kings (even though to my untrained eye #Rangers outplayed them). I'm definitely firmly on the #bandwagon now!

California Chrome Loses Belmont

Bad luck for #CaliforniaChrome. I agree with Steve Coburn, #Tonalist took the coward's way out by not running all the #TripleCrown races.

06 June 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow: Best Summer Movie, Ever! Liman in top form. Cruise awesome (as always). Paxton hilarious. Blunt steals it! Best Summer Mov  

05 June 2014

Heat Lose Game 1 NBA Finals 2014

Aargh! Sad loss for the #Heat! This is gonna be depressing. I know everyone wants #LeBron to lose but they can't want this right? #NBAFinals

Eugenie Bouchard & Andrea Petkovic Lose at the French Open

Aw man! Tough loss for young #Genie. And then #Petkovic lost too. I suppose we're all no match for the inexorable/ruthless #Sharapova, Inc.

RIP Don Zimmer

RIP Don Zimmer. Liked seeing the crusty baseball lifer by Joe Torre's side for all those years. As Pedro found out you didn't mess with him!

04 June 2014

Kings Win Game 1 Stanley Cup Finals

Another heart-stopping #Kings win! Looks like I'm back on the #bandwagon If the series continues like this its gonna be hard on my old heart  

02 June 2014

KKR Win IPL 2014

Still luxuriating in that awesome #KKR victory! This could become a worrying trend for us #Bengalis - how will we handle winning! ;-) #IPL  

01 June 2014

Federer Crashes Out to Gulbis

I know that #Gulbis is entertaining but the loss today makes you realize post-#Federer phase in #Tennis is nigh and boy does it feel gloomy.