30 September 2013

PRI's The World Tweet

@PratikBasu Thanks for listening! Discover new bands from our #GlobalHit Twitter list (we update daily): http://t.co/3sA6N3RjOr

29 September 2013

Steelers Lose to the Vikings

Aw man, heart-breaking (era-ending?!) loss for the #Steelers. On the other hand, as TBH said, they looked like the Best 0-4 Team, Ever! #NFL

27 September 2013

Too Old: Discover Bastille on NPR

You Know You're Too Old When: You find out about an awesome new band...on @NPR?! #Bastille @BASTILLEdan @pritheworld http://t.co/eA2GZ6czLO

26 September 2013

Yevgeny Kafelnikov HOF Snub

Look, I'm happy for the #Tennis #HOF nominees, but it's an absolute crime that #Kafelnikov is not in. #TskTsk #ATP

25 September 2013

Small Black - "Breathless"

Yup, nothing makes you feel older than an awsome music video celebrating youth, sweet youth! #Breathless by @SmallBlk http://t.co/uR6LsI4t7f

23 September 2013

Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe: Ol' college try tackling a complex, controversial subject. Nice to see Bollywood making these kinds of films. Good first step.

22 September 2013

Steelers Lose to Bears

Don't know what's more heartbreaking: TBH still believing in the #Steelers in the 3rd quarter or me benching the #Bears defense in fantasy.

20 September 2013


Nayak: Looser, edgier, jazzier Ray. Tour-de-force from a (way) against-type Kumar (our legendary tragic-romantic Bengali hero) @SidGrauman


Devi: Still powerful and sadly relevant even after all these years. Those final images still scar your brain. @SidGrauman

19 September 2013

RIP Ken Norton

RIP Ken Norton. Went toe-to-toe with Ali and more than held his own. Remember when heavyweight boxing was great? Sigh...

18 September 2013

Bobby Cannavale Reads a NYT Graphic Novel

Yes, the great Bobby #Cannavale can read anything; including a grahic novel from @nytimes (?!). "Tomato Can Blues" http://t.co/uGHnkWoZ06

16 September 2013

Steelers Lose to Bengals on MNF

Hoo boy! I knew this was going to be a lost #Steelers season. But TBH is gonna hold on to that one nice-looking TD pass to #Moye. #MNF #NFL

15 September 2013

Zimbabwe Wins a Test

It's not often that the minnows are allowed to shine. Great win for underdog #Zimbabwe & the spirit of #Cricket. #ZimvPak

14 September 2013

Mayweather Beats Canelo

As the @BBC commentators said of #Azharuddin/#Gower: like picking dandelions. @FloydMayweather completely outclassed @TeamCanelo. #TheOne

Mayweather Beating Canelo

It's over. Poor kid #Canelo is being out-boxed/punched/fast-ed by #Mayweather. Welcome to the big time young man. Fight back! #TheOne

RIP Ray Dolby

RIP Ray Dolby. I'm old enough to remember Dolby NR on cassettes. Movies would not be what they were if not for him.

13 September 2013


Charulata: My Bengali card should be revoked for waiting this long to see this romantic masterpiece. Beautiful & heartbreaking. @SidGrauman


Jalsaghar: Sadly the metaphor for Bengal's grand decline in the face of commercial progress rings true 50 years later. Biswas is magnificent

10 Years!

@gingerm @evolutionofaman @susievdepianto Look how skinny I am! No wonder I'm smiling. 10 years?! Time flies when you're having fun :-)

11 September 2013


#Prisoners: Nice sub-Haneke effort by Villeneuve. Comes close to transcending genre roots. Great stuff from Deakins, Gyllenhaal & Jackman.

09 September 2013


Aparajito: Melancholy examination of making a new life against the constraints of tradition. Still apropos some 60 years later! @TheAcademy

Pather Panchali

Pather Panchali: Still devastating after all these years. Something new every time. Sly critique of gender roles this time out. @TheAcademy

08 September 2013

Serena Wins US Open 2013

Congrats #Serena on overcoming a tough #Vika & winning the #USOpen. Very close to taking #GOAT from #Steffi/#Navratilova...but not yet. #WTA

Steelers Worse Than Pirates?!

I hated to tell TBH, but the writing had been on the wall all along that the #Pirates would have a better season than the #Steelers! #NFL

07 September 2013


#Salinger: Sensational. Tawdry. Compelling. Engrossing. Entertaining. Yo snooty critics: never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

05 September 2013

Futurama - Jurassic Bark

Everyone else also thinks that #JurassicBark is the best #Futurama?! When did this happen! Also, I'm sad it's gone. http://t.co/oHhPG7gHOe

Tweet from @dashmeshstud

@PratikBasu please Basu it was s really bad movie, somewhere along the way they just lost the plot

04 September 2013

Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain: Who better than to make an awesome parody of a Michael Bay film than the awesome...Michael Bay! Surprisingly dark...& awesome!

02 September 2013

Federer Loses to Robredo at US Open

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a more depressed #Federer. Don't let them convince you otherwise, he's still #GOAT (for now) #USOpen #ATP

Kids Like You & Me

Kids Like You & Me: A for effort. Tries valiantly to showcase the manic energy of the #BlackLips...in the Middle East! Nice try. @cinefamily

01 September 2013

RIP David Frost

RIP David Frost. Loved watching him on TV back when I was a kid.