31 December 2016

Liverpool Beats Manchester...City

Maybe they won't win the #EPL but at least #Liverpool won the #SterlingCup right? 😂 Beautiful ball by #Lallana helps #LFC beat #MCFC. 2017!

30 December 2016

Ana Ivanovic Retires

You Know You're #TooOld When: #Ana #Ivanovic Retires (29?!). Entertaining mercurial shotmaker. Prob should've had more wins but always fun.


#Moana: Delightful! Proof that (a) Disney Animation's surpassed Pixar (b) The Rock can do anything (c) Jemaine steals everything he's in!

29 December 2016

RIP Debbie Reynolds

RIP #DebbieReynolds. An absolute legend in my house growing up thanks to Singin', Tammy, etc. Hollywood's Golden Age is all but gone Sigh...


#Paterson: So Jarmusch-ianly deadpan that when its fierce beating heart catches up with you, what an impact! Lovely, elegant, funny, & sad.

28 December 2016

Toni Erdmann

#ToniErdmann: Fantastic deadpan existential German comedy (is there any other kind?) One of the year's very best! That Birthday Party..woah!

27 December 2016

RIP Carrie Fisher

RIP #CarrieFisher. Yes, like everyone else I discovered as Princess Leia, but she was so good in everything she did. This is so sad.


#Silence: At first I was disappointed...then I realised this wasn't Endo's Silence, but (most definitively) Scorsese's. Quite unforgettable!

Article: Cheetah Study

25 December 2016

RIP George Michael

RIP #GeorgeMichael?! What?! Talk about the soundtrack of my life...his music was always there. Gawd, 2016 had to sneak another one in there.

Cavaliers Beat Warriors 2016 Xmas

A Christmas Miracle(-ous) non-call at the end! It doesn't mean anything but great win for #LeBron & #Cavs (i.e. #Kyrie?!) against #Warriors.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2016

#MerryChristmas World...I mean #HappyHolidays! :-)

23 December 2016

20th Century Women

#20thCenturyWomen: Just wonderful! More than just a showcase for the peerless Bening. First-rate ensemble but kid Zumann steals the show.

22 December 2016

Roger Federer NYT Interview

Dude @christophclarey you gave me a heart attack with that headline: "...The End"?! Excellent #Federer interview! http://ow.ly/EKml307j2pq

21 December 2016


#Julieta: Minor key Almodovar is still a wonder to behold. Moving, Sirk-ian mediation on grief, guilt, & the things that (un)bind families.

20 December 2016

India Thrashes England in Home Test Series 2016

(Poor) #ENG, playing #IND at home has become like playing #WestIndies & #AUS at their height, esp w/ #Virat & (stat king) #RAshwin! #INDvENG

19 December 2016


#Allied: Two gorgeous movie stars, fantastic director, espionage, romance, epic WWII backdrop...should've been the perfect big-screen movie.

18 December 2016

Steelers Beat Bengals

Thank G*d for #Boswell, #Timmons & #Bengals bungling! Great come-from-self-inflicted-wounds #Steelers win. Next up: hated #Ravens! #HereWeGo 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

#RogueOne: (5th) Best #StarWars Movie, Ever! Terrifically exciting grown-up direction by Gilroy, er, I mean Edwards ;-) PS Fantastic ending!

17 December 2016

Clive Lloyd Interview

In my house growing up #CliveLloyd was the *original* #CaptainFantastic! :-) Fantastic interview by @ListerProd: http://ow.ly/Z0DN307d4ZL

16 December 2016


#Neruda: A meta-biopic that kinda demystifies, deconstructs and deifies the legend at the same time…so another #Larrain? :-) Cast is aces.

RIP Craig Sager

RIP #CraigSager. Essential to my life as an NBA fan. Made it all look like such fun. Very sad given that we thought he was going to make it.

14 December 2016

RIP Alan Thicke

RIP #AlanThicke. Caught snippets of him on Growing Pain, um growing up. He was always tongue-in-cheek great in everything else he did. Sad.

The Handmaiden

#TheHandmaiden: Gonzo De Palma-esque Mills & Boon, ie Chan-wook Park! Luridly entertaining. Stellar perfs. Oscar-worthy costume/prod design.

11 December 2016

Steelers Beat the Bills

It's a good thing I took #LeVeon with the first pick in my draft! PS. Good thing the #Steelers have him too! ;-) Great win today. #HereWeGo 

Liverpool Bad Draw vs. West Ham United

A draw-that-feels-like-a-loss for #LFC vs relegation-worthy #WHU. Was that awful #Bournemouth loss the beginning of the end? #Liverpool #EPL

10 December 2016

RIP John Glenn

RIP #JohnGlenn. Always heard about him & Yuri Gagarin growing up. Didn't realize that the senator & astronaut were the same person! Legend.

08 December 2016

Adoree' Jackson Wins Jim Thorpe Award

Congrats to #Adoree' on winning the #JimThorpe Award (though let's be honest, he deserved to be a #Heisman finalist too). #USC #Trojans

07 December 2016

RIP Margaret Whitton

RIP #MargaretWhitton. Loved her in The Secret Of My Success & of course Major League. Underrated actress who deserved better from Hollywood

06 December 2016

RIP Jayalalithaa

RIP #Jayalalithaa. Larger than life (South) Indian politician (aren't they all?) History will decide her legacy but her impact is undeniable

Nocturnal Animals

#NocturnalAnimals: Tremendous Wong-Kar-Wai-Meets-Kieslowski-Meets-Almodovar-Meets-Lynch romantic-melodrama-film-noir! Tom Ford does it again

05 December 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

#FantasticBeasts: Perhaps not quite the powerful allegory for multiculturalism/inclusion critics would have you believe but still pretty fun

02 December 2016

RIP Andrew Sachs

RIP #AndrewSachs. Loved him in #FawltyTowers (no way it's possible today) & "Clanger." So effortlessly funny & endearing. Loved that guy!

Nico Rosberg Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Nico #Rosberg Retires(?!). Wasn't his biggest fan but feel bad that #LewisHamilton drove him out in his prime


#Jackie: AKA Natalie Portman's Oscar reel. Entertainingly show-offy film designed for maximum awards-season impact. Mica Levi's score wow!!!

01 December 2016

RIP Joe McKnight

RIP #JoeMcKnight. He was great at USC and would have had a good NFL career with proper coaching. Gone way too soon at 28. Very sad.

R Ashwin Profile

Great #RAshwin profile by @the_kk. If India only plays home tests he should become the greatest cricketer ever. http://ow.ly/rFs0306Isvu