16 July 2009

The 80s Are Alive!

And they're singin' and dancin' and having a great time!

I have to admit, The Better Half has been on the Phoenix bandwagon from way back when...way back when. Me? I liked them okay.

Then their latest album rolled around, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and I had to admit that it was pretty da*n good.

And then my old USC pal MattHarry turned TBH on to the greatest thing, ever!

It's a "Brat Pack Mashup" video to Phoenix's insanely catchy "Lisztomania."

Some enterprising dude named avoidantconsumer cut a bunch of those amazing John Hughes movies together and created a faux music video for the song.

It's amazing! Amazing! The video makes you want to just get up and...you know...

Click below to watch it (be careful though, flying elbows and insane twirling may ensue).

Sigh, I miss the 80s...


YouTube: phoenix - lisztomania *brat pack mashup*