31 December 2016

Liverpool Beats Manchester...City

Maybe they won't win the #EPL but at least #Liverpool won the #SterlingCup right? 😂 Beautiful ball by #Lallana helps #LFC beat #MCFC. 2017!

30 December 2016

Ana Ivanovic Retires

You Know You're #TooOld When: #Ana #Ivanovic Retires (29?!). Entertaining mercurial shotmaker. Prob should've had more wins but always fun.


#Moana: Delightful! Proof that (a) Disney Animation's surpassed Pixar (b) The Rock can do anything (c) Jemaine steals everything he's in!

29 December 2016

RIP Debbie Reynolds

RIP #DebbieReynolds. An absolute legend in my house growing up thanks to Singin', Tammy, etc. Hollywood's Golden Age is all but gone Sigh...


#Paterson: So Jarmusch-ianly deadpan that when its fierce beating heart catches up with you, what an impact! Lovely, elegant, funny, & sad.

28 December 2016

Toni Erdmann

#ToniErdmann: Fantastic deadpan existential German comedy (is there any other kind?) One of the year's very best! That Birthday Party..woah!

27 December 2016

RIP Carrie Fisher

RIP #CarrieFisher. Yes, like everyone else I discovered as Princess Leia, but she was so good in everything she did. This is so sad.


#Silence: At first I was disappointed...then I realised this wasn't Endo's Silence, but (most definitively) Scorsese's. Quite unforgettable!

Article: Cheetah Study

25 December 2016

RIP George Michael

RIP #GeorgeMichael?! What?! Talk about the soundtrack of my life...his music was always there. Gawd, 2016 had to sneak another one in there.

Cavaliers Beat Warriors 2016 Xmas

A Christmas Miracle(-ous) non-call at the end! It doesn't mean anything but great win for #LeBron & #Cavs (i.e. #Kyrie?!) against #Warriors.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2016

#MerryChristmas World...I mean #HappyHolidays! :-)

23 December 2016

20th Century Women

#20thCenturyWomen: Just wonderful! More than just a showcase for the peerless Bening. First-rate ensemble but kid Zumann steals the show.

22 December 2016

Roger Federer NYT Interview

Dude @christophclarey you gave me a heart attack with that headline: "...The End"?! Excellent #Federer interview! http://ow.ly/EKml307j2pq

21 December 2016


#Julieta: Minor key Almodovar is still a wonder to behold. Moving, Sirk-ian mediation on grief, guilt, & the things that (un)bind families.

20 December 2016

India Thrashes England in Home Test Series 2016

(Poor) #ENG, playing #IND at home has become like playing #WestIndies & #AUS at their height, esp w/ #Virat & (stat king) #RAshwin! #INDvENG

19 December 2016


#Allied: Two gorgeous movie stars, fantastic director, espionage, romance, epic WWII backdrop...should've been the perfect big-screen movie.

18 December 2016

Steelers Beat Bengals

Thank G*d for #Boswell, #Timmons & #Bengals bungling! Great come-from-self-inflicted-wounds #Steelers win. Next up: hated #Ravens! #HereWeGo 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

#RogueOne: (5th) Best #StarWars Movie, Ever! Terrifically exciting grown-up direction by Gilroy, er, I mean Edwards ;-) PS Fantastic ending!

17 December 2016

Clive Lloyd Interview

In my house growing up #CliveLloyd was the *original* #CaptainFantastic! :-) Fantastic interview by @ListerProd: http://ow.ly/Z0DN307d4ZL

16 December 2016


#Neruda: A meta-biopic that kinda demystifies, deconstructs and deifies the legend at the same time…so another #Larrain? :-) Cast is aces.

RIP Craig Sager

RIP #CraigSager. Essential to my life as an NBA fan. Made it all look like such fun. Very sad given that we thought he was going to make it.

14 December 2016

RIP Alan Thicke

RIP #AlanThicke. Caught snippets of him on Growing Pain, um growing up. He was always tongue-in-cheek great in everything else he did. Sad.

The Handmaiden

#TheHandmaiden: Gonzo De Palma-esque Mills & Boon, ie Chan-wook Park! Luridly entertaining. Stellar perfs. Oscar-worthy costume/prod design.

11 December 2016

Steelers Beat the Bills

It's a good thing I took #LeVeon with the first pick in my draft! PS. Good thing the #Steelers have him too! ;-) Great win today. #HereWeGo 

Liverpool Bad Draw vs. West Ham United

A draw-that-feels-like-a-loss for #LFC vs relegation-worthy #WHU. Was that awful #Bournemouth loss the beginning of the end? #Liverpool #EPL

10 December 2016

RIP John Glenn

RIP #JohnGlenn. Always heard about him & Yuri Gagarin growing up. Didn't realize that the senator & astronaut were the same person! Legend.

08 December 2016

Adoree' Jackson Wins Jim Thorpe Award

Congrats to #Adoree' on winning the #JimThorpe Award (though let's be honest, he deserved to be a #Heisman finalist too). #USC #Trojans

07 December 2016

RIP Margaret Whitton

RIP #MargaretWhitton. Loved her in The Secret Of My Success & of course Major League. Underrated actress who deserved better from Hollywood

06 December 2016

RIP Jayalalithaa

RIP #Jayalalithaa. Larger than life (South) Indian politician (aren't they all?) History will decide her legacy but her impact is undeniable

Nocturnal Animals

#NocturnalAnimals: Tremendous Wong-Kar-Wai-Meets-Kieslowski-Meets-Almodovar-Meets-Lynch romantic-melodrama-film-noir! Tom Ford does it again

05 December 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

#FantasticBeasts: Perhaps not quite the powerful allegory for multiculturalism/inclusion critics would have you believe but still pretty fun

02 December 2016

RIP Andrew Sachs

RIP #AndrewSachs. Loved him in #FawltyTowers (no way it's possible today) & "Clanger." So effortlessly funny & endearing. Loved that guy!

Nico Rosberg Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Nico #Rosberg Retires(?!). Wasn't his biggest fan but feel bad that #LewisHamilton drove him out in his prime


#Jackie: AKA Natalie Portman's Oscar reel. Entertainingly show-offy film designed for maximum awards-season impact. Mica Levi's score wow!!!

01 December 2016

RIP Joe McKnight

RIP #JoeMcKnight. He was great at USC and would have had a good NFL career with proper coaching. Gone way too soon at 28. Very sad.

R Ashwin Profile

Great #RAshwin profile by @the_kk. If India only plays home tests he should become the greatest cricketer ever. http://ow.ly/rFs0306Isvu

29 November 2016

Del Potro Helps Argentina Win Davis Cup

PS. The Magical Year of #DelPo continues! #DelPotro miraculous comeback vs #Cilic/#CRO helps #ARG win first #DavisCup Next year's wide open!


#Arrival: Villeneuve is now the master of the elevated genre film. Beautifully crafted thinking (wo)man's sci-fi. Renner & Adams are great!

28 November 2016

The Edge of Seventeen

#TheEdgeOfSeventeen: The spirit of John Hughes is alive & well in kid director Craig! Funny, lacerating, moving performance by Steinfeld.

26 November 2016

USC Manhandles Notre Dame

Glad to see #USC (aka #Adoree) & #SamDarnold thrash insufferable #BrianKelly/#NotreDame. Is it too late to get back on #Trojans bandwagon?!

25 November 2016

Peter Debruge Lion Takedown

I love @AskDebruge, but the snark in his evisceration of #Lion is beneath him. Leave that to the millennials Pete, you're better than this!


#Lion: The kind of feel-good we could all do with right about now!Little Sunny & All-Grown-Up Dev hold the entire thing together. Fantastic.

24 November 2016

Steelers Hammer Colts

#Steelers are probably thankful that #AndrewLuck didn't play...& #MikeMitchell did. Poor kid #Tolzien was in over his head. #HereWeGo #TNF 

Steven Gerrard Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Steven #Gerrard Retires. My all-time fave. As much defined by failure as by success. Glad I got to see him.

23 November 2016

Rules Don't Apply

#RulesDontApply: Old-school, but charming…much like its star/director/writer/producer. The kids are good but it's Beatty who makes it fun.

20 November 2016

Steelers Beat Browns

"Thank G*d for the #Browns" - #AFCNorth. Much-needed win for #Steelers today. Congrats to #JamesHarrison on breaking the sack record!

Andy Murray Beats Djokovic to Cement No. 1

Winter may be coming but the (Poor) #AndyMurray Era in #tennis is here! Great win over #Djokovic to cement No 1. Next year'll be crazy. #ATP

19 November 2016

RIP Sharon Jones

RIP #SharonJones. What a powerful performer. Proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Cliched, but in her case, true. Very sad.

18 November 2016


#Divines: Fantastic! *This* is how you make a debut film! Amamra absolutely burns through the screen. Director Benyamina has a long future.

16 November 2016

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Honorees 2016

So...Greatest #MedalofFreedom Class, Ever! ?

.@POTUS just named the 21 recipients of this year's Presidential Medal of Freedom. Check out the full list here: go.wh.gov/EzRYBq

15 November 2016

Corey Seager and Dave Roberts Win Awards

Congrats #Corey #Seager on winning #NL #ROTY & #DaveRoberts for manager of the year. So, the #Dodgers are only a year away...again? ;-)

14 November 2016

RIP Gwen Ifill

RIP Gwen Ifill. Calm, reassuring face of that much-maligned institution: the TV news. Her debate moderation remain high-water marks.

13 November 2016

Steelers Lose Heartbreaker to Cowboys

Aw dude, where's Dick #LeBeau when you need him?! Heartbreaking(/playoff-hunt-ending) loss for the #Steelers. At least #BigBen's back.

India Draws with England 2016 Test 1

Umm, wait, #IND has to "fight" for a Test draw at home(!) while #ENG has the "upper hand" moving forward?! Did not see that coming! #INDvENG

12 November 2016

Manchester by the Sea

#ManchesterByTheSea: Male weepie melodrama elevated by expert Lonergan touch & unexpected (gallows) humor. Young Hedges steals the film.

11 November 2016

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

#BillyLynn:The (cinema) revolution will be televised in 4K 3D HFR (120FPS)! Admirable effort by Ang Lee to give us a glimpse into the future

10 November 2016

RIP Leonard Cohen

RIP Leonard Cohen. Discovered him on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack(?!). Not a music critic but I enjoyed his contemplative melancholy.

RIP Raoul Coutard

RIP #RaoulCoutard. Legendary French New Wave cinematographer Shot Breathless which I saw wo subtitles...I dont speak French...still amazing!

My Life as a Zucchini

#MyLifeAsAZucchini: Rare kids film that doesn't talk down to its intended audience. Lovely little stopmotion gem. Beautiful & much-needed.

09 November 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

#HacksawRidge: Gibson is not the nicest guy, but he can direct the bl**dy h*ll out of a movie! Fantastic (but not for the faint of heart)!

08 November 2016

Kamal's Harris First Indian-American Senator

Congrats to #KamalaHarris on becoming the first #IndianAmerican senator! #desipower!

07 November 2016

Confederates in the Attic

To #JDVance/#HillbillyElegy-esque #Trump-supporters-thinkpieces worshippers: Just (re)read #TonyHorwitz's incredible #ConfederatesInTheAttic

South Africa Comes Back to Beat Australia

Woah! What happened?! #AUS had a winning hand at home...& collapsed?! #RSA lost their best players...& won?! Wha?! #AUSvSA PS #Rabada is 21!

06 November 2016

LA Galaxy Out of Playoffs / Liverpool on Top

PPPS. #LAGalaxy gets knocked out of #MLS playoffs & #Liverpool finds itself atop the #EPL! Poor Stevie #Gerrard it ended with a whimper #LFC

Dominika Cibulkova Wins WTA Finals 2016

PPS. Not that anyone noticed but post-#Serena #WTA Finals were pretty awesome. In-#Domi-table win :-), another #Kerber final & #Sveta...!

Andy Murray Becomes No. 1

PS. I, for one, welcome the new #AndyMurray era in #tennis...G*d help us all! ;-) Now the #BigFour legacy is complete. #Isner played well.

Steelers Lose to Ravens (Again)

Another entry in the Worst #Steelers Game, Ever! canon which always seems to come against hated #Ravens #EliRogers & #ArtieBurns played well

05 November 2016

California Chrome Loses Breeders Cup 2016

Bad luck for #CaliforniaChrome & good-guy #Espinoza. #Arrogate was too strong at the end. Of course it had to be #Baffert! #BreedersCup


#Loving: Tremendously affecting. Edgerton is very good, Negga is incredible. I personally owe a great debt of gratitude to the Lovings.

04 November 2016

Doctor Strange

#DoctorStrange: Tremendous tongue-in-cheek fun! It's like they took House & put him in Inception/2001/Groundhog Day(?!)! Yes Tilda steals it

03 November 2016

The Eagle Huntress

#TheEagleHuntress: Wonderful, inspirational, required viewing for parents everywhere. Niblett does Oscar-level cinematography. Great stuff!

02 November 2016

Article: AFM: Oscars Offerings Replace Genre Movies as Indie Industry Struggles - The Hollywood Reporter

AFM: Oscars Offerings Replace Genre Movies as Indie Industry Struggles
- The Hollywood Reporter


Cleveland Indians Deserve New Major League Movie

Take heart #Indians fans...I think we're getting a new #MajorLeague movie out of this, no? #Believeland #WorldSeries

Cubs (Finally) Win World Series!

What a bl**dy #WorldSeries! #Cubs - No longer lovable...or losers! #Indians - Classic close-but-no...like their namesake cricket team (😂)!

01 November 2016

Ray Allen Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #RayAllen Retires. Loved him from #HeGotGame & Bucks/Sonics/Celtics & Heat! (LeBron owes him!) #JumpShotJesus

28 October 2016

Fire at Sea

#FireAtSea: Death by a thousand (languid) cuts. So lyrically gentle that you don't realise at what point your heart is shattered by it all.

27 October 2016

The Girl on the Train

#TheGirlOnTheTrain: Better than the (terrible/entertaining) book. Blunt is incredible in an A-List starmaking role! Good fun all around.

25 October 2016

LeBron James Triple-Double First Game of Season

Oh hey, during the #WorldSeries hoopla, #LeBron just snuck in a triple-double against (hapless) #Knicks  & hated #DRose. Welcome back #NBA !

Arian Foster Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #Arian #Foster Retires. Played at an all-time level (when healthy). What a great, rare, colorful character!

23 October 2016

Adam Vinatieri Breaks NFL Record

You Know You're #TooOld When: Adam #Vinatieri breaks #NFL consecutive FG record, held by #Vanderjagt(?!). He has to get into #HOF, right?

22 October 2016

Mike Greenberg Should Give Kershaw a Break

@Espngreeny Give the poor kid a break. He's carried the Dodgers up until today. Hendricks just happened to pitch the game of his life.

Dodgers Lose to Cubs 2016 NLCS Gm. 6

Terrible loss for #Dodgers & esp #Clayton #Kershaw. #Hendricks(?!) was lightsout #Cubs not so lovable anymore hope #Indians keep them losers

Keeping Up With the Joneses

#KeepingUpWithTheJoneses: Not bad at all, deserves better than its sad box office fate. Terrific cast chemistry. Isla totally steals it!

21 October 2016


#Moonlight: Achingly heartfelt, delicate & haunting. Beautifully crafted by Jenkins. Fantastic cast esp kids Sanders & Rhodes. A must-watch!

20 October 2016

LA Sparks Win WNBA Title

At least the #Sparks won the #WNBA in a come-from-behind thriller over #Lynx! Enjoy it #LA, last basketball championship for a long time! ;)

Dodgers Lose to Cubs 2016 NLCS Gm. 5

Man, that was an 8th inning from h*ll! Bad loss for #Dodgers. #Cubs (rapidly becoming insufferable) have momentum. Its up to #Kershaw! #NLCS

19 October 2016

Dodgers Lose to Cubs 2016 NLCS Gm. 4

Uh-oh last thing #Dodgers needed was for the #Cubs bats to wake up! Poor kid #JulioUrias hope he can brush this off. Nervous for Gm 5! #NLCS

The Accountant

#TheAccountant: Ben gets his own thinking-man’s action franchise. Good fun, esp if you don't *think* about plot…character development...etc.

18 October 2016

Rich Hill Beats Cubs 2016 NLCS Gm. 3

So, #RichHill pitched the "perfect" game for the #Dodgers...good thing #DaveRoberts left him in! ;-) #Cubs fans - freaking out yet?! #NLCS

Certain Women

#CertainWomen: Another superb Reichardt! Sneaks up on you & resonates long after it’s over. Gladstone steals it One of the year’s very best!

17 October 2016

American Honey

#AmericanHoney: Astonishing whirling devastating requiem for the American Dream. Arnold does wonders with young cast, esp Lane. DP Ryan wow!

16 October 2016

Kershaw Beats the Cubs

Seriously what was that about #Clayton #Kershaw not being clutch in the postseason?! Great win for #Dodgers #Cubs fans gettin nervous! #NLCS

Steelers Lose to Dolphins

Another game #Steelers should've won against #Dolphins that they lose. Sigh. Hope #BigBen's okay. At least #Ravens lost, thx #OBJ! #HereWeGo 

15 October 2016

Do Not Resist

#DoNotResist: Intense, frightening you-are-*there*doc that crystallizes the loaded concept of the militarization of the police. Must watch!

14 October 2016

The Weeknd - False Alarm

#FalseAlarm - best song @BlocParty never did or #HardcoreHenry sequel you didn't realise you wanted?! @theweeknd http://ow.ly/4CPZ305cA0w


#Christine: Extraordinary Oscar-worthy performance by Hall! Tight-knit ensemble handled very well by director Campos. Great, unnerving film.

13 October 2016

Dodgers Beat Nationals to Win NLDS

What was that about #Clayton #Kershaw not being clutch in the post-season?! Great win for #Dodgers over close-but-no-cigar #Dusty #NLDS #MLB

Se Ri Pak Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #SeRiPak Retires. Outside of Tiger she's probably had the biggest impact on modern golf. Wish I had her swing.

12 October 2016

David Ortiz (Big Papi) Retires

You Know You're Too Old When David #Ortiz Retires Thx to stirring #BostonStrong speech all cracks papered over Undeserving  #HOF-er #BigPapi

10 October 2016

RIP Andrjez Wajda

RIP Andrjez Wajda. Great Polish filmmaker who challenged his audiences as much as he challenged the establishment. Incredible legacy.

09 October 2016

Steelers Beat Jets

Good, somewhat tougher-than-expected win for #Steelers against hapless #Jets. Good to have #LeVeon back. Hello #SammieCoates!! #HereWeGo!

07 October 2016

The Birth of a Nation

#TheBirthOfANation: Uneven but passionate, complex, compelling, unforgettable cinematic experience...if you can separate film from filmmaker

06 October 2016

Rangana Herath Article

Great article by @andrewffernando on that lovable cult hero of #cricket: #Rangana #Herath. Fantastic read. https://t.co/fjZSvKmAnK

05 October 2016

Celeb Sighting: David Walton

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #DavidWalton, forced into expressing his undying gratitude for vegan food by the very grateful waiter.

04 October 2016

India Beats New Zealand at Eden Gardens

Leave #Pujara's strike rate alone! Good win for #IND over #NZL at historic #EdenGardens. Great to see fellow Bong #Saha win MOTM. #INDvNZ

03 October 2016

Dick Enberg Retires

PS. You Know You're Too Old When: Dick #Enberg Retires. Discovered him through tennis - didn't realise he did every...single...sport! #OhMy

Deepwater Horizon

#DeepwaterHorizon: Brutally nerve-wracking! Nuance never let Berg stand in the way of action. Marky Mark's great but this is Kurt's movie!

02 October 2016

Steelers Thrash Chiefs

So, it was #LeVeon all along! Apparently the offense and the defense missed the kid! Great win for #Steelers. It's still early but #HereWeGo 

USA Wins Ryder Cup 2016

Congrats #USA. Kids salvaged #Tiger/#Lefty's #RyderCup legacies. #Rory's took a big hit today from #Reed. #EUR gets a taste of own medicine.

28 September 2016

The Age of Shadows

#TheAgeOfShadows: Fantastic! Just bl**dy fantastic! Epic, exciting spy-thriller, betrayal around every corner! Stunning noir cinematography!

27 September 2016

The Magnificent Seven

#TheMagnificentSeven: It’s not as good as the original, but it’s still a lot of fun to see Denzel do his bad-a** thing! Nice work by Fuqua.

26 September 2016

RIP Arnold Palmer

RIP #Arnold #Palmer. From as far back as I can remember I was always aware of #Arnie thanks to my father. Incredible impact. #ArniesArmy

25 September 2016

Vin Scully Retires

"I've needed you more much more than you've needed me." With all due respect, Mr. #Scully, I beg to differ! #ThankYouVin #VinScully #Dodgers

Jose Fernandez Dies

RIP #JoseFernandez. What a great, fun pitcher to watch. Gone way, way too soon. What an incredible future he had in store. Really sad...

24 September 2016

Kevin Garnett Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: Kevin #Garnett retires. Lucky to see him play live back in the day - jaw-dropping...& I wasn't even a fan! #KG

23 September 2016


#Tanna: Astonishingly beautiful & deeply moving. Lovely perfs by entire cast of non-pros Deserves to be seen on as big a screen as possible!

21 September 2016

RIP Curtis Hanson

RIP #CurtisHanson: Aw man, this is really sad. One of my all-time favourite directors. Loved all his movies. Loved him talking about movies.

19 September 2016

London Road

#LondonRoad: Perhaps the most unusual serial killer movie I’ve seen in a long time. Commands your attention, even if it doesn't quite work.

18 September 2016

Steelers Beat Bengals

Here it is again: Thank G*d for #DeAngelo! Good, gutty win for #Steelers, for once they got the calls. PS. Hello #Xavier #Grimble! #HereWeGo 

17 September 2016

RIP Edward Albee

RIP Edward Albee. Like most others I knew him through "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Quite the shot across my sheltered young bow.

16 September 2016

Del Potro Beats Andy Murray in Epic Davis Cup Match

Man this feel-good #DelPo story just keeps on goin'! Beats (Poor) #AndyMurray in *epic* #DavisCup clash! PS. Kudos to AM for playing at all.


#Snowden: [Redacted]

15 September 2016

Ramnaresh Sarwan Retires

You Know Youre Too Old When: #Ramnaresh #Sarwan retires For a batsman who was supposedly under the radar he scored a lot of runs #WestIndies

14 September 2016

Sania Mirza New Yorker Article

Yup, @marypilon is right, #Sania #Mirza is a trailblazer for #IND both on and off the court Nice article #SaniaMirza http://ow.ly/HUMM3046VRj

13 September 2016

Sing Street

#SingStreet: Another Carney special, a sweet lil’ proto-musical with enough 80s nostalgic cuteness to make Netflix jealous. Kids are great.

12 September 2016

DeAngelo Williams Plays Well in Steelers Win

#AB is awesome as ever, but I've said it once I've said it a 1000 times: Thank G*d for #DeAngelo! PS. #EliRogers! #Steelers #HereWeGo #MNF

Huge Fourth-And-One Call From Mike Tomlin

#Tomlin: #Steelers #CoachForLife!!!!!!


#Sully: No one deconstructs American male heroism like Clint (well, okay, Scorsese) & no one does (wounded) American male heroism like Hanks

11 September 2016

Wawrinka Backhand / Djokovic Rejection by Fans

#Stanimal 1HBH is a fearsome thing of beauty. #Djoker always gracious (defeat or victory) cant understand why hes not liked by fans #USOpen

Wawrinka Upsets Djokovic to Win US Open 2016

Apologies to #Serena/#Pliskova & #Rafa/#Pouille but #Djokovic losing the title to #Wawrinka is the biggest #USOpen upset! #Stanimal the Man!

Postcards From Gander: 9-11 15 Years Later

Re-posting my little 9-11 remembrance piece from five years ago...

If it’s one thing I have come to realize in my advancing years, it’s that time moves fast, very fast. And sadly, as it moves inexorably to the, well, I don’t want to get too morose here, but as it moves towards whatever it is that it moves to, it also starts to fade. Experiences that were so vivid and immediate tend to fade, and this fading accelerates the more that time advances.

It is, therefore, perhaps not that difficult to believe then that it has already been 10 years since that day when the world that we knew changed forever. It is also not that difficult to believe that the images, the, sounds, the everything from that day, once so overwhelming and inescapable, have also begun to fade, splintering into fragments scattered around your mind, coming into sharp focus when you least expect it, retreating when you try to grab at them.

What has not faded, however, are the emotions, all of them, from that day.

I fell asleep, like I normally did during my grad student days at USC, on the couch in Los Angeles. My clock radio came on, like it normally did, in the early morning. I was planning to doze in and out while listening to my radio, like I normally did, but something was different. From my half-awake state I could make out the sounds of sirens and chaos and a breathless reporter talking about something. For a split second I thought that this was a cruel update of that legendary Orson Welles “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, that’s how bewildering it all seemed at the time. Grudgingly, I managed to get off the couch and switch the TV on.

I was awake now.

It was impossible to comprehend what was being shown to me. It just did not seem possible that what was happening was happening. I just sat there, letting it all wash over me, too overwhelmed to react in any way.

Then it dawned on me that my father was supposed to fly into New York and head straight into work at the UN building that morning.

At this point it was still difficult to know exactly what was going on. We knew that the Towers had been attacked and there were other hijacked planes in the air. We had no idea if it the entire country was under attack. Nothing was certain, nothing made sense.

I tried calling my sister in Bayside, Queens. I couldn't get through. I tried calling my father's cellphone. I couldn't get through. I tried calling my mother's cellphone. I couldn't get through. I called my grandmother in Calcutta. I couldn’t get through. I called my other grandmother in Calcutta. I couldn’t get through. I called my aunt in Liverpool. This time I got through.

My aunt knew that my mother was on a plane flying from Delhi to Calcutta. She did not know much beyond that. She said she would call my grandmother in Calcutta.

I called my ex-girlfriend (who would soon after go back to being my girlfriend, my fiancee, and then my wife) at her place in downtown Los Angeles. I told her what was happening. I was happy she was safe, but those buildings downtown could be a target. Perhaps she would consider joining me?

At this point in time the only thing I knew was that my sister was somewhere in New York, my mother was somewhere between Delhi and Calcutta, and my father was...somewhere.

The doorbell rang. My heart leapt. It was my future wife. I didn't want to be alone. I felt better now that she was there.

Another phone call. This time it was my aunt. She had spoken to my grandmother. My mother was indeed on her way to Calcutta, but since she was on a plane, no one could get a hold of her. Apparently, she had seen my father off earlier. He was, apparently, en route to New York. Except we had no idea if he had landed, if he was in the UN building, or if he was in Europe still waiting for his connecting flight.

My friend Shubho called from Orange County. His father had been visiting the UN when it happened. Everyone within the UN had been safely evacuated, so if my father had indeed been there he would be safe.

I tried my sister again. Miraculously, even though we had been told that the phone lines were jammed, I got through! She was in Bayside. She wanted to go check on her friends in Manhattan. No! Before I could help it I was yelling at her, telling her that everything was falling to pieces, nothing was working, that the safest place for her to be was at home. There was a silence on the other end and I felt terrible. She was out there all by herself, no family, no friends, and no idea if she would have them again. For once, I tried not be an overbearing older brother and instruct her on what to do. This time, I tried to comfort her and reason with her. She should stay where she was and once we knew that everything was safe, she could then go out and try to see how her friends were doing. I would let her know as soon as we heard from our parents. It's funny, she said, the last time we were all together we went to have drinks at Windows on the World.

My friend Toad called me from Greenwich Village, Manhattan. He had walked back to his dorm room after classes had been cancelled at NYU. He was there with our friend Sud, who had been evacuated from 7 World Trade Center. I was stunned, Sud had been there, right in the middle of it all, and he had found his way back to a friend. The phone lines were unreliable and Toad had more calls to make, but he assured me that while they were both not terribly sound, they were, nonetheless, safe.

My future wife's sister called her from Northern Virginia. She had been at the Pentagon when it happened, but had managed to get to safety. She was shaken up but all right. She had been one of the lucky ones.

Slowly, through the mist of all this uncertainty and fear, connections were starting to be re-established. Some of our loved ones were safe, the uncertainty and fear were beginning, ever so slightly, to recede.

I called my aunt to tell her my sister was safe. The message was relayed to my grandmother.

A short while later my aunt called me to tell me that my mother had called her from my grandmother's in Calcutta. She had reached safely. She was happy to hear that my sister was safe. She had checked and my father had indeed made his connection in Europe. I told her that if he had landed and made his way to UN he would have been safe.

So we sat there, my future wife and I. Trying, if not to make sense of what was happening, but at the very least be of some small comfort to each other.

My mother kept calling my aunt who, in turn, kept calling me, but there weren't any more updates. I couldn't get through to the airlines, I couldn't get through to the UN, I couldn't even get through to my sister any more.

The uncertainty and fear were beginning to come back.

And then, just like that, the phone rang.

It was my father.

He was speaking softly. He was all right. He had borrowed a fellow passenger's cellphone and didn't have much time because everyone was trying to contact their families. He was still on the plane. They had landed in a place called Gander, which was in a place called Newfoundland, which was, as it turned out, in Canada. He didn't have much information beyond that. Most importantly, he was safe.

Those were the happiest phone calls I have ever had to make. My aunt was thrilled to hear the news. She called me back to tell me that my mother, my grandmother, my other grandmother were all just as thrilled. It took me multiple tries, but I managed to get through to my sister, who was also thrilled. As it turns out, my sister is also a strong, independent-minded woman, and once she had gotten her bearings she would make it out to Union Square via Flushing, Astoria, the bus, the 7-train, the subway, the streets, and find a temporary solace in the company of her friends and the larger grieving Lower Manhattan community that would gather there to take that first tentative step towards healing.

Everyone was still in shock, but for our family, selfishly, we were beginning to deal with what happened. The uncertainty and the fear did give way to melancholy and an awful sadness. But for us there was also gratitude. We were the lucky ones.

The phone became central to our lives for next few days. My father called us from Appleton, which was a few miles away from Gander. The passengers from about 45 diverted flights were being housed at a school gymnasium after having been kept on the landed planes at an abandoned military airfield for the first 24 hours. They were also being fed, clothed, bathed, serenaded, and taken care of by complete strangers. These strangers, the people of Appleton/Gander, did everything they could to buoy the spirits of these passengers, so they did not feel as alone. If the passengers needed anything, anything at all, they would give them the shirts off their back, literally (in my father's case it was socks, shorts, a couple of polo shirts, a moose-sighting trip, even a commemorative souvenir from the local golf course).

The airlines were, on the other hand, no help at all. But, as it often happens when you put groups of people together in difficult circumstances, they banded together to find solutions. Some of them managed to fly across to Detroit, hop into a rented car, and then drive through straight to New York. My mother (nervously, she would later admit), would fly back from visiting my grandmother once they started allowing international flights. I would fly back during Thanksgiving (sitting next to some nuns who were going to minister to the First Responders; I still have the rosaries they gave me, right there on my desk, I see them everyday). I would see my father and my mother and my sister and my future wife and her sister (and even Toad and Sud). We were together again.

Later that year, when we were all slowly getting back on our feet, with slowly being the operative word, I found a postcard that had been buried under a mountain of to-do items. It was from my father. He had sent it during his time at Appleton/Gander. It said he was having a wonderful time there (even during the worst of times he always managed to sound unfailingly reassuring), he was trying to figure out what to do next, but it was incredible how warm and welcoming the locals were, and how it continued to amaze him that it was in the worst of times that the best of humanity revealed itself. He was deeply touched by this kindness of people he had never met before and would probably never see again, and he would not forget it for as long as he lived.

I was stunned. My father was, like most fathers, a fairly stolid, unsentimental, solid oak tree of a man. For him to be so open about his feelings, to his son, was unexpected (he has softened considerably since then; time affects us all). A lot had happened on that day, and we were all still trying to work through what it meant, what it would mean, I guess we were still trying to work through everything. I realized that perhaps more than anything, I was grateful. I was grateful for being able to connect with my little family across 5 cities, 4 countries, 3 continents when it seemed like all connections were being torn apart. I was grateful that I was able to re-connect with the woman who would go on to become my wife and become part of my family and I of hers. I was grateful for being able to connect with my friends. But most of all, I was grateful for that community half a world away, that community that came together to take care of perfect strangers and become a family that provided shelter for my father.

We were the lucky ones.

10 September 2016

Kerber Beats Pliskova to Win US Open 2016

Great win for Fightin' #Angelique #Kerber, battling to the bitter end. Tough luck for fun, young #Pliskova, but her future's bright. #USOpen 

Yao Ming, Allen Iverson, and Shaquille O'Neal Hall of Fame

You Know You're #TooOld When: #Yao, #Iverson, & #Shaq are induced into #NBA #HOF. As if I needed further reminders of my long-faded youth!

09 September 2016

Celeb Sighting: Beck

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #Beck...taking it *all* in at the Doug Aitken opening at #MOCA. Scouting for a music video director?!


#Kicks: Like most young directors Tipping mistakes style for substance. Still, interesting debut with visual panache & cast, esp Siriboe.

08 September 2016

Cam Newton Gets No Calls

If #Brady or #Brees had gotten hit as many times as #Cam did they'd have thrown a 100 flags! #DoubleStandard #Panthers #Broncos #NFL

Serena Upset by Pliskova at US Open 2016

Woah! All due apologies to #Rafa & #Pouille...biggest #USOpen upset #Pliskova over #Serena! Tall, big-serving, streaky #CZE sounds familiar!

07 September 2016

Roger Federer Absence Felt at US Open

Yes, @ChuckCulpepper1, a post-#Federer #tennis landscape is terrifying. Thank G*d we still have #Serena! #USOpen http://ow.ly/TICJ303QlpN

02 September 2016

Complete Unknown

#CompleteUnknown: Such a pleasure to see heavyweights Weisz & Shannon do their thing. Intriguing character-identity study by Marston.

31 August 2016

Roger Federer Gets Old

.@brianphillips was breaking my heart about #Roger #Federer over at #Grantland. Now he's doing it again @nytimes!

30 August 2016

Isner & Sock Beat Tiafoe & Fritz US Open 2016

Clash of (rapidly dwindling American) #tennis generations #Isner/#Sock dig deep to beat young #Tiafoe/#Fritz Kids've talent & heart! #USOpen 

Mechanic: Resurrection

#MechanicResurrection: Lean mean B-movie killin’ machine…ie the unbreakable #Statham! We gotta get him into a better action franchise!

29 August 2016

RIP Gene Wilder

RIP #Gene #Wilder. One of my very favourite actors growing up before I even knew what a legend he was. We’re all going to miss him very much

The Night Of

#TheNightOf: Expertly crafted very good slowburn. How great was Turturro! Ridiculous “twists” forgiven thanks to that aww-some final shot!

27 August 2016

West Indies India Florida T20 Match

Woah! That #T20 in Florida was apparently insane! Can't believe #WestIndies scored 245...& #IND 244! We need #cricket in #Olympics! #WIvIND

26 August 2016

In Order of Disappearance

#InOrderOfDisappearance: Awe-bl**dy-some! Brutal, violent, funny. Stellar showcase for the great #Stellan #Skarsgard. We need a franchise!

25 August 2016

Refugee (Annenberg Space)

#Refugee (@AnnenbergSpace): Powerful, heartbreaking images that humanize the faces at the center of the global struggle. Very moving.

24 August 2016


#Ixcanul: Stunning vistas (courtesy of DP Arteaga) and wonderful, lived-in perfs by (non-pros!) Coroy & Telon help transcend rote story.

23 August 2016

RIP Steven Hill

RIP Steven Hill. Beloved DA Adam Schiff for all of us #LawAndOrder loyalists. Welcome screen presence in a bunch of movies on top of that.

War Dogs

#WarDogs: Jonah doing what he does best playing an unlikeable d-bag He makes Teller sympathetic! Entertaining step-up from director Phillips

22 August 2016

Kubo and the Two Strings

#KuboAndTheTwoStrings: Simply fantastic! One of the best films of the year animated or otherwise! Allergy sniffles come on strong at the end

21 August 2016

Great Olympic Games

The stars shone: #AllysonFelix, #MoFarah, #Semenya, etc. #VanNiekerk & #Ayana smashed records. But this was #Biles's & #Bolt's #Olympics !

Brazil Football Gold Made It All Worthwhile

So, looks like having the #Olympics in #Rio2016 was worth it for #BRA after all with the #football #gold, huh? #Neymar sure thinks so!

19 August 2016

Usain Bolt Wins 4x100 for Jamaica!

*He* won it! #Usain #Bolt! #GOAT! Greatest #Olympian in my lifetime (tied w #CarlLewis)! #TripleTriple #Olympics  #Rio2016  #JAM PS. #Asafa?!

PV Sindhu Wins Silver in Badminton

Congrats to #PVSindhu, stepping out of #Saina #Nehwal's (sizable) shadow to win #IND  a #silver  medal in #badminton ! #Olympics  #Rio2016 

Morris From America

#MorrisFromAmerica: Absolutely delightful coming-of-age/fish-(way)-out-of-water. Kid Markees is an instant star, in his first ever movie!

18 August 2016

Usain Bolt Wins the 200m!

I mean, what else is left to say? I think he looked a little disappointed?(!) But we weren't! #TripleTriple, here we go! #Usain #Bolt #200m

Andrew Siciliano Great Job with Gold Zone

For everyone (justifiably) complaining about @nbc's #olympics coverage y'all just need to #GoldZone & chill with the great @AndrewSiciliano!

The Secret Life of Pets

#TheSecretLifeOfPets: I liked it better when it was called #ToyStory (/2/3 & upcoming 4?!) Proof positive that I’ll watch Hart in *anything*

17 August 2016

RIP Fyvush Finkel

RIP Fyvush Finkel. Always enjoyed his warm, welcoming, avuncular presence, especially in the stuff he did for David E. Kelley.

Sakshi Malik Wins Bronze for India!

Yaaaaaas!! #Sakshi #Malik makes an unbelievable comeback to win #bronze  in #wrestling . #IND  won't go medal-less at the #Olympics ! Whew!

The Little Prince

#TheLittlePrince: Stopmotion passages of the legendary book are heartbreakingly beautiful. Lovely little animation gem, unfairly overlooked.

16 August 2016

Sausage Party

#SausageParty: Come for the insanely profane R-rated animated(?!) fun…stay for that MPAA-heart-attack-inducing final scene(!!!). Holy bleep!

15 August 2016

Thiago Braz da Silva Wins Unlikely Pole Vault Gold

Now that's what the #Olympics  is all about! Kid wins #gold  on his final attempt in front of his home fans! #Thiago #Braz #DaSilva #polevault

Allyson Felix Heartbreaking Loss / Rudisha Wins

Bad luck for #Allyson #Felix, #Shaunae wins #gold  for, um, #400m #diving ?! What the?! Great run by #Rudisha to win #800m. #Olympics  #Rio2016 

Hell or High Water

#HellOrHighWater: A mid-budget studio drama about real people that’s actually good! Remember those?! Great stuff from the cast, esp Pine.

14 August 2016

Usain Bolt Wins Third Straight Olympics 100m

A performance for the ages from #Usain #Bolt! For a second there I thought he was gonna come in...second! As if! #100m #olympics  #athletics 

Time for the Olympics to Move Past Phelps

Now that the interminable #Phelps coronation (& not-enough kudos for #Ledecky)'s complete we can get to the good stuff #athletics! #Olympics

Dipa Karmakar Comes Fourth in Vault

Well done #Dipa #Karmakar! Came thisclose to winning a medal for #IND . Gracefully shouldered the hopes of a billion people. #olympics  #vault

India Hockey Out of Olympics But Cricket Beats West Indies

Bad luck for #IND  #hockey . Good win v #WI for 2nd-non-Asian away test series win since 2005. @BCCI lets put #cricket in #Olympics ! #WIvIND

13 August 2016

RIP Kenny Baker

RIP #KennyBaker. Safe to say he brought happiness to millions (billions even?) of kids around the world just like me. #R2D2 #StarWars

Alex Rodriguez Retires

You Know You're #TooOld When: #ARod retires. Always liked him. Thisclose to 700HR, #Yankees pay $21M to not play. Truly a match made in h*ll

12 August 2016


#Disorder: Expert thriller/Hollywood-calling-card for young Winocour. Great stuff from Kruger & esp Schoenaerts - kid deserves to be a star!

10 August 2016

RIP John Saunders

RIP #JohnSaunders. Less flashy than the rest of his @espn brethren. Enjoyed his calm & reassuring presence, esp on The Sports Reporters.

09 August 2016

Serena Upset at 2016 Olympics

Massive #tennis  upset! Outa-sorts #Serena loses to clean-hitting #Svitolina. #Madison #Keys, nation turns it lonely #Olympics  eyes to you!

08 August 2016

Ichiro Suzuki Gets 3000 Hits

Meanwhile, in the most underappreciated sports story, #Ichiro #Suzuki gets #3000 hits. Great (stat) achievement; what #baseball is built on.

07 August 2016

Olympics 2016: Del Potro Wins, Serena/Venus/Brazil Lose

The (miraculous) #DelPo comeback continues! #Djoker gracious in (rare) defeat. Bad luck for #Serena & (esp) #Venus. Poor #BRA! #Olympics


#SuicideSquad: We were promised a dark twisted (meta) superhero fantasy...not a corporate-movie-franchise universe-expanding CG-slugfest!

Feherty Furyk Quote

David #Feherty: "Jim #Furyk has a swing like a man trying to kill a snake in a phone booth." 😂

Jim Furyk Shoots a 58 in Tournament Play!

I ran into Jim #Furyk during a tournament once, he was hilariously sarcastic about the state of his game. He's happier today! #58! #JimFuryk

04 August 2016

West Indies Fighting Draw Against India

Kudos to #Roston #Chase fighting to a draw for undermanned #WestIndies. Kudos to #Rahane & #Rahul(who?) on stats-padding centuries. #WIvIND

03 August 2016

Bennett Brothers Article on ESPN

I've liked #Martellus since  #HardKnocks. Now I like him (& Michael #Bennett) even more! Excellent read! @minakimes http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17201639/seahawks-michael-bennett-patriots-martellus-bennett-vs-everyone

01 August 2016

Captain Fantastic

#CaptainFantastic: Simply, uh, fantastic! When #GavinBelson isn’t CEOing the [bleep] out of #Hooli he goes off & makes a great little movie!

31 July 2016

Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters (LACMA)

#AtHomeWithMonsters: The stuff my nightmares are made of! It’s only 5% of #DelToro’s (in)famous collection, I'd pass out at #BleakHouse!

30 July 2016

Jason Bourne

#JasonBourne: Yeah baby, #Bourne’s back and be…well, maybe not *better* than ever, but just as awesome as ever. Athens & Vegas sequences...!

28 July 2016

RIP #JackDavis

RIP #JackDavis. Legendary illustrator. #MADMagazine was such a important part of my childhood and I always loved his movie parodies & covers

27 July 2016

Amare Stoudemire Retires

You Know You're #TooOld When: #Amare #Stoudemire retires. Loved his time with the Nash-Suns. Surefire #HOF-er...if it weren't for his knees.

26 July 2016

Roger Federer Shuts Down for the Year

#Roger #Federer quitting on 2016 means we're in end-with-a-whimper territory. 2017 #GOAT retirement tour? #Sigh

25 July 2016

RIP Marni Nixon

RIP Marni Nixon. The wonderful voice behind a bevy of famous faces (West Side Story, My Fair Lady, The King & I...). What a great career.

India Wins First Test Against West Indies 2016

Great away Test win for #IND (in spite a glorified minor-league #WestIndies team). Nice work by #Virat to declare after his 200 ;) #WIvIND

23 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond

#StarTrekBeyond: Tremendously funny, exciting, & dumb…aka the perfect summer movie! New recruit #Boutella is a welcome a**-kicking addition.

22 July 2016

RIP Denny Green

RIP Denny Green. Yeah, I remember that awesome post-game rant, but I also remember those awesome years with the Vikings. Pioneering coach.

Stranger Things

#StrangerThings: Best 80s-Movies-Mad Libs, Ever! Good (Stephen King-Meets-Spielberg YA) fun. Kid Millie is sensational. PS. #Winona's back!

21 July 2016

NYT Article About the Final VCR

End of an (awesome) era! I remember my father coming home with our Sony Betamax...soooooo long ago! @Jonesieman #VCR http://ow.ly/xFnt302uh3E

19 July 2016

RIP Garry Marshall

RIP Garry Marshall. Discovered him through Pretty Woman...& his subsequent hilarious on-screen cameos. Left a huge imprint as a producer.

18 July 2016


#Ghostbusters: Look, (according to us fanboys) nothing (in the entire universe) can be as good as the original, but this is pretty good.

17 July 2016

Stenson Beats Mickelson to Win the British Open

Bad luck for #Lefty #Mickelson but he ran into an all-time #Henrik #Stenson! Incredible golf! PS @NBC where's the #Beef?! #Johnston #TheOpen

13 July 2016

Finding Dory

#FindingDory: How soon can we get #FindingHank! He steals the show in a(nother) paint-by-numbers #Pixar sequel that is still funny & sweet!

11 July 2016

Tim Duncan Retires

You Know You're Too Old When: #TimDuncan retires. One of the greatest players of all time, also the most celebrated "under"rated player ever

10 July 2016

Portugal Beats Hometown France to Win 2016 Euros

Naturally, #France lost in heartbreaking fashion. Naturally, #Portugal won without #CR7. Crazy #Euro finals! (#RuiPatricio saved #POR) #FRA 

Andy Murray Wins 2016 Wimbledon

Congrats to (Poor) Andy #Murray on winning #Wimbledon when the nation turned  its lonely post-#Brexit eyes to him (& #Watson in mixed dubs)!

09 July 2016

Serena Wins Wimbledon to Equal Steffi Graf's Record

Hey #Steffi, you've got company! Congrats to #Serena overcoming an always-game #Kerber to win #22 (& #14 in dubs!) #GOAT! #Venus #Wimbledon 

08 July 2016

Federer Heartbreaking Loss to Raonic 2016 Wimbledon

Argh! It was #Raonic all along! #Federer's #18 will never happen but its good to see him #GOAT-ing un-gently into the good night! #Wimbledon

06 July 2016

Incredible Federer Comeback at Wimbledon!

Just when I lose faith...#Federer pulls off another #GOAT-ing against the dying of the light win (over a shell-shocked #Cilic)! #Wimbledon!

05 July 2016

RIP Abbas Kiarostami

RIP Abbas Kiarostami. Great Iranian director of lovely, humanist cinema. I'm not an expert by any means but I loved the ones I'd seen.

04 July 2016

Federer Beats Steve Johnson 2016 Wimbledon

#Federer in full #GOAT-#Maestro flow is a wonderful sight to behold (poor #SteveJohnson)! #Cilic looms large tho...duh-duh-duh! #Wimbledon 

03 July 2016

RIP Michael Cimino

RIP Michael Cimino. Legendary director, infamous for his legendary wipeout. Luckily, he was reassessed fairly before his passing.

Iceland Bows Out 2016 Euro

Sadly, #Iceland's magical run comes to an end against an on-point #France. #ISL  did give all of us little guys hope though! #Euro #FRA 

Celeb Sighting: Chuck Liddell

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: Chuck Liddell...on his bike...bicycle that is...with a baby trailer?! Ah, domesticity... ;-)

02 July 2016

Querrey Upsets Djokovic 2016 Wimbledon!

Huge #Euro-esque #Wimbledon  upset! #Querrey holds his nerve to upend an out-of-sorts #Djoker! Can #Federer capitalize?! Can my weak heart?!

01 July 2016

Our Kind of Traitor

#OurKindOfTraitor: Lesser #LeCarre, but entertaining nonetheless thanks to the great Stellan Skarsgard (aka Tarzan’s dad). Good fun.

Wales Upsets Belgium

Another #Euro shocker! (Tiny) #Wales upsets #Belgium's alleged #GoldenGeneration. Somewhere, #IanRush is smiling. #WAL #BEL 

Federer Safely Through to 2016 Wimbledon 2nd Week

#GOAT-like win for #Federer. #Serena (poor #McHale), #Venus, #DelPo(!) battle through. #Djoker saved by rain...c'mon #Querrey! #Wimbledon 

29 June 2016

Federer Beats British Underdog Marcus Willis

Sadly, #Marcus #Willis's excellent #Wimbledon  adventure comes to an end against (a very unconvincing) #Federer (#GOAT 99mph 1st serve?!).

28 June 2016

RIP Bud Spencer

RIP Bud Spencer. So much of my childhood was wrapped up in his movies (so many with Terence Hill). He was an Olympian?! What a life!

27 June 2016

Iceland Upsets England!!!!!

Yaaaas!!! Greatest Upset, Ever? (well, maybe no...but still...!!!) #Iceland upsets #England at #Euro!!! #ISL #ENG #EURO2016 

Federer Wimbledon 2016 First Round Tough Test

Good #Wimbledon 1st Day: #Federer (#GOAT?) wins (unconvincingly, sigh!), #Giorgi loses (but entertains), #Querrey/#Sock win... & #Willis!!!!

25 June 2016

RIP Bill Cunningham

RIP Bill Cunningham. Elevated "street" photography. He was too nice to do worst dressed, so I never made it on his portfolio. :-)

24 June 2016

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

#HuntForTheWilderpeople: Awe-bl**dy-some! Feel-good movie of the year cut through my cynical heart. Waititi, kid Dennison, & esp Neill - !

23 June 2016

Britain Votes to Leave EU

Wait, wha?! #Brexit!

The Neon Demon

#TheNeonDemon: Restrained/creepy until it turns into NWR-territory. Jena steals it Incredible stuff from DP Braier & great composer Martinez

19 June 2016

Anton Yelchin

RIP #Anton #Yelchin. I had the unbelievable honor of getting to work with him. He really was the nicest, kindest even to "civilians" like me

18 June 2016

Federer Loses to Zverev

Now the teens are getting into the act! #GOAT Swan Song (The Long Goodbye) hits another bump. #Federer loses to *kid* #Zverev. #sigh #Halle

17 June 2016


#Tickled: One of the craziest creepiest insane-est twisty-est documentaries you’ll ever see! Kudos to Farrier & Reeve for not backing down.

16 June 2016

Craig Sager on ESPN Sidelines

PS. How awesome was it to see Craig #Sager on the sidelines today! Very good of #ESPN & #TNT. Best of luck, man, best of luck. #CraigSager!

Cavaliers Beat Warriors 2016 NBA Finals Gm. 6

Whew! #Cavs let the #Warriors come back a bit too much for comfort...but Thank G*d for #LeBron! #Game7...what I expected all along! ;-)

Amazing Gareth Bale Goal Against England

(The Other) #Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 June 2016

Clayton Kershaw Deserves Cy Young

#Wilbon & his #Cubs-lovin' media brethren are itchin' to give #Arrieta the #CyYoung, but it's gotta be #Kershaw! 10-1, 1.58 ERA, 133K...7BB!

13 June 2016

Cavaliers Beat Warriors 2016 NBA Finals Gm. 5

Guess the King wasn't ready to be dead quite as yet! #LeBron (#Cavs) make a #Federer-esque last stand...thanks #Draymond (lack thereof) #NBA

11 June 2016

Federer Loses to Thiem

Sigh, #GOAT Swan Song (aka The Long Goodbye) takes another sad turn. #Federer wastes MPs & loses (again) to #Thiem. He fought to the end tho

10 June 2016

The Fits

#TheFits: Extraordinary! An astonishing film debut for *young* director Holmer & kid actress Hightower (she's sensational!). A must-watch!

09 June 2016

De Palma

#DePalma: Fun, engaging walk down (B-movie-ish/always entertaining) cinematic memory lane. The (great) De Palma is a wonderful storyteller.