30 June 2015

Federer Wins Rd 1 / Hewitt Loses 2015 Wimbledon

#Wimbledon2015 AKA #Federer's Last Stand is off to a decent straight-set start for #GOAT. PS. Naturally #Hewitt bowed out in fighting form.

29 June 2015

What Happened, Miss Simone?

What Happened, Miss Simone?: Incredible documentary that showcases the complicated, tortured, but ultimately beautiful, nature of genius.

Tweet from @dashmeshstud

cheers man! That horse brought joy to every racing fan in the world. He's a real star!

28 June 2015

Inside Out

Inside Out: To understand my sister's tweenage years I could've talked to her...or waited 20 years for a Psych 101-inspired animated film.

27 June 2015

American Pharoah at Santa Anita Park

#AmericanPharoah #Stud (literally) #SantaAnitaPark For the kid who sat next to me in Mr. Joshi's class @dashmeshstud http://t.co/xZ2gYYofnU

26 June 2015

RIP Patrick Macnee.

RIP Patrick Macnee. Another one of those actors I always loved seeing no matter how big or small the role. And, of course, #JohnSteed

25 June 2015

Tanlines - "Palace"

Awesome heartbreak-with-summer-melodies video directed by Ray from #Girls! Palace by @tanlines (& @alexkarpovsky) http://t.co/PJIMkteq4Y

24 June 2015

The Tribe

The Tribe: AKA 2.5-hr Foreign Sign-Language Movie Without Subtitles Told In Single Takes Too bad it devolves into (brutal) glorified YA film

India Loses ODI Series to Bangladesh

Where does #India's ODI series loss to #Bangladesh rank among #Dhoni's most embarrassing away losses? A lot to choose from! #BANvIND

23 June 2015

RIP James Horner

RIP James Horner, the preeminent composer of our generation (loved Sneakers) & those to come (my niece loves "Somewhere Out There"). Sad.

20 June 2015


#Cayucas (One Pasadena): Catchy Vampire Weekend-inflected Cali indie-pop Absolutely perfect for a warm Summer eve Good time had by all @kcrw

19 June 2015

Jurassic World

#JurassicWorld: Smart move by kid director Trevorrow to pull a JJ Abrams & essentially make a (meta) Spielberg movie. Perfect summer fun!

A-Rod 3000 Hits

Love it! #ARod's 3000th hit comes from a homer off #Verlander, thereby exploding every #MLB moralist's head out there! #Alex #Rodriguez FTW!

18 June 2015

The Overnight

The Overnight: Pretty funny (adult) comedy that doesn't quite have the courage of its own convictions. Great cast. That sight gag is insane!

17 June 2015

About Elly

About Elly: Further proof that Farhadi is a modern master. Tense whodunit/social critique. Superb cast highlighted by a stunning Farahani.

16 June 2015

Cavaliers Lose NBA Title to Warriors

Sigh! #LeBron/#Cavs played their hearts out, but in the end the best team won. Congrats to #Warriors/#Curry/#Kerry/#Iguodala (#MVP!). #NBA

Kane Williamson Article

Nice write-up on exciting/nice-guy New Zealand batsman #KaneWilliamson by @dcleaverNZH http://t.co/xkCVOa1fPf

14 June 2015

Tweet from Stewart Bushman GOT S5 Finale

@PratikBasu Just remember what Thoros of Myr did to Beric Dondarrion, and Melissandre is in the house. #LordOfLight

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale

So, it finally happened, my #GOT #JumpTheShark moment, or would that be a #JumpTheDragon moment? ;-) Heartbroken & disturbed #GameofThrones

Cavaliers Lose Pivotal Gm 5 NBA Finals 2015

Pivotal moments at end of 1st half & 3rd quarter allowed #Warriors/#Curry (#MVP indeed!) to bury plucky #Cavs. #LeBron tried his da*ndest...

India Bangladesh Test Draw

More glorified batting practice than a real Test match (thanks @BCCI!), but it's always good to see a #Shikhar #Dhawan century. #BANvIND

12 June 2015

Cavaliers Get Thrashed Game 4 NBA Finals 2015

The 2011-over-celebration sunk #Cavs, while #Warriors came out & played their hearts out. The #LeBron feel-good story is all but over. #NBA

11 June 2015

RIP Christopher Lee

RIP #ChristopherLee. We talked about him in hushed tones growing up, the cinematic god of our nightmares. What a tremendous career.

10 June 2015

Celeb Sighting: Matt Leinart

3rd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever!: #MattLeinart, looking exactly the same, ie like a college kid, not a retired NFL QB.


#Dope: It's totally, well, you know! Much-needed kick up the YA/summer movie a** by Famuyiwa! Great cast esp young 'uns Moore, Tony, Kiersey

09 June 2015

Cavaliers Win Game 3 NBA Finals 2015

Whew! What couldve been a legacy-defining choke ended up being an unthinkable 2-1 lead for #Cavs/#LeBron #Warriors not done yet Also #Delly!


#Spy: Absolutely hilarious! Feig really outdoes himself. McCarthy's great (as always) as is Byrne, Hart et al but Statham totally steals it!

07 June 2015

Cavaliers Hang On To Win NBA Finals 2015 Game 2

Oof! The kind of battling, down-n-dirty #LeBron/#Cavs win vs #Warriors that'd make the #FrenchOpen proud! #FIFA-level shady refs! #NBAFinals

Stan Wawrinka Wins French Open 2015

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To #Djokovic's Career Slam: #Stan (The Man) #Wawrinka! Huge upset by #Stanimal! Classy #Djoker #FrenchOpen

06 June 2015

American Pharoah wins the Belmont & Triple Crown!

Domi-bl**dy-nation! #AmericanPharoah wins the #Belmont & #TripleCrown! Easy as can be Still feel bad for #CaliforniaChrome who had it harder

Serena Wins French Open 2015

Congrats #Serena on her miraculous recovery from the Walking Dead-like flu & 20th(!) Slam! Good for #Safarova for not giving up. #FrenchOpen

05 June 2015

Celeb Sighting: Robert Forster

2nd-Greatest Celeb Sighting, Ever: The Great Robert Forster! I resisted the urge to scream -  we went to the same college!!

04 June 2015

Cavaliers Give Away Game 1 NBA Finals 2015

Aargh! #Cavs unraveled at end and gave the game away, the one they should've stolen vs #Warriors. Looks like #LeBron is done Sigh #NBAFinals

Larry Ellison Saving American Tennis

Movies/sport depend on the kindness of billionaires. Kids saved Hollywood, #LarryEllison turns to #Tennis @valleyhack http://t.co/SDqN4aC3C5

03 June 2015


#Entourage: The bros are back & same-r than ever! Fun glorified TV ep with Piven being awesome & the kid from Sixth Sense stealing the show

Djokovic Beats Nadal at the French Open

The King (of Clay) is dead! Long live the King (or #Djoker as the case may be). #Djokovic beats #Nadal & (more impressively) broke his will.

02 June 2015

Federer Crashes Out To Wawrinka French Open 2015

Sadly #Federer era enters its final phase. #Wawrinka was too good but honestly our erstwhile #GOAT should've done better with a cupcake draw

01 June 2015

Federer Beats Monfils | Sloane & Jack Sock Lose

Solid win for #Federer against a hobbled #Monfils. #Stanimal looms! Moral "victories" for #Sock/#Sloane hopefully boost their careers. #FO15