17 June 2009

Symonds Drew The Final Straw

Apparently it really is the end of the line for the mercurial Andrew Symonds.

I've always liked Symonds, always. He was flashy, fluid, brilliant in stretches, fun to watch, prodigiously talented.

And almost maniacal in his self-destructiveness. He got into that whole flap with Harbhajan Singh, he flattened that streaker, he missed a team meeting for a "boat trip," and on and on. In fact, it's amazing that as tightly run a ship as the Australian cricket team would let him get away with as much he has.

And now, with his drop from the Twenty20 team, his international cricket career is all but over.

Of course, as soon as he is dropped from the team (for having one drink...c'mon...one drink?!), Australia crashes out of the Twenty20 World Cup (and this right after he was instrumental in helping the Deccan Chargers win IPL 2).

I wonder why I always gravitate to athletes like him? Those marvelously beautiful creatures who give us all hope of an endless summer for those brief moments, only to inevitably remind us that winter is always around the corner.


AFP: Official Line Stretched Over Symonds' Downfall

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