21 June 2009

Welcome To The TWGA

This is ridiculous!

The USGA was offering living coverage of this year's rain-soaked US Open at Bethpage Black on its website.

The only problem, they were showing one player.

Tiger Woods.

Multiple Major-winners Angel Cabrera and Padraig "Houdini" Harrington (his score should have been higher, much higher, if not for some jaw-dropping rescue shots!) were also featured, but only because they were in the same group as Tiger. In fact, they often showed replays of his shots over theirs.

Of course, I ended up watching the whole round (man oh man, talk about sticking with it...he never allowed his score to balloon out of control the way it could have...amazing). Maybe it was because The Better Half was away. Maybe it was because of the damp and gray weather.

Okay, fine, I'll come clean. With TBH outta the way, I have her iMac all to myself. Muhahahahahahaha...

But seriously it's the United States Golf Association not the Tiger Woods Golf Association. The USGA should be ashamed of itself.


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